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Thank you to everyone for their help  :) much appreciated. I think questions to my queries are now all answered  :)

Oh Ok. ? But I thought that Alexander is a Ronuk floor polisher? Sorry, can you tell I am pretty new to all this  ::)Oh Just got it .. you are looking at 1901 census. I havn't got that far yet.  ::) Well have looked on the 1901 census to find my who on this 1911 census record and is listed as 'adopted' I did manage to find her their but not looked up others on the 1901 census. Sorry, will stop waffling now  :-[

Oh My re: Ronuk - that is incredible.  :) Thank you  :)I guess you are talking of the 'boarder' within the household lizdb? I had thought the 2 were connected but then decided it wasn't ::)

I would but not sure how I do this?  I am not very technical minded with these things  ::)

Thank you for your replies  :) I can see it is possibly tiverton street. Thank you.
If it is 'Ronick' I wonder what is it in floor polishing terms ???

Thank you :-) I was just reading up in FAQ and guessed after I posted it was wrong. I will remove and do as you suggest.

Please is someone able to decipher Alexander Bruckshaw's (Head) occupation? I am unable to workout the 1st word. I think the remaining 2 words maybe 'floor polisher'? but not 100% sure
Also is someone able to decipher the street name for the family residence please.  1 ? Ardwick Manchester.
I hope that the doc. is attached correctly.
Thank you in anticipation

1911 Census image removed.

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