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Donegal / Donegal towns that came under the Diocese of Derry
« on: Monday 28 January 19 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
THis is a long shot but, I've finally broken through a 10yr old brick wall.
My ancestors probably lived in one of the Donegal towns that came under the Diocese of Derry.

I have located my family who moved to Scotland between 1853 and 1855.
They had at least 6 children born in Ireland.
Baptisms for 3 of these children who were not consecutive births, were all registered in St Columbs Longtower between 1841 to 1853.
The 1855 Scottish census data states that everyone in the family ( parents and children) were all born in Donegal.
In order to widen my search, can anyone tell me the approximate number of  Donegal towns involved that came under the Diocese of Derry.
Looking for a marriage that possibly took place between 1831 and 1841.

Scotland / Register House and SP Search Rooms
« on: Friday 19 January 18 18:06 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone been to the Scotlands People centre at Register House recently?
I was last there in Oct (I think) but I booked a seat for yesterday.

It's all changed.!
No longer the old style search facility.
It's the same online SP site that they have now.

To access any records, it's  done via your  usual online acct.
If you don't have one, they set it up for you.

You can still access any record without charge,  but it will only appear in your "saved searches" or "saved images "if you download them
It still costs the usual 6 credits for this facility.

Otherwise, it costs 1 credit to print a document.

However, rather than having to purchase credits in batches of  30 for 7.30 you can credit your acct with any amount that you wish
It can be enough to cover any printing and, of course,  any unused credits are held on your online acct as usual

Scotland / SP: RCE not attached to illegitimate births.
« on: Tuesday 05 December 17 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
Over the last 2 months, I have purchased 3 separate birth certs for illegitimate children.
All birth certs were stamped to show a paternity case, yet none had an RCE attached.

In all 3 cases, I contacted SP who located the RCE and emailed them to me.

I am not certain that SP is  actually attaching these RCE to the births records once they have been located.
None in my purchases show that any RCE has been attached
However, on a current search for the same births, none show the alternative ( father's) name.

Unless I repurchase them, I cannot tell if they have been updated to include the RCE .

622/2 337

No other name is showing on index 622/2 337 yet SP emailed me with the RCE on 5 Nov.
The mother married the biological father 4yrs later.!

Scotland / Scotlands People
« on: Thursday 31 August 17 11:08 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else having issues with searches on SP?

I have tried accessing using  different search engines ( Google Chrome and Safari) but, I found the site has been running really slowly for the last few days.

Also my searches seems to drop specified area criteria ,  thus returning every possible throughout the country which takes several minutes to complete.

Wondered if anyone else has found this.....before I email my complaint

Lanarkshire / Your Thoughts Please
« on: Tuesday 11 April 17 12:01 BST (UK)  »
I hold at least one Scottish marriage certificate where a spouse's info is definitely incorrect.

Can I have your thoughts on another one which has bugged me for quite some time
Here is the 1920 marriage index

Marriage date 7 Sep 1920

Spouse details
644/3 989
Calton (Glasgow)
(All details for bride above are correct)

Spouse details
644/3 989
Calton (Glasgow)

Both bride and groom lived at the same address at time of marriage

Firstly, the marriage cert simply says: T. Craig age 21yrs ( where did "Thomas" on the index come from?)
Father's name  Thomas Craig ( Stableman)
Mother's name Elizabeth Craig Ms Black ( Deceased)

I could find no trace of T Craig or his parents nor could I locate any Craig children born to the 1920 marriage.

I then located the death certificate for the bride who died in 1977
One husband only is listed
Her last name was Carey. Husband's first name was Peter.

Using this new info, on my next GRO visit, I looked for births in the name of Carey.
I found 2. The first birth was 1925

Both show father's name as Peter Carey and  BOTH are annotated with the parents marriage date of 7 Sep 1920 Glasgow.

I found the death of Peter Carey.
His father's name given as Peter Carey ( Stableman, Deceased)
His mother's name was Elizabeth Carey Ms Black (Deceased)

How does T Craig, son of Thomas Craig ( stableman) become Peter Carey, son of Peter Carey ( stableman)?
Is there an error on the MC?

No place of birth is found for this Peter Carey BC 1899.
I have looked at ALL Scottish births in the correct time period and none had a mother named Elizabeth Black.

Scotland / Scotlands People now charging VAT
« on: Tuesday 01 November 16 14:13 GMT (UK)  »
I can't see if this has been posted anywhere but, I last purchased credits at the begining of October.
I purchased 80 credits at a TOTAL of 20.

