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The Common Room / GRO Index now up to 1934
« on: Sunday 27 December 20 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
So while freebmd has previously revealed mother's maiden names up to 1934, you can use the GRO site to get full birth registration names, (not just intials for 2nd/3rd forenames).


Births Jun 1919   (>99%)
Suggate    Stanley C H    Laban    Shoreditch    1c   81
SUGGATE, STANLEY  CHARLES HENRY    LABAN  1919  J Quarter in SHOREDITCH  Volume 01C  Page 81

There is a marriage April 8th 1911, both parties living at 58 Ebenezer Street, Langley Mill, Heanor.

He's William Brougham b 1864 Tunstall (a widower)
She's Lydia Griffiths Brown b 1878 Long Eaton.

Neither fathers are alive. Lydia has lost both parents

I've found Most of his young kids (mother Eliza Jane Fletcher) with Fletcher grandparents in 1911.

William John Archibald Brougham 1893
Emily M H Brougham 1895
Thomas C Brougham 1897
Frederick D Brougham 1899
Alice Irene Brougham  1902
Gladys Winifred Brougham 1907

Not really interested in his kids. Really looking for Lydia & William the Widowed Potter.

Thanks, Pauline

London and Middlesex / Can't locate after 1863 Plumstead (London/ Kent) Marriage
« on: Friday 21 August 20 08:02 BST (UK)  »
It may be that I've been looking too long, but:

William Patterson, aged 29y a labourer, Father William Patterson a labourer
Sarah Brown aged 25y (aged 14y @ 1851 census, no 1841/ baptism found* ), father David Brown a Painter. Witnessed by bride's (sister and her husband)    (Esther & Henry Taylor)

*Unless in 1841 Woolwich she is also Betsy Morris, the 4-y-old child of unwed aunt Betsy Morris.


Canada Lookup Request / How to find cheaper way to view obituary (Vancouver 2002)
« on: Wednesday 12 August 20 18:33 BST (UK)  »
So I shelled out for ancestry "all access" and it wants another 12 dollars per month to view anything other other than "Basic" newspapers.

So Is there a way to view an obituary for any less, or shall I just save up the dead until I have a few to research?

The chap is David R Tyerman 1935-2002, and his wife was Margaret Broomham (1933-unknown)

The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 70
Publication:The Province
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Thanks, Pauline

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Meuvly (Round 3) GRO (Wilson with MMN Meuvly)
« on: Tuesday 11 August 20 20:25 BST (UK)  »
4 Feb 1872 St Leonard St Mary, Bromley, England
William Henry Wilson (18521911+ ) and Nancy Jane (aka Annie) Meuvly (18521911+)

1881 Census (

1891 Census Essex Walthamstow

1901 Tottenham/ Edmonton

1911 East Tottenham. 11 kids/ 8 living /3 dead

Now I have 10 registrations, of whom two have died
WILSON, ANNIE LOUISA MEMLY GRO Reference: 1873 M Quarter in POPLAR UNION Volume 01C Page 649
WILSON, JAMES WILLIAM HENRY MENVEY GRO Reference: 1874 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 637
WILSON, FLORENCE MARGARET MENELY GRO Reference: 1876 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 652
WILSON, ALBERT JOHN MEABLY GRO Reference: 1878 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 642
WILSON, ADA ELIZABETH MEAVLY GRO Reference: 1881 M Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 149
WILSON, ALICE MAUD MARY MEWSBY GRO Reference: 1884 J Quarter in HENDON Volume 03A Page 152
WILSON, ROSA ISABELLA MEWVLY GRO Reference: 1886 M Quarter in HENDON Volume 03A Page 157
WILSON, ARTHUR EDGAR MEUSLY GRO Reference: 1888 J Quarter in HENDON Volume 03A Page 159
WILSON, FREDERICK HERBERT MUVELY GRO Reference: 1891 M Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 338
WILSON, FRANK MEUVLY GRO Reference: 1893 M Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03A Page 415

Again, there's no glaring gap for another sibling.
But if someone else wants to exercise their detective skills. I'm all for it.


