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Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 17:42 BST (UK)  »
And in 1891  Margaret who is known to her family  as Maggie it looks like the enumerator has written Mazie

Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 16:30 BST (UK)  »
I know everything and nothing
She was born November 1885 but registered in 1886 are parents were Daniel and Emma Davies Emma was born in Jones
I have are in the 1891 census with her parents and her siblings then in 1901 I think I have her working at the market vaults and I think I have her in 1911 working for Isaac Morris at the butchers in Abergele where she was born
I know sheís not about in 1922 because my motherís birth records show all the family except for Margaret
There is talk that Margaret went to Patagonia but she was married before she went but I cannot find her after 1911
The registrar at St Asaph could only find one Margaret Davies married with a father called Daniel and it wasnít her
She slipped through the net I donít think itís anything exciting I just donít know what happened to her
Iím guessing if I could find her married somewhere and prove itís her all would be revealed
I searched for her for years Iíve had help from roots chat but sheís never appeared
Thank you for taking the time to look

Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 15:08 BST (UK)  »
Iím thinking itís not her
Just found a birth for Margaret Ann and the parents donít match
Thank you everyone
My Margaret  remains a mystery

Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 15:01 BST (UK)  »
Iíve been on here many years looking for Margaret Davies and I h  as VE always thought  this was her in the 1911 census Iíve been able to go no further
When I saw Peel Street on the census for Maggie Davies I just wondered if Iíve been chasing the wrong Margaret I guess the only thing is for me to send for the certificate To put it to bed another wild goose chase I guess

Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 14:58 BST (UK)  »
No I just came across this in census,
And although the year of her birth is two years out Margaret (Maggie)
It was of interest to me because of the address I just thought Iíd ask if anyone could find out if the father was Daniel but on family search Iíve just seen there is a wedding for Margaret Ann  Davies my Margaret didnít have a middle name so maybe that rules that out
It was the address that interested  me

Denbighshire / Re: Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 14:49 BST (UK)  »
She was born 1885 parents Daniel and Emma Davies
I know everything about her I thought I had her in the 1911 census son married working for Isaac Morris in a butchers shop and it still could be her
Itís just that this looked interesting as I know that she had lived in Peel Street in the past because of census with her parents in 1891

Denbighshire / Margaret Davies
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 14:20 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I have found Maggie Davies in the 1911 census married to Robert Thomas Davies
With there children Jenny Rose and Alfred there living in Peel Street
The dob 1883 is 2 years out for my Margaret Davies
I can find a marriage but it does not show the brides father, as Margaret has been my brick was for 25 years or so could any one help me establish if Maggie and My Margaret are the same people please there living at Peel street and this where her parents lived at one stage
Her fathers name was Daniel
Thank you

Denbighshire / Re: Gwen Davies Abergele
« on: Friday 25 September 20 14:27 BST (UK)  »
Thank you ordered it and it was her
Very Grateful thank you

Armed Forces / Re: Peter Byrne sixteenth regiment of lancers service number 366
« on: Thursday 24 September 20 15:44 BST (UK)  »
Jebber and MaxD
Thank you so much for the replies
I know Iím so lucky to have the papers just hoped there may be more
I will read the history of the lancers with great Interest in the hope of putting meat on the bones of Peter whoís got paid half a crown on joining the army
Thanks for looking re the Marriage
MaxD Iím scratching my head over it

Thank you both 

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