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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mystery Occupation. (Completed).
« on: Saturday 25 August 18 12:53 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone read this Occupation? It is for a James Cadwallader from Bury, Lancs in 1894. I think the last word is Keeper. The rest I haven`t a clue. Any help welcome. Thanks, Graham.

Lanarkshire / Flora Lindsay McManus.
« on: Wednesday 08 August 18 14:11 BST (UK)  »
Some time ago I posted a picture of a young girl that I wished information on. I now believe her to be Flora Lindsay McManus b.1905 in Ireland. d. 2000 in England. Does this fit in with someones family? The picture taken in 1918 shows the girl holding my Father. This would make her around 13. Does this look about right? Any information given would be most helpful. Thanks, Graham.

Occupation Interests / Wood Turner.
« on: Tuesday 01 May 18 15:54 BST (UK)  »
Would a wood turner have been employed in a sawmill or more likely a joinery or carpentry shop?
The one I am interested in started working in Glasgow before moving to Rochdale. Would he have been employed in a mill doing wood turning? Trying to figure out how my grandparents met.
Many thanks for any help, Graham.

Could this be pictures of the same woman taken years apart?  She is the older of the two ladies in one of the pictures & on her own in the other. Many thanks, Graham.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Writing on marriage certificate.
« on: Wednesday 26 July 17 14:47 BST (UK)  »
Could someone with good eyesight please make out the writing on this marriage certificate? It took place in the Broad lane meeting house, Drumachose. I think one is ? registers ? & the other is Bally???????. For the life of me I can`t make head nor tail of it.
Many thanks, Graham.

Ireland / Birthplace of Mary Anne Callaghan.
« on: Monday 24 July 17 15:46 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone provide me with the birthplace details of Mary Anne Callaghan, born around 1834? I cannot find her on any sites I have tried. She married Leslie Caskey 22 Nov 1860 at Scriggan Presbyterian Church, Dungiven, Newtown Limavady, County Londonderry. She is listed as deceased in 1903. On the 1901 & 1911 census Leslie in shown as married to a Margaret, so she must have died at least before the 1901 date. The last of her children, Thomas, was born in 1878. So she was still around then. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks, Graham.

Renfrewshire / Looking for a picture of a house.
« on: Friday 17 March 17 20:45 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone suggest where I can find a picture of the house at Locherbank, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire from about 1911. Tried the local council site & they supplied a map, but didn`t have a picture. The building no longer exists. My granny was in service there when she came over from Ireland. Would love to see where she worked. Many thanks, Graham.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Cause of Death ? Now completed.
« on: Thursday 10 November 16 12:35 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me the cause of death for Mary Ann Dunseith on 24 April 1902 in Derry city ? I can make out "of foot" but not the two words before it. Many thanks for any help you can give.
Cheers, Graham.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Eliza Tracey
« on: Saturday 22 October 16 13:04 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where Eliza was born please ? It`s Bally------ something or other & I have no idea what the next two lines say. Eliza was born 3 Dec 1872 & registered in the district of Ballykelly in the union of Newtownlimavady, County Londonderry. Many thanks for again help given.

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