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Tipperary / Heffernan
« on: Saturday 05 June 21 02:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi, am also researching Winnifred Heffernan circa 1820 to 1821. Trying to find out about any of her Irish family eg Parents siblings what the family did or information on this family etc etc . The only information I have on Winnifred in Ireland is that she was an indentured immigrant on the ship Neptune  She was 20yrs old at the time and Roman Catholic. The ship arrived in Australia on 29th March 1841 and she married Michael Honan Jnr 29 August 1841 in Melbourne. Hoping that there is information on her in Ireland. Thankyou Hereford

Waterford / Honan
« on: Saturday 05 June 21 02:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi, It's been a long time since I  ventured on the Roots Chat site but I am back now. I have asked this question before but hope someone out there can now help me. I am searching for any information about Michael Honan's family. I would love to know who his family were and whether there are any relations in Ireland connected to him and his family I know he was sent to Australia aboard the Hero with his 2 brothers Patrick and Thomas on the 15th of March 1835 Departed Dublin.Convicts serving 7yrs for the attack on a Police inspector  Samual Crocker. The father's name was Michael Honan as well. I am hoping that someone else is researching this family and can help me Hereford

New Zealand Completed Requests / Charles Fergussen
« on: Saturday 04 February 17 04:23 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for Charles or Charlie Ferguson. Very little information about this individual. I know he was in the Stirling area in the Sth Island circa 1930s and was working on a chicory farm.I believe he left the area about 1938 to 39. We are assuming he may have been late teens 18 yrs to perhaps late 20s .He may have left the area and gone to war. I am aware that info here is very very limiting but any clue could be of help. Thanks  Hereford

United States of America / Dawsons
« on: Monday 07 March 16 03:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Looking for information regarding  an Annam Keenliside and  John Dawson who moved to the Isle of Wight Virginia  about 1700 Thank you Hereford.

Durham / Dawsons to America
« on: Monday 07 March 16 02:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hi hope someone can help. have been researching the Dawson's of Durham for a while .I have a record of a 1650 to 1720 John Dawson and wife 1660-1725 Annam Keenliside moving from England to the Isle of Wight Virginia US.I think round about 1700s. They must of left a son John 1683 behind .Just wondering if this is correct information . Not knowing English History at that time I am unsure as to why they would have left and left their son. I am assuming they had other children but can not find any more information . Thank you Hereford.

Australia / Obtaining BDM certificates
« on: Monday 29 February 16 21:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can go about getting copies of B D M certificates. I contacted Archives Australia and they said unable to do this on their site. Many thanks Hereford.

Tipperary / Winnifred heffernan
« on: Sunday 28 February 16 01:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I have been researching for a long time my G G G Grandmother Winifred Heffernan or Hefferman . Born circa 1820  from Tipperary. She is recorded on as  a Bounty Immigrant to Australia. Sailed on the ship Neptune. Arrived Australia 1841 married Michael Honan an Irish convict. They  had 2 or 3 daughters One being Anastasia whom is my G G Grandmother. There is very little info that I can find but was hoping that her early life ,family, where lived/born  and anything else could be discovered. Hoping that someone out there is connected to this family who can shed light  on this lady . I am assuming that she had siblings  Thanks for any help Hereford.

Waterford / Honan
« on: Monday 12 January 15 02:32 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to locate information about this family pre Australia . Michael Honan senior birth I am estimating about 1790. Had 3 sons that I know of perhaps more children. Thomas-b-1805,Patrick -b-1815 and Michael jnr b-1811.Trying to find out the Irish History of this family. Who was Michael seniors wife? The 3 sons were tried in 1834 in Waterford and sentenced to 7 years and sent to Australia aboard the Hero .If anyone out there knows any of this family's history or are related to this family  or can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thank you Hereford

Northumberland / Dawsons of Durham
« on: Saturday 08 November 14 01:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Hope someone can help. I am trying to find the missing piece of my Dawson family. Hugh Dawson was the son of Oliver and Jane Dawson. Oliver born 1792 Allendale  and Jane 1806 Shotley
They had Hugh who was born in 1829.His sister Hannah emigrated to the States with her husband George Herron and his 2 sisters Jane and Elizabeth along with youngest brother Oliver (My G G grandfather)and their 2 husbands emigrated to NZ there is no record of what happened to Hugh after Jane and Elizabeth emigrated which was about 1860 .In the 1851 census his occupation is coke burner.The family were living at Kenton Durham at this time. He was 22. I have found a marriage record of a Hugh Dawson marriage in 1862 in Hexham to a Elizabeth McGregor or another name of Tamar Dickinson and I know Hexham is an area where my Dawson Ancestors lived .Another census record is of a Hugh and Elizabeth living in Staffordshire. in 1871 and occupation is Coal miner . I am assuming Coke burner and coal miner are a connected occupation. Just unsure if this is the Hugh that I am looking for as it has got Staffordshire as place of birth but his age at time of census matches. Hope this all makes sense. I know what has happened to all the siblings except this one. I am wanting to find the final chapter of this generation of Dawson's Thanks for any help Hereford

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