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It's most likely William Forbes.

Look at the third marriage down for a William Forbes in the link below, it took place about 6 months earlier than the Tedford-Magee marriage, in the same church, and the witnesses were... one William Tedford and one William Williamson:

If you search for Cloncore in Griffith's Valuation, you will see a William Forbes listed, the print date was 1864:

Added: BTW, note the witnesses to the other marriages on that page, I'm wondering if William Williamson was connected with the church in some way, for example, maybe a sexton? 

Click on the 'Grave section and number', that will bring back all (in this case two) grave occupants, then click 'View details' to see the record for each occupant.

Reported age in the burial record for Samuel Walker Dowds indicates a birth year c. 1933, mother Miriam is in the same grave:

Ireland / Re: Probate Index Record - Further Records
« on: Monday 25 October 21 09:18 BST (UK)  »
I'm afraid the news is not good, Samuel's copy will does not appear to fall within what are very few surviving books:

Canada / Re: Alexander stewart,Belfast, living and died in Canada
« on: Sunday 24 October 21 10:08 BST (UK)  »

Hello,really sorry to ask for more help,but would anyone know the date and location of my great great grandad William Stewart and great great grandmother Jane Anne Steele wedding in Ireland,I am guessing it would have been near ballynagard,I have tried looking for this information but could not find it,thank you for any help you can give me,Dean

See my post at reply #51.

Down / Re: Penshioner
« on: Saturday 23 October 21 12:59 BST (UK)  »
It doesn't mean that they have stopped working, just that they are receiving a pension, for example, most commonly for service in the army or the RIC.

Antrim / Re: Dundrod Cemetery
« on: Thursday 21 October 21 10:54 BST (UK)  »
You could contact the church, but I'll forewarn you now of my experience.

I have two sets of relatives buried in Presbyterian graveyards in County Down, I know they're there because of newspaper death notices, but the churches don't have burial records for them and all one can see on the ground is an enclosed plot headed by a stone with the surname inscribed on it.  In one case, the tally of death notices confirms 11 in the grave and as I say, not a record held (and they're old burials, well beyond the memory of the living).

Antrim / Re: Dundrod Cemetery
« on: Thursday 21 October 21 09:14 BST (UK)  »
I can see several Graham inscriptions listed for Dundrod Presbyterian Graveyard, but no specific mention of John who died in 1909, however, the following one caught my eye, could he be one of a number buried here?

Family burying ground of John Graham, Legoniel, the family burying ground of William Graham, Carnaugless

[Black Marble Headstone with Iron Surrounding] [WILLIAM GRAHAM, 1891, No Will, 1891-1892]

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