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Thanks majm. While I wouldn't rule France out I'm now fairly convinced that tonepad was on the right track from the very beginning, suggesting Pembroke (reply 2) or Glamorgan (reply 6) Yeomanry in a typically British landscape suggestive of a summer training camp before WW1 started in Aug 1914 (reply 17).
I think Occam's razor points to that answer too.

My personal odds-on favourite (but still not definite) is now the tented Yeomanry camp at Penally (near Tenby, Glamorganshire) before or in the early stages of WWI.

Just found this page with lots of photos (studio and mounted) of members of the RAVC (Royal Army Veterinary Corps) in a more or less identical uniform. Once again the cap badge seems to be the main identifying feature.

majm - those last two posts were perhaps posted to the wrong topic ? (I definitely didn't go to school in New South Wales. I'm English and schools in England were much closer! :) )

Because I've found so many interesting photos on the internet while chasing this up I've opened a Pinterest account and created a few boards to try and capture them all:

I'm finding some aspects of Pinterest infuriating, and I'm still trying to get to grips with it.

I've also learnt a lot while trying to find out more about this photo - e.g. I knew nothing about the Salonika Campaign, or about British WWI uniforms, or training camps, or the yeomanry, etc. For me that's the best thing about this.

An interesting aside.

I've just found a photo of, so the caption says, a mounted South Wales Borderers soldier taken in France in 1915 -

According to "The 2nd battalion of the SWB also served in the [Boer] war, partially as mounted infantry."

The cap badge of the South Wales Borderers doesn't have the Prince of Wales feathers, so doesn't match our photo. But the person who had the photo had connections to the SWB and RGA.

I've just posted a new topic on the Pembrokeshire board to hopefully get some local knowledge, and with luck a member of the Penally History Group.

We've been trying to identify the location of the attached photo (the full size photo is posted here), and after considering places as diverse as Ceylon, Egypt, and the Balkans in addition to the more obvious UK it now seems most likely to be somewhere in Glamorganshire or Pembrokeshire (the cap badge, uniform and equipment makes it most likely that the men are from the Glamorgan Yeomanry or Pembroke Yeomanry, and the landscape definitely has that British countryside look to it).

tonepad suggested that the building on the horizon near the horseman's rifle muzzle looked like the medieval dovecote at Llantwit Major in Glamorganshire, which it certainly does. While following that up I was googling for WWI army camps in Wales - I didn't find any near Llantwit Major but came across several photos of a pre/early WWI Yeomanry camp at Penally with a similar feature on the horizon - see this and subsequent replies on the other topic for details and links.

So is this photo taken at Yeomanry Field in Penally ?

P.S. The Penally History Group posted several of the photos I found (and the alternative names in the title are from one of those). But although their website says to email them it doesn't give any email address ! With luck one of them is a member here.

Possibly the same building above the reverend's head in the lower (sideways) photo here

View of tented camp for infantry on Holloway Field (aka Volunteer Field, Poppy Field - and I assume Yeomanry Field prior to WWI) Lots of buildings but no tower, so I assume it's either off to the left or right.
(Note: Comparing the map of the location of Yeomanry Field  on p24 of the first PDF to the earlier maps via the view map link mentioned in reply 66 Yeomanry field is near Holloway farm)

I was planning to ask the Penally History Group what they think - their user page links to their website which says "Drop us an email to get in touch!" - but gives no email address !

I found a larger version of the photo of the tower in Penally that I mentioned in reply 66 - it's on the front page of this PDF -

Edited to add: even larger version of this photo, but with the far left hand side cropped out, from Penally History Group here

I've attached a small section from the top left of the photo just to show the structure along with part of our photo showing the building on the horizon for comparison.

Note: the text on page 24 of the PDF mentioned in reply 66 says "PENALLY YEOMANRY FIELD CAMP AND PRACTICE TRENCHES PRN 107820 - Yeomanry field was the site of a tented camp for many years prior to the First World War, however photographic evidence [i.e. the photo I found in the PDF] also shows that the site was used during the war to construct practice trenches"

So my best guess now is that the photo I posted shows soldiers from the Pembroke Yeomanry (possibly Glamorgan Yeomanry) at the tented camp in Yeomanry field at Penally some time before, or in the early stages of, WWI.

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