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Australia / Re: Patrick Mckenna- convict in Wellington area NSW
« on: Sunday 12 July 20 09:20 BST (UK)  »
Thanks all for information. I am tossing up ordering the birth certificate for James at Wellington which is why I am after some more information to assess if I am on the right track. Patrick seemed like a likely candidate to fit in with some information I had on my great great great grandmother.

From what I have seen there could be two different Patrick McKenna's (with wife Catherine) floating around in that timeframe.

I tried to find some more information on Patrick McKenna per Lady McNaughton but haven't found anymore than the Convict Indent, Ticket of Leave and Certificate of Freedom. I could not find reference to his crime in the Irish Newspapers. Nor was he listed in the Ireland-Australia Transportation Database. I did find the entry for Bathurst Gaol in 1860 but the ship listed is different so I think it could be the 'other' Patrick McKenna.

Australia / Patrick Mckenna- convict in Wellington area NSW
« on: Wednesday 08 July 20 11:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone might see any further details for a Patrick McKenna who was possibly living in the Wellington area for a decade or so.
I have him as a convict arriving on the lady mcnaughton in 1835 having being tried in Louth that year for stealing clothes. He got his ticket of leave in Wellington in 1841 ( also known alias mckiernan).
He got his certificate of freedom in 1846.
I can see a child james born in 1858 to Patrick and Catherine mckenna. This could be him. I can also see an article on trove showing a Patrick mckenna was in bathurst gaol for three months hard labour in July 1860 for receiving stolen property.
Looking for any further details of this man. A death perhaps?

Australia / Re: Northmead NSW - SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS!
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 08:47 BST (UK)  »
Class photos not buildings! Also any yearbooks or school magazines.

Australia / Northmead NSW - SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS!
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 08:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi all. Hoping someone reading might have copies of photographs from 1950s and 60s of Northmead Public School. Also after early 1960s for Northmead High School. Thanks, Katharine.

Thankyou for all your suggestions.

In regard to my matches on AncestryDNA I have been able to work out where most of my closer matches tie in by looking at our shared matches. That's easy enough to do, then I have them all colourcoded by family. I do not have many closer matches that are not accounted for. I have contacted any that might pertain to my unknown great grandfather but unfortunately haven't had any replies. There seems to be many matches where people either haven't logged in to Ancestry for a long time, or maybe they don't have much interest in genealogy itself and have only done the test for the novelty of knowing ethnicities!
That makes it frustrating when trying to find a lead.  :(

Hi all. Apologies if this query had already been answered on this forum previously.
My grandfather was illegitimate. I did an ancestry DNA test but nobody seems to be 'connected' through this line.
My grandfather had a son (my dad) and I have a brother. I was considering Y-DNA to hopefully find answers.

My question therefore is: which companies (with availablity in Australia) have the best Y-DNA testing. And more importantly, which companies will show database matches just as Ancestry DNA does.

Thanks, Katharine.

Yes, I already have notes on his education and life prior to the mid 1830s. Then I found him resurface in Richmond, VA.

I am looking for more information on his life in USA.

Hi Sandra, thankyou  :), yes that's one I already have. And I am wondering if his middle name is Saunders there could be a familial connection. I also tried finding something on them but no luck. They could be Saunders & Sons of Richmond perhaps.

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