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The Common Room / FindMyPast free access to newspapers for this week
« on: Monday 30 May 22 10:55 BST (UK)  »

The Common Room / Letting someone else view your tree on FindMyPast (How?)
« on: Tuesday 10 May 22 08:15 BST (UK)  »

I've been round and round in circles today.
I want to allow another member on FindMyPast to view my tree.

Found a couple of articles about it, claiming there should be a link on LHS family tree to share, and another which talks about a link to view valid for 30 days, but I'm getting nowhere.

Has anyone any experience of how it is done?

Thanks,  Pauline

This lass is just a side-note to the main family, but I'm curious as to her beginnings.

The first I see her is as a sister-in-law to Joseph Clift,
together with Bessey Lilicrap (infant. no mmn on birth reg)
first wife Elizabeth Langman (m 1836?) , 2nd Wife Mary Ann Gould (m 1849-ish)

RG09/  1522/ Folio 15/ Page 24/ Schedule 149

Then in 1871:
 RG10 / 2224; Folio: 107; Page: 15; Schedule: 69

in 1881: Bessey is awol at present, but Sarah (now wife of Thomas Uglow) is M-in-Law:
RG11; Piece number: 2276; Folio: 102; Page: 13; Schedule: 626

in 1891:
RG12; 1746; Folio: 112; Page: 23; Schedule: 200  (Bessey)

Sarah Uglow @


 RG12; Piece number: 1803; Folio: 87; Page: 2; Schedule: 10 (Sarah Lillicrap, now Uglow)

So She's reasonably consistent on age & birthplace, just haven't been able to work out if 1861 relationship is a red herring or not...

Anyone up for a looksee?


The Common Room / Transcription Tuesday 2022. Volunteering
« on: Sunday 23 January 22 13:02 GMT (UK)  »
What are this year’s Transcription Tuesday projects?
This year’s four Transcription Tuesday projects are:

FamilySearch: English parish registers
HMS NHS: Seamen’s Hospital registers
Stories of St James’s Burial Ground: 18th century burial registers
National Library of Wales Photo Book Collection: Tagging historical photographs :



Berkshire Completed Look ups / Reading district Marriage 1921. (completed)
« on: Tuesday 11 January 22 11:49 GMT (UK)  »
Anything available in any datasets?

He was the pre-marriage son of Elizabeth Jane, married name cooper, and dies in WW1.

After a think, he wont be getting wed in 1921 after dying in 1916..


The Common Room / GRO Index now up to 1934
« on: Sunday 27 December 20 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
So while freebmd has previously revealed mother's maiden names up to 1934, you can use the GRO site to get full birth registration names, (not just intials for 2nd/3rd forenames).


Births Jun 1919   (>99%)
Suggate    Stanley C H    Laban    Shoreditch    1c   81
SUGGATE, STANLEY  CHARLES HENRY    LABAN  1919  J Quarter in SHOREDITCH  Volume 01C  Page 81

There is a marriage April 8th 1911, both parties living at 58 Ebenezer Street, Langley Mill, Heanor.

He's William Brougham b 1864 Tunstall (a widower)
She's Lydia Griffiths Brown b 1878 Long Eaton.

Neither fathers are alive. Lydia has lost both parents

I've found Most of his young kids (mother Eliza Jane Fletcher) with Fletcher grandparents in 1911.

William John Archibald Brougham 1893–
Emily M H Brougham 1895–
Thomas C Brougham 1897–
Frederick D Brougham 1899–
Alice Irene Brougham  1902–
Gladys Winifred Brougham 1907–

Not really interested in his kids. Really looking for Lydia & William the Widowed Potter.

Thanks, Pauline

London and Middlesex / Can't locate after 1863 Plumstead (London/ Kent) Marriage
« on: Friday 21 August 20 08:02 BST (UK)  »
It may be that I've been looking too long, but:

William Patterson, aged 29y a labourer, Father William Patterson a labourer
Sarah Brown aged 25y (aged 14y @ 1851 census, no 1841/ baptism found* ), father David Brown a Painter. Witnessed by bride's (sister and her husband)    (Esther & Henry Taylor)

*Unless in 1841 Woolwich she is also Betsy Morris, the 4-y-old child of unwed aunt Betsy Morris.


Canada Lookup Request / How to find cheaper way to view obituary (Vancouver 2002)
« on: Wednesday 12 August 20 18:33 BST (UK)  »
So I shelled out for ancestry "all access" and it wants another 12 dollars per month to view anything other other than "Basic" newspapers.

So Is there a way to view an obituary for any less, or shall I just save up the dead until I have a few to research?

The chap is David R Tyerman 1935-2002, and his wife was Margaret Broomham (1933-unknown)

The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 70
Publication:The Province
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Thanks, Pauline

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