Today, I attemped to purchase more

30 credits is 7.50
40 credits  is 10
80 credits is 20 PLUS 4 VAT
160 credits is 40 PLUS 8 VAT

Am I going mad?
If I attempt to purchase 2 lots of 40 credits the total = 20 and there is NO VAT on checkout ?

Renfrewshire / Anyone up for a challenge?
« on: Saturday 03 September 16 12:43 BST (UK)  »
I have a cunundrum and am trying to help a descendant.
I need fresh set of eyes

 1891 census at: 6 Albert Road, Crossmyloof, Cathcart
Robert Struthers    38... My relative but his family/ancestry is not relevant to any further search
Kate Struthers   35
Annie Struthers   7
William McInaney   67
Grace McInaney   66

( Everyone consistently shows POB as Glasgow)

Robert Struthers was my relative. His wife on census is Catherine McInanney /McAnneney who married in 1879
William and Grace on this return were Catherine's parents.
Due to her given name which didn't fit either parent, I had an inkling that the child named Annie was not the biological child of Robert Struthers  and Catherine McAnanney and there was no obvious birth record.

This child married twice and named Robert and Catherine on both certs.

She died in 1958 and her biological parents names were provided.
Her name was Annie Sime born Feb 1884 in Cathcart.

In Feb 1885, ( a year later) an RCE was issued to amend only the details in Col1.
Name changed to Annie Struthers Sime
Contrary to descendants interpretaion, this RCE did not alter her parentage.

Annie's  birth parents parents were Katie McLaughlin and Thomas Sime who married in Glasgow in 1883.
Katie was 27 yrs old (BC 1856) and parents are given as: James Mc Laughlin ( deceased) and Annie MCANNANY

Thomas  Sime ( father) registered Annie's 1884 birth.
Annie was born at the same address provided by Catherine McAnnaney on her 1879 marriage to Robert Struthers. ( Stirling Street, Crossmyloof)

Thomas Sime is no longer relevant to the search but strangely, he remarried in 1887 claiming to be a bachelor?

I am fairly certain that the child's mother, Katie McLaughlin and her "adoptive mother" Catherine Struthers MS McAnnany were cousins, but I can find no trace of Katie before her 1883 marriage  after her daughter's 1884 birth.

I have located the death for Catherine's mother Grace McAnnaney Ms McLachlan
She died in  Cathcart 1894. Her husband William registered the death but,  I can't find his subsequent death

Grace was the daughter of Daniel McLachlan and Grace Hastings
Who were William's parents and was he the brother of Katie's mother?

These families were not literate and there are multiple versions of both McLachlan and McAnnany.

It's also possible that Catherine's mother and Katie's father were were related. McLachlan/McLaughlan/McLochlan

Can anyone find what happened to Katie Sime MS McLaughlin

The Common Room / Can anyone explain this ?
« on: Tuesday 03 May 16 11:13 BST (UK)  »
Before I contact Ancestry, I wonder if anyone can explain this?
We've had loads of discussions before on RC on this subject but, this is a first for me.

I hold a tree  on Ancestry which contains a huge amount of photos and documentation.
For this reason, it is kept private and unsearchable.
As far as I'm concerned no one, other than 2 trusted people have access.
Also, I did check and neither of my 2 invitees have been logged onto Ancestry in the last few weeks.
I also checked my privacy setting today and all the correct boxes are still ticked

I do not have another tree on the site which contains any form of documentation

Today, I was notified on my "Member Connect" list that another reseacher managed to copy a photo directly from my private and unsearchable tree 2 days ago and add it to her own public one.
(The member connect info shows exactly where the photo was copied from)

It has obviously been copied as a thumbnail,  but it clearly shows that it was  found via  my private and unsearchable tree, and it is  easily identifiable because it has the exactly the same name that I created to identify this photo when adding it to my tree.
I  use the photo as a profile pic for the person in my tree.... and I'm pretty sure that this has something to do with it

I'm not overly concerned about this particular photo being found but, I am concerned that other profile photos could be copied in the same manner.

How is this possible?

World War Two / Applying for WW2 record
« on: Thursday 16 July 15 11:55 BST (UK)  »
Can someone give me a bit of guidance please?
For my husband's upcoming birthday he has asked if I could obtain the Service Record of his late father who served in the security force of the RAF during WW2
We have all the info with the exception of his serial number..

We have his birth,marriage and death certs.
He was married overseas before being demobbed and the cert holds a little bit of info re his unit

Is this what I should do?

Do I complete both these forms or am I mis- understanding the process?

Thank you in advance

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