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Armed Forces / Re: 2245 Sgt. Henry Porter, 40th Regiment of Foot
« on: Wednesday 26 August 20 17:13 BST (UK)  »
Hello ShaunJ,
Thankyou very much for that link and the 1841 Census information.
Best wishes,

Armed Forces / 2245 Sgt. Henry Porter, 40th Regiment of Foot
« on: Wednesday 26 August 20 06:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello Forum members,
I am researching Henry Porter who died 1894 in New Zealand.
He arrived in New Zealand in 1860 with the 40th Regiment of Foot and remained in the country when the regiment returned to England.
I would be grateful for help in finding his enlistment details if possible.
Thank you,

Hello All,

The 1900 will mentioned has arrived but it is for Henry William Porter who married Margaret Harriet Bugden in 1858. His father was Henry Gibson Porter. In 1881 he was an actuary and had 3 servants.

So it's "back to the drawing board" to find death and perhaps a will for Sarah Featon's father.

Thanks for your interest,

You can apply for a copy of his will - cost is £1.50 - you have to register, but that is free:

Hello BumbleB,
Thank you for the tip. I have made application for a copy.

"It is only a transcription - no indication of deceased.

And, to add, Henry James William's father is said to be Henry, Glass Vender (sic)"

Thank you, BumbleB.

There was a Henry William Porter who died 5 July 1900, aged 77 years, 73 Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, Middlesex, with probate effects of  9472 pounds, 9 shillings, 8 pence. He was the right age.

Is there any way to access these details?


Thank you for those details, BumbleB, I do not have that marriage certificate.

Here is Sarah Ann Porter in 1851:
1851 English Census, 6 Regent Place, Tower Hamlets, London
Robt. Storks Porter, Head, U., 37, House and Estate Agent, Highgate, Middlesex
Mary Ann Porter, sister, U., 42, Finchley, Middlesex
Elizabeth Porter, sister, U., 39, Highgate, Middlesex
Maria Porter, sister, U., 25, Stepney, Middlesex
George Henry Porter, brother, U., 22, Nautical Instrument Maker, Stepney, Middlesex
Sarah Ann Porter, niece, 3, St Georges East, Middlesex
Henry Robert Porter, nephew, 1, Bethnal Green, Middlesex.
Notes: Sarah Ann and her baby brother Henry are in the household of her mother's siblings.

I haven't been able to find any of this Porter family in the 1861 English or Scottish Census. Would they have gone to Ireland?


Hello wivenhoe,
Thank you for your interest in this puzzle and for your contributions. I have been asking the same questions. Just possible that Sarah Ann Porter arrived in New Zealand on the barque Mallard.

A paper on Sarah Ann Featon née Porter and her book of New Zealand flora was prepared and presented for the Gisborne Philosophical Society by Philip M. Allingham in 1959.

Allingham states, "Mrs. Sarah Featon had been educated by an uncle who was interested in painting and had probably encouraged her in this art."

Two paintings were mentioned by Allingham:
"A painting of Carnarvon Castle executed by Mrs. Featon's grandfather, Edward Porter, in 1830." (Edward Porter (1788-1850) married to Mary Ann Lawford)

"A painting of the Friar's Cowl Lily, done on parchment in 1763, by G. D. Ehret, a great-great uncle of Mrs. Featon's." (Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770))

It seems Allingham had been in contact with surviving family members. I have explored the Georg Dionysius Ehret line but haven't been able to see a family link with Sarah Featon.

The Album was first published in Nov 1887 and in 1897 a copy was sent to Queen Victoria on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

The "late of London" in the marriage notice could mean that Henry Porter was deceased or just visiting New Zealand. Surely if he was domiciled in New Zealand his place of residence would be mentioned.

There were several mentions in the newspapers of a Mr Henry Porter, Queen's Hotel, Queen's Redoubt, Maungatawhiri, Pokeno, applying for a bush licence etc. 7 Sep 1866, 17 Apr 1867, 21 Apr 1868, and of a Mr Henry Porter, foreman of jury in various Inquests of Death about same time.

Thanks again,

"I am not seeing an immigrant ship arriving 9...10...February 1870. What ship did Sarah Ann travel on?.
Did Sarah travel to NZ to marry Edward Henry FEATON?....why?
Are there PORTER family relatives in NZ by 1870?"

Hello wivenhoe,
Thank you for your fine research on Sarah Ann Porter. It matches what I have already.

Like you, I haven't found a ship's list for her and wonder if she knew the FEATON familty in London.

As far as I can see, she had no PORTER relatives in New Zealand,

Her marriage certificate has witnesses John FEATON (father or brother of bridegroom) and Mary Ann PAYNE who may have accompanied Sarah on the voyage out.

The newspaper notice of her marriage has "eldest daughter of Henry PORTER, late of London". I haven't found any death for him.

Thanks again for your help,

I looked for widow Sarah Porter in Censuses to find:
1851 Sarah Porter, Matron, W, 62, previous occupation "Licensed Victualler", born Norton Folgate, Middlesex, in Christchurch Workhouse, Charles Street Mile, Mile End Old Town, Stepney.

1841 Sarah Porter, Matron, 50, in District Whitechapel Union Workhouse, Mile End Old Town.

This could be our Sarah. She may have died between 1851 and 1861.

Interestingly, I found a burial in 1833, William Porter, 46, St Mary Whitechapel Tower Hamlets, address Workhouse. Could this be our William Porter?


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