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The listing on the border crossing in November 1919 was only for a female Annie 4 years and 6 months.
The UK return January 1921 on the last sheet deports from Portland  (refused leave to land) shows Annie aged 5 years and the 3/4 (could mean 8 months old) under the column  female  ???

Thank you so much for your help. The infant was a girl! I canít believe I hadnít spotted it. How embarrassing. I will edit Johnís birth year back to 1921. Helen must have been pregnant when she returned to England. Once again many thanks for your help Sandra.

1920 census Kimball Hill Road Whitefield New Hampshire. Boarding with the Blumenthal family.

date of US census - 5th January 1920

Peter Babchuck born Russia. aged 25 years. married. Labourer. Imm 1914. AL.
Nellie Babchuck born Scotland.aged 27 years. married. servant. Imm 1919.AL.


Many thanks Sandra. Thankfully, Iíve got plenty of information on the family.Having problem trying to locate where their son was born. Iím unsure if infant listed on passenger list is our friend John Babchuck or another child.

Added I see your ancestry tree gives the birth of John Babchuck as 20 May 1920

The Common Room / White Star Line "CANADA" Arrival Date at Liverpool 31st Jan.1920
« on: Saturday 01 August 20 16:33 BST (UK)  »
Would anyone know if an unborn child would be listed as an infant on a passenger list? I'm trying to locate the birthplace of a very close family friend who died many decades ago. His mother and his half sister were listed on the passenger list AND it listed an infant 3/4 (but not the sex). I cannot find any trace of our friends birth in the U.S. or Scotland where his mother returned to. His name was John Babchuck. His Mother was Helen (Nellie) Kirk and his Father was Peter Babchuck (Russian). I'm going around in circles and it's so very frustrating. Appreciate any suggestions, comments or help. Many thanks.

Many thanks for that information. I've checked out our friends names on Forces War Records etc., without any success.  Thought with such an unusual name I'd find some trace. Thanks again for your help.

I'm having zero success tracing the war records for a very close family friend who died many decades ago.He was a radio operator and an El Alemein Veteran. Johnny was born 26th May 1920/1. I've been trying to do his family tree as a tribute to his memory. He never married and had no children. His mother was Helen Babchuck (nee Kirk) and born in Ayrshire Scotland. I'm having very little success in tracing his birth records. I suspect he could have been born in America. His mother moved out there very briefly to join her husband but returned the following year without her husband.With his unusual surname, I thought it would be easy to track down his war records but sadly not worked out that way. Very frustrating. Would me very grateful for any help or advice.

Sussex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Miss May Mole, Eastbourne, Sussex- COMPLETED.
« on: Wednesday 29 February 12 17:49 GMT (UK)  »
I wrote to May's niece enclosing May's letter & I received a charming letter of thanks this morning. She was so pleased to receive the letter. So many thanks to Annette for coming up trumps in finding May's niece. It seems her family lost touch with their Uncle Clifford in the 1920's. They thought he lived in Canada. So once again thanks to Annette I can let her know that her Uncle Clifford died in 1962 in Canada.

Once again many thanks for all the help you've all given me. I wasn't expecting such a wonderful result when I posted last week.

All the best.


Sussex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Miss May Mole, Eastbourne, Sussex
« on: Wednesday 22 February 12 23:17 GMT (UK)  »
I'm totally overwhelmed at all the replies I've had from everyone. Thank you all so very much for your help & I'm very grateful.
I will sit down tomorrow when I'm wide awake and go through all the information you've provided me with.
Many thanks once again. All the very best. Cheryl. :) :) :)

Sussex Completed Lookup Requests / Miss May Mole, Eastbourne, Sussex- COMPLETED.
« on: Wednesday 22 February 12 17:17 GMT (UK)  »
Wonder if anyone might be able to offer any assistance. Many years ago my husband discovered a letter that had slipped between the floorboards of an old house he was working in. The house was in London & not Eastbourne.He brought the letter home & we'd forgotten all about it until recently. We were having a major sort out and we rediscovered the old letter. It was addressed to a MISS MAY MOLE, "Sylvan Tor" 12, Ashburnham Gardens, Eastbourne, England from a friend named Evy or Ivy from Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was dated the 22nd May 1916 and it's just a very nice little letter to a friend. The writer refers to May's brother Clifford who's fighting in the Great War. I would love to pass it on to any surviving family members of May but really don't know where to start.† Can't bring myself to destroy the letter without trying to find any relatives who might like to have it.

World War One / Re: Gunner Samuel Foxall RGA
« on: Wednesday 30 November 11 12:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Trevor, many thanks for your advice.

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