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Meuvly (Round 2) GRO (Abbott with MMN Meuvly)
« on: Monday 10 August 20 18:16 BST (UK)  »
Jul 1881 @ Bethnal Green
Annabella Elizabeth Meuvly (1860-1918) weds John Abbott (1860-ish to after 1911 sometime)

Kids known are
ABBOTT, JOHN  EDWARD     MOUVERLEY  GRO Reference: 1882  M Quarter in POPLAR  Volume 01C  Page 685
ABBOTT, ARTHUR         MEUOLY GRO Reference: 1884 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 664
ABBOTT, ALBERT JOHN MENOLY GRO Reference: 1887 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 609
ABBOTT, MARY ANN SUSAN MEUOLY GRO Reference: 1889 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C P 595
ABBOTT, FRANK ME...LY GRO Reference: 1892 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 549
ABBOTT, LOTTIE MENOLY GRO Reference: 1895 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 605
ABBOTT, JOSEPH  SAMUEL     MEUBERY  GRO Reference: 1897  J Quarter in POPLAR  Volume 01C  Page 640

Now, according to 1911 (they moved to Warrington shortly after 1901) , There should be 8 kids, 5 still living. There are no names from census. The two in italics are the possibles
I realise that they may (for example) have counted stillbirths, But anyone fancy tackling this family too?


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Struggling to find in GRO birth indexes
« on: Sunday 09 August 20 17:08 BST (UK)  »
OK, so the "official" version of the surname is MEUVLY (or thereabouts)

John Meuvly & Mary Ann Cook should be parent(s) of

Dec 1852
MEIVLY Nancy E London 1c 19 (Cant spot on GRO)

dec 1854
Meubly    Margaret        Stepney    1c   470    
Mewly    Margaret        Stepney    1c   470

Dec 1856
Olive Louisa Meuvly Stepney 1c Page487( MMN Cook)

(Possible gap- no kids appear in census)

Births Sep 1860 
MEVLEY    Annabella Elizabeth        Mile End Old Town    1c   517

Might be a "Hannah" in this gap

Mar 1865   (>99%)
MEUVLY    Martha        Poplar    1c   672   
MEUVLY    Mary        Poplar    1c   672

The father dies in late 1864, couldn't find the 1871 census for the family

Inspired searches anybody? It's not that I don't know that the Mmn should be COOK, I just like to have the extra confirmation.

Thanks, Pauline

This "Olly Cook" keeps appearing as a suggestion in my Tree on Ancestry, But I can't find this record in  FindMyPast or familysearch.

I'm hoping she is Olive Rosina Cook b 1877ish , parents John and Mary.

Can anyone help me find Olly on another (non-ancestry) site?

Thanks, Pauline

Charlotte Ann Clift (dau of Joseph Clift & Mary Ann Gould)
Birth Mar 1856 Millbrook, Cornwall, England

George Thompson b 1855 Millbrook, Cornwall

In 1861 Charlotte with her parents.
Not located in 1871
in 1875 she has a daughter out of wedlock (Emma Harriet Jackson Clift)

in 1881 Charlotte is with George Thompson (b 1855) as his wife; 
  5-y-old Emma is listed as "daughter" of Joseph Clift & Mary (Mary's 63y)

William Henry Thompson BIRTH July 1881  in St Germans, Cornwall
                                 DEATH October 1881  in St Germans, Cornwall
Henry Thomas Thompson BIRTH 21 Oct 1882  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England
Mabel Annie Thompson BIRTH 1885  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England
William George Thompson BIRTH 1887  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England
John Joseph Thompson BIRTH Dec 1888  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England
Eliza Jane Thompson BIRTH Mar 1891  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England
                            DEATH April 1892  in St Germans, Cornwall

Alice May Thompson BIRTH 3 May 1893  in Millbrook, Cornwall, England

all kids registerd with MMN Clift.
Charlotte Ann dies 1907, George is a widower in 1911 and 1939.

Can't pin down a marriage, and bug-eyed from trying.
Logically it's between 1875 and 1881.  Can anyone see what I'm missing?


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