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Staffordshire / Hillfield Home, Hillfield Lane, Stretton
« on: Monday 06 September 21 13:07 BST (UK)  »
I have just received the death certificate for my Great Uncle who died age 71 in Hillfield Home, Stretton in 1969.
A quick internet search seems to indicate it was a care home but is no longer.
Please could anyone give me info about it.

Was it a council home ? Did it specialise in any particular type of care ?

He apparently didn’t have good health as he was gassed during the war.

The informant a Doris Cadman was listed as ‘occupier’ ? Does this mean manager ?

My mother has no recollection of his death which she would have remembered as he died just before Christmas and was buried on Christmas Eve.
I think he may have estranged himself from his family, he was buried in a communal grave.

Just trying to fill in some detail

The Common Room / GRO help please
« on: Friday 06 August 21 13:56 BST (UK)  »
I think this is a simple question which I need help with please.

I seem to think I have read on RootsChat that people have ordered a digital copy of a certificate which was cheaper and quicker to obtain. Is this correct ?

I have just ordered a death certificate and there didn't seem to be an option for a digital copy.

Most of my research has been on Scotlandspeople.


The Common Room / Common grave
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 22:04 BST (UK)  »
I have found the burial of my mothers uncle on Deceased Online.
He died in Staffordshire in December 1969 and was buried on 24th December.

Under the 'mode of burial' column it states 'common' as opposed to 'purchased' as all the others on the page.  The lair had three other people in it before him who were buried in 1937, 1915 and 1897.

The names of the three other people do not ring any bells re my family tree.

My mother had moved hundreds of miles away from her home town by then and doesn't remember being told of his death. Infact it being at Christmas time she would have returned to her home town to visit her family.

Her recollection is that he wasn't married, had no children and may have been estranged from his family.

My questions are it being a 'common grave' does that mean he was buried 'by the state'?, not sure if that is the correct term ?.

I have downloaded a scan if the 'Register of Burials in the General Ground' but it doesn't say who arranged the burial, would this information still be available ?

Grateful for any ideas as this is not a subject or country I am familiar with.

The Common Room / Relationship to me ?
« on: Tuesday 20 April 21 13:42 BST (UK)  »
I should know this, I have looked at the charts but I always get mixed up.
Please could some kind person who has a better understanding help me  :D

My lovely God mother has just passed away after a long illness.

But she was also a blood relation.

She and my mother were cousins, their mothers were sisters so

What relationship was she to me ?

and what relationship is her son to me ?

I just can’t think straight enough to work it out.


The Common Room / Find a grave advice please
« on: Friday 26 March 21 10:40 GMT (UK)  »
Inspired by River Tyne Lass I was thinking of joining the Find a Grave site with a view to photographing graves for others. There are numerous cemeteries within walking distance of me and I noticed there were quite a few requests for one in particular which I have been to often and had a guided tour of.
What I wanted to know was when you take on a request are you given any details of which area of the cemetery the grave is in ? I have spent many fruitless hours not finding ancestors graves.
 I have completed a couple of specific requests for people here but they had previously been in touch with the council and gave me an area to search in. This made it ‘easier’ as I knew I was looking in the right area but it was challenging as in one case the stone had fallen face down (they were able to contact the council and get them to turn it to see if it was the correct one) and another was covered in ivy.
Pre COVID you could email a council to find out location, it that for you to do or the requester ?

Secondly on some of the requests the person requesting  is named as Deleted user but the request is still there ? Is the request still to be fulfilled ? How will they get it if they are no longer a member ?

I have watched the relevant tutorials on their site but they don’t answer my questions.

I would appreciate advice from someone who has participated.


Fife / Pittenweem house 1914
« on: Friday 19 March 21 10:53 GMT (UK)  »
I recently found a birth in 1914 for a lady whose birth certificates place of birth is
 'Mayfield, Pittenweem'.
I understand she was born unexpectedly when her parents were on holiday as they usually resided in Edinburgh.
It's a long shot but would anybody know this house ? or could it be a nursing home or doctors house ?
I have looked at the valuation rolls for 1915 but Mayfield seems to be a common name and there are many.

The Stay Safe Board / Hogmanay and 2021
« on: Thursday 31 December 20 18:55 GMT (UK)  »
For the first time in many, many years I have decided not to stay up for the bells and go to bed, letting this year slip away without ceremony.
I wish all you Rootschatters a healthy and safe New Year and I thank you for all the laughs, support and interesting topics this year.

I was sent this today and I think it’s something I very much look forward to   ;)

Here’s to 2021....

When Corona is a beer again
When Donald is only a duck
When tiers sit on a cake
And when bubbles only exist in Champagne.  :D

I wish I had have written it but I did write this, my motto for 2021......

‘Normal is the new wonderful’

 ;D OFG x

The Stay Safe Board / Rainbows
« on: Tuesday 08 December 20 16:59 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies for deleting my post, I was in the middle of rewriting it as it didn’t read as I thought it did when my elderly neighbour rang the bell in need of a hand and I realise I hadn’t finished my post.

I have so enjoyed the rainbows in peoples windows this year, such a symbol of hope and unity.

I made one with my son at the beginning of lockdown and living on a main road I hope it has given cheer to passers by. When I looked at it yesterday it had faded to such a pale colour it brought home to me just how long we have been in this difficult time.

It brought many questions to my mind -
With the first vaccines being administered yesterday was it time to take it down ?
Had it done it’s job re a symbol of hope?
Yesterday was such a turning point but there seems a long way to go until Covid-19 won’t be hanging over us affecting every aspect of our lives?

I realised afterwards I wasn’t really asking literally “Should I take my rainbow down?”
but due to having an enforced slower pace of life and more time to think I was musing on the fact it had been up there so long.

Keep well and stay safe everyone.

The Common Room / Are there records of travelling fairs in England around 1860 ?
« on: Sunday 22 November 20 10:33 GMT (UK)  »
Oral family history states that my Great Grandfather born in 1867 was the child born as a result of his mother “being raped by a man who came with the travelling fair”
It’s a long shot and I realise that I would never find his parentage but I was wondering if records were kept re when the fairs came and from where ? This was in the Staffordshire/Warwickshire area.
I remember on the WDYTYA Tracy Emin programme her ancestors came from that area and were travellers.

Would they have had to apply to the council to set up ?

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