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Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Kirkburton baptism 1718
« on: Tuesday 23 November 21 14:04 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you both, I agree with Latham Hall. Any suggestions as to where this might be?

I'm not sure if this is the baptism I am after or not. There was  another Ann, father John of [ ? - Hallshaw], baptised Dec 1718 in the chappel.

Any ideas as to place?

Basically, I am looking for an Ann Roebuck, born c 1719, married John Woofenden in Kirkburton in 1740, my husband's 6G grandparents.

Regards Margaret

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Kirkburton baptism 1718
« on: Tuesday 23 November 21 11:25 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone decipher the attached record, please?

Very poor quality, transcribed as 'Ann daughter of John Robuck, baptised 22 May 1718, Kirkburton'.

There is something written after John's name, indicating his abode, but I can't make it out - [something East?].

And I am not sure that it says 'Ann', either.

Regards Margaret

Australia / Re: Ure Beatrice Ward, left Australia 1922 for London
« on: Wednesday 29 September 21 16:36 BST (UK)  »
Once again, thank you all. Quick update.

DNA testing has confirmed that Ure Beatrice Holden/Ward/Hubbard/Langley was not the mother of Steven Claude Ward.

An unknown lady registered the birth using Ure's name. She may or may not have been the same lady that went to Australia on Demosthenes.

1921 census should hopefully clarify things, but my Australian cousin is currently grandmotherless.
His DNA matches haven't identified her, but he has a fourth group of matches who obviously represent her ancestral line.

Regards Margaret

Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Monday 06 September 21 10:46 BST (UK)  »
That is really interesting.
I think those were the wills I was looking at at the weekend, got as far as 1575.
Briefly looked at each one, most in very poor condition, was so near to 1586!

I might look again in the middle of the night to see if they are unlocked, or perhaps it was a different set entirely. I wish my memory would hold up better.
But Nell found some as well - was it that set, Nell?

Thanks again. Maybe worth sending off for Ann's. I am looking for some evidence that their son William Barker, 10G grandfather, was the only son, and what, if anything, became of his 2 sisters, Joane and Margaret.


Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Monday 06 September 21 02:17 BST (UK)  »
Thank you. Worth a try, and good that I didn't send off for them both - might have paid for nothing.

Still looking for records for Mary Briggs/Milham/Yokehurst and Joseph, nothing found so far.


Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 02:38 BST (UK)  »
So cross with myself.

I found the right film, I think. Got as far as about 1575, going through the wills one by one.

Accidentally clicked the page off. Not quick enough to retrieve it, and can't find it again.

My concentration has been very bad over the last few months, hopefully only temporary, and I was enjoying my efforts with the original query, then searching for the wills.

As you may see by the time this is posted, I have been working on this for a few hours.


Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Saturday 04 September 21 22:59 BST (UK)  »
Name:Barker, Thomas
Place:Broadwater, Sussex, England
Book:Register 3.
Collection:Sussex: - Calendar of Administrations in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester 1555-1800
Barker, Thomas, Broadwater C 107 1585

Name:Barker, Ann
Place:Brodewater, Sussex, England
Book:Register 3.
Collection:Sussex: Chichester - Calendar of Wills in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chichester, 1482-1800
Barker, Ann, widow, Brodewater 14 15b 1586

But I don't know how to search for Ann's even, not sure how to navigate the wills at all.  ???


Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Saturday 04 September 21 16:36 BST (UK)  »
Nellie, I am finding it difficult to navigate those wills.

Can you tell me if Broadwater wills are available online?

I have 2 Barker wills which I need to see -
Thomas Barker 1585, then Ann Barker in 1586 (hopefully his widow).


Sussex / Re: Milham of Hendfield, Yokehurst of Sussex
« on: Friday 03 September 21 17:26 BST (UK)  »
Was just coming here with a timeline.

William's will written 22 Dec 1698, buried 25 Dec 1698, will proved 5 Apr 1705

Mary's will written 7 Apr 1705, buried 11 Apr 1705, will proved 1 Jun 1706

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