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Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Monday 30 November 09 12:04 GMT (UK)  »

Sorry Tati, no email alerted me to a board reply on this, so I have only just seen your notes.  Thank you so very much, I will plug this in and persevere.

Kind regards,
Sarah  :)

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Friday 13 November 09 11:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.  I have found another trail for Rebecca Bell/Johnson.

There was a Rebecca Johnson who is registered around Ormskirk but was born in Southport in 1867.  She was in domestic service age 14 in the 1881 census with it looks like a sister Ellen, who is 3 years older to a very large family called Goodman living in Birkdale, a smart part of Liverpool.

Sadly if you search on her birthplace Southport in 1871, I cannot see anything, so the trail has run dry.  I wonder if she was 'taken in' by the family.

Would like to pin down Rebecca, and am interested how a domestic servant extracated herself to meet and marry Thomas George Bell who had started such a successful wagon company...

Have found out on a Bell family board that Margaret Reason was the maiden name of Joseph Bell's wife and she was born in 1846 or thereabouts in I think Liverpool.

Best wishes Sarah  :)

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Tuesday 10 November 09 18:19 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks so much everyone, I think were nearly done - just need to find TG's mystery wife.

If I can will try and complete all the Tree on both Grandpa and Grannies side on Ancestry.  Thank you to everyone particularly Tati for their help, but also to Keith for the lovely photos of 'superstar' Jim Slevin, first captain of rugby league for Wigan;  now my mother's red and white striped jockey's cap racing colours, which were chosen as a replica of the Wigan cap Jim would have worn,  makes sense.

Kindest regards,

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Sunday 08 November 09 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
John hi - thank you for your update.  Sadly not sure whether photos of how it is now, will help.....I wonder which of the horses you had, those would be interesting photos to copy. 

I remember Ma being truly inconsolable when Christina Rossetti died at Three Gates Stud (Phil Young's at the time) and could not forgive him, but also blamed herself for putting Barlow Fold in the pony box after weaning.  The foals I remember best were Philipina, the Philip of Spain filly, the Pieces of Eight colt who did well and that very brassy chesnut that came back with an attitude problem.  My Drifter who won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, but failed in the  2000 Guinneas due to the ground, I think she bred by Ma in Ireland.

I am not sure if you knew Grandpa, I only saw him once in Warwickshire, but he owned Bar Point who won the Scottish Grand National in 56.  He and Daddy were both NH - Daddy being in Fermoy (Fenton's big family there in Ireland), 1000 of the southern irish racing fraternity turned out for his funeral, the coffin drawn by horses - they (my parents) were both respected.  Grandpa well, he WAS very intimidating, I gather even the letters from Churchill when he (Grandpa) was Northern Party Conservative Chairman, after Blackpool, were very congratulatory.

Bizarrely the only photo I have left is of Sloopy, my email is: and hopefully we can exchange photos for Christmas.  Many thanks for your note and I am glad too that you have found a career that you are content with, best regards, Sarah.

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Friday 06 November 09 08:33 GMT (UK)  »

This has really cheered up my morning John.  I do remember you a little as I was about 6.  I was talking about Sloopy to my daughter the other day - you must remember her destroying all those cushions she found, all over the stableyard grass, feathers everywhere, I know it was such a mess but we loved those dogs!

David and I made the mistake of going back about 20 years ago and Phil Young had bought the yard and back fields and someone else the main house and destroyed it - a big mistake maybe to have gone back, it made us very sad. 

My mother died in 2005, we left really because she could no longer make a going concern of the Stud - I think it was about 1972 and the economy was awful, but also because Grandpa had died and she had to move up to Euxton to sort out his estate.  I was sent away to boarding school in Surrey.  Diana I don't see anymore but Michael is in Cyprus in real estate and David married in Gloucestershire and a surveyor in Birmingham with two daughters, though we don't see them much.

Hoping you have kept well and are you still living locally - I do miss the countryside around there, although of course the motorway extension went through I think and have still put off getting a dog until we manage to get a bigger garden.  My husband and I are currently in Sevenoaks as I am working as a Facilities (Commercial buildings) Director, but I am keen to move out West back to property country at some stage and finally get a dog. 

Do keep in touch and let me know your news, it has made me very happy to hear from someone from my childhood when (my father is also dead), there are so few photos left.

Kindest regards

Sarah Fenton.

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Monday 02 November 09 09:11 GMT (UK)  »

Dear Rich,

Thank you for your note and indeed it is lovely to hear that the car is in such good hands.  Although I obviously have photos of my grandfather, none of them feature the car which I travelled in once when I was about 6 years old.  Barlow, Grandpa's chauffeur kept it in the garage most of the time and used the other car for daily use.  I do remember my mother taking it to a grand ball in Cumbria after my grandfather and grandmother's death and I think there was a problem with the wheel on the way!  The car was sold soon afterwards.

I have left a message with Rolls Royce regarding the dealership and any manufacturers no/ car no you have will also help them with the history of the car.  I cannot see that the Lancashire dealership have a website or indeed is still trading.

I hope this helps in a small way and will send back to you any correspondence received from RR.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Fenton Mrs.

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Thursday 30 July 09 16:33 BST (UK)  »

Tati and Ainslie hi

Many thanks for the updates, Rebecca looking interesting, will await any further news - my searches are obviously way out. S. 

Re the software: If cannot sort will try and find someone who can transfer the tree online on for me, the software looks terrifying and I am normally ok with that sort of thing!


Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Thursday 30 July 09 14:20 BST (UK)  »

Hi there - last thoughts,

I have just transferred the data collated to paper as I cannot find a family tree template that is userfriendly for a number of generations and free!  The Ancestry one can only do 3 tiers at one time - I need to print out the whole lot!  Any suggestions gratefully accepted...

Lastly stuck with the maiden lines: Rebecca Bell's parents (she died in 1910 and was married to Thomas G Bell parents of Sir Stanley). I have used my token on Ancestry but results are not helping.  On My grandmother's side - Lady Margaret Bell - is nearly done but I have dried up on her own mother's background: Francis (sp Frances?) Richards b. 1867, d. 1907 Wigan m. James Slevin 1884.

Kind regards

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Sir Stanley Bell, Wigan or nearby
« on: Thursday 30 July 09 12:27 BST (UK)  »

Thank you Tati and Ainslie, we have some old Who's Whos around and have seen his entry but will follow The Times link, I lived at Euxton after my late ma inheirited; it is now a very upmarket cosmetics hospital!

I will carry on and slot these into the tree, interesting about the Bell wagon background - in some ways a pity to have lost this heritage, and am curious to track George's branch to East Anglia.

Kind regards

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