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Other Countries / Turkey: British in Constantinople
« on: Saturday 09 May 09 11:51 BST (UK)  »

My husband's family has some Scottish ancestors who moved to/were born/died in Constantinople (Istanbul) in the period 1850-1910. As we will be in Istanbul this week, I would like to try to find some records of their existence there, especially of two girls for whom we have birth datesw but nothing else.

Does anyone have any suggestions about where I should start?

Thanking you with fingers crossed.


Australia / Convict Permission to Marry
« on: Wednesday 26 March 08 07:24 GMT (UK)  »

Can anyone tell me where to get hold of the records of convicts seeking the Governor's permission to marry please?

I have a couple of convict ancestors (all NSW) whose marriage certificates state they were married 'with the Governor's consent' and I'm hoping the documents have information which will help fill in our pictures of them.

Thank you.


This John Brogden was a joiner and 59 when he died.

My John Brogden was a bootmaker and probably died in the following decade (also in Bolton we think).

Is this certificate useful to anyone?

This Samuel Tennant was a tin plate worker who was 76 when he died. Unfortunately he is not my Samuel Tennant, who was a hatmaker and died in London the year after (I think). My Samuel was several years younger than this one.

Is there anyone I can pass this certificate on to?

This is the death certificate for Harriet Bailey who died age 4 yrs 10 months. I was looking for the death of an adult Harriet Bailey nee Booth nee Ashley, wife of Joseph Bailey, a hatter. 

I hope someone is looking for this certficate. 

The Common Room / Changing identities
« on: Monday 30 July 07 05:25 BST (UK)  »

I have a certificate for a marriage in 1859 in Cheshire. Because of a number of questions about the groomís life before this (and afterwards, at various times) and the lack of any records that match the details on the marriage certificate, Iíve been wondering if he was who he said he was. Does anyone know what sort of checks Ė if any Ė were done of a personís details before they got married in those days? Would it have been possible for a man with a trade to start calling himself a totally different name?

Any views on this would be welcome (although I don't know where my searching would go from here if identity changes were easy).

Thank you


Devon / Movements from Devon to Ireland
« on: Tuesday 26 June 07 10:18 BST (UK)  »
I have a possible ancestor who was a 'native of Devon' and was a ploughman in Antrim when he was arrested and tried in Carrickfergus in 1825, at age 50-odd. The person we assume was his daughter was tried on the same day and, as the convict indent says she was a native of Antrim, we're assuming her father was in Ireland at least from about 1798 which is when she was born. She was a butter maker.

Does anyone know if there was a strong movement of agricultural workers from Devon to Ireland around that time? Or was this case not very common? Or were there other reasons for a lot of contact between these two areas? These two people are brick walls and I'm hoping that information about the circumstances of the movements might throw up some leads for new places to search.

Or is there a good history book or two (preferably available online, although interlibrary loan might be possible) which would help?

Or should this message be on an Ireland board?



Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Census 1861, 1871 please BAILEY Leeds
« on: Monday 17 July 06 10:02 BST (UK)  »

I think I'm on the right board. I have a Bailey family in Manchester in the 1881 Census. I'd like to find them in earlier censuses and, as they had a 10 year-old who was born in Leeds, I'm guessing they were in Leeds in the 1871 census. The people are

Robert Bailey (a hatter, born in Newcastle Under Lyne around 1831), 
his wife Ellen (born in London around 1837), and
children Margaret (she should be there but had left home by 1881), Eliza (both born in London), Ellen (born in Leeds). There might have been more older children.

Robert and Ellen were married in 1858 in London.

I'd be really grateful if someone could see if they appear on the 1861 and/or 1871 census please.

thank you.


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Photos turning blue or melting
« on: Tuesday 27 June 06 03:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

Firstly,  my apologies if these problems have been answered already - my searching ability can't uncover it.

I've noticed that a lot of colour photos taken 30-40 years ago are turning blue - varying shades according to the original colours but a definite blue hue.

I also found some photos on which the image appears to have melted - the original colour is there but in splodges and swirls, rather than the picture.

How do I stop either of these things happening? (I realise that the melting might have something to do with living at 12 degrees latitude but we can't move at the moment) 

Is there any way to reverse the damage?

Thank you.


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