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Kinross-shire / Re: Benarty Bridge, Cleish
« on: Friday 27 November 15 13:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rosinish,

It seems that the Perth - Edinburgh line of the London and North Eastern Railway ran over a Benarty Bridge in the 1930's when this particular incident occurred.


Clackmannanshire / Re: Robert Munro, Sheriff Officer 'Foreign'
« on: Monday 01 December 14 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi GR2,

Many thanks for that item of information.  Slow going but one more brick in the wall! 


Clackmannanshire / Robert Munro, Sheriff Officer 'Foreign'
« on: Sunday 30 November 14 17:16 GMT (UK)  »
Iíve been searching for some time for information about a Robert Munro, wrongly transcribed as Morro in Scotlandís People.

Robert Munro married Catherine Donaldson in Alloa in 1817.

In the 1841 census Robert Munro and family, minus wife Catherine, are recorded living in the New Entry, Alloa.   Looking through old maps of Alloa, I have been unable to pinpoint the exact location of this place.

Again, in the 1841 census, Robert Munroís occupation was a Sheriff Officer.  Curiously, his place of birth is recorded as ĎForeigní so this presents another bigger challenge.
I canít find him in the 1851 census so will have to presume he died or moved elsewhere but would be grateful for any suggestions.


Clackmannanshire / Re: Tobias Bauchop married Janet Vanan
« on: Wednesday 08 January 14 16:31 GMT (UK)  »

I purchased the booklet 'Clackmannanshire Monumental Inscriptions' from 'The Scottish Genealogy Society' website.


Clackmannanshire / Re: Tobias Bauchop married Janet Vanan
« on: Sunday 05 January 14 16:51 GMT (UK)  »

I presume 1825 was when the lair/lairs were purchased. Your number 1821 is actually 221 and appears to be the lair number.

This information is contained in a small booklet entitled Clackmannanshire monumental inscriptions.

Kinross-shire / Benarty Bridge, Cleish
« on: Saturday 04 January 14 12:19 GMT (UK)  »

I'm trying to pinpoint the location of Benarty Bridge, Cleish, mentioned in a death certificate from the 1930's.   Does, or did this bridge span a burn/river, railway, or indeed anything?


Lanarkshire / Re: St Joseph's Cemetery, Airdrie
« on: Friday 03 January 14 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the very quick reply.  This lady, who died years before I was born, was the grandmother I never knew.  I'm pleased to know where she is buried.

Thanks again,

Lanarkshire / Re: St Joseph's Cemetery, Airdrie
« on: Friday 03 January 14 17:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Chris,

Iíve just come across your site and hope you could perhaps check your database for the grave of Mary Josephine Carr who died 27/5/1927, aged 36.  Her husbandís name was John McEwan.



Clackmannanshire / Re: Tobias Bauchop married Janet Vanan
« on: Thursday 02 January 14 20:16 GMT (UK)  »
There were three places designated for burials very close to the house of Tobias Bauchop;  Greenside Cemetery,  Alloa Churchyard and Alloa Cemetery, which is adjacent to the Old Churchyard.  All are now closed for burials and have been for some considerable time.

It would appear there are Bauchops buried in Clackmannanshire but very few names are legible on the older headstones.   There are over 50 Bauchop registered deaths in this county from 1866 to 2013.

Tullibody Churchyard: (248) (I presume this is the lair) 1827 John Archibald; Margaret  Bauchop;  Coalkers;  (on back) plough.

Greenside Cemetery:  (45) John Glen Auctioneer, Alloa.   Died 21 Dec., 1877.  78yrs.Wife Margaret Bauchop died 13 Nov., 1879.  73yrs.  3rd Son William Bauchop died 27 Jul. 1906.  68yrs; 5thson. George Glen.   Distiller died Yoker Nolm, Yoker.  27 Dec. 1916.  74yrs.Clackmannan Churchyard: (221)

Clackmannan Churchyard: (83) 1827 William Bauchop, Eliz. Harrower.  3 Lairs.

Reiver and landji.  I think this is yours.

Clackmannan Churchyard:(221)
1825 Michael Penman,  Mary Bauchop.  3 Lairs.

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