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Is Margaret DOUGHERTY missing because you can see (newspapers) that people are looking for her? researching her life in Australia you are not finding her death record?

Is this your family -

Census 1861   @ 11 Frederick (?) St Liverpool   (in household with others)

DOUGHERTY Hugh          22y  seaman       b. Ireland
DOUGHERTY Margaret     20y                    b. Ireland
DOUGHERTY Alice             4m      dau        b. Ireland

GRO births

DOUGHERTY, Robert  mms     CARR 
1862  DecQ   in Liverpool  Vol 08B  Page 51

DOUGHERTY, John  mms.      CARR 
1865  SepQ   in Liverpool  Vol 08B  Page 11

DOUGHERTY, William  mms     CARR 
1869  MarQ   in Liverpool  Vol 08B  Page 67 

Australia / Re: Is this record showing 1 child or 3 children cant understand it.
« on: Friday 18 September 20 23:43 BST (UK)  »

".. they  leave on the Dandenong for Victoria on the Dandenong arriving 4 Sept"

Who went from Sydney to Victoria....what names please?

And sponsor Hugh DOGHERTY is in Australia already.........husband in the colony?

« on: Thursday 17 September 20 07:49 BST (UK)  »

Debra....I think that the scenario you are suggesting is very possible.  Also, without a birth registration to see for Doreen, it is possible that James Richard BOW was married off to a pregnant Adeline.

James Richard BOW would seem to be rather gullible, easily lead. Was Violet Leith ROBBINS also a pregnant girl whose mother wants her married.....would explain the suggestion that James was intoxicated. All speculation, of course.

I think that Ruth LOWE's interest to get to Burnie as soon as possible is to work with James on their statements later in court.

The bigamy trial would be widely reported in the papers....the domestic partnership arrangements at 294 Lygon St would also be fodder for the press if known.

So who is Ernie KING a brother to?  At 1911 Ernie is "in Hobart". I do not think he lives there. The ROBBINS know him because he lives in the Burnie area.

« on: Wednesday 16 September 20 08:55 BST (UK)  »
I think that the marriage of James Richard BOW and Adeline Ruth LOWE did not last very long, and I wonder if James Richard Alexander BOW, born 1907, Melbourne, was really the only child he had with Adeline Ruth.

Ancestry Victoria Police Gazette  Apr 8 1909
James Richard BOW is inquired for by his wife, Adeline Ruth BOW, 52 Kerr-Street Fitzroy, of Fitzroy, on the  3rd ult.

13374/1907 BOW James Richard Alex parents Ruth WATT / James Richard
born Port Melbourne

13374/1907 LOWE Jas Richd Alexr parents Ruth WATT / -
born Port Melbourne

13374/1907 WATT Jas Richd Alex  parents Ruth WATT / -
born Port Melbourne

17559/1909 BOW Doreen Ruth parents Adeline Ruth LOWE / James Richard

There are several articles in Tasmania newspapers on the matter of the marriage of
James Richard BOW, married Adeline Ruth LOWE Oct 28 1908 Melbourne...and (bigamously)
Violet Leith ROBINS married   Jan 4 1911, Burnie Tasmania.
James was back in Melbourne to be at home when Police Officer called.

North Western Advocate and Emu Bay Times 7 Mar 1911 p4

* Ruth LOWE, who entered the witness box with a little boy about 4 years of ago, said she resided at 294 Lygon street, Carlton.

* Witness (Ruth LOWE) came over to Burnie on January 18, and met the accused on arrival,
when asked her what she came for, and she replied 'For you!' Shortly after she asked him whether it was' true that ho had married Violet Robbins, and he replied 'Yes!' Up to the time of Bow's arrest he had been living in the same house with witness and her daughter (accused's wife)

Examiner 11 Apr 1911 p3

* (James Richard BOW) was with Ditchams Travelling show when he came to Burnie.

* James Richard BOW told Violet that he was Ernie KING's brother, and that the latter was in Hobart. Witness wrote to King, and received a reply, telling her not to go out walking with BOWE, as he was a married man and had a child.

I suspect that the quality of proof reading and reporting is not great, I think the substance of the story indicates that in Burnie, January 1911, there is someone who knows James Richard BOWE, knows that he is married, knows where to contact his family in Melbourne.

James Richard BOW is described as having one child. Ruth LOWE brings a four year old boy with her from Melbourne. He is not identified as being her grandson, or son of James Richard BOW. You might reasonably suppose that this boy is James Richard Alexander BOW, born 1907.

Who is father of Doreen Ruth BOW born 1909?

« on: Tuesday 15 September 20 09:11 BST (UK)  »

At reply #9 ....marriage, HOPE / TOWELL....witness is J GANNON.

« on: Tuesday 15 September 20 08:36 BST (UK)  »

"..Indian blood is real as a DNA test has been done on the daughter of Ernest Hope and Sarah J. Towell Hope and this lady is 25% Indian."

What was the other 75%..?

If there is Indian ancestry for a child of Ernest HOPE and Sarah TOWELL etc.....could this be from maternal (Sarah's) family?

« on: Tuesday 15 September 20 01:26 BST (UK)  »

What names do you see for witnesses?

Can you give more details here please....names and birthplace of other children -

"..both Ernest HOPE and Sarah Jane TOWELL had children with other partners before they married each other.."

26639/1913  HOPE  Daphne T parents  Ernest W /  Adeline R @ Sydney

42046/1915  HOPE  Reginald  P parents Ernest W / Adeline R  @ Redfern

It is difficult to read text which is all upper case. For family history it is useful to use upper case for family names. Otherwise, it is better to use lower case.

« on: Monday 14 September 20 23:27 BST (UK)  »

Can you please list all the information on this certificate -

5345/1923 HOPE  Ernest W F  marr.  TOWELL  Sarah J  @ Rockdale


When Mary Margaret TURNBULL dies, NZ 1877, husband Jacob is sole parent to eight children under thirteen.

Jacob does not remarry. Who is raising these children?.

Mary, Cecilia and William might be taken in by friends / neighbours ....board for domestic work.

The little ones would need more care. I suspect that they are raised by family......SLATTERY / HILL / TURNBULL / AUSTIN?

So there a record to describe Catherine and Mary SLATTERY to be sisters, or Mary and Biddy HILL to be sisters.....full or half or step etc.  Collectively they are described as four cousins?  The presentation of their names on the passengers makes it likely, and obviously the first path to take for research.

These two documents would be useful to your research -
BDM NZ  death (printout)
1896/2549  AUSTIN   Catherine   66Y

BDM VIC  marriage
3430/1859 SLATTERY Mary Julia      marr.      TOBIN, Thomas

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