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Wiltshire / ROMAIN/ROMANS look up request.
« on: Sunday 21 November 10 05:07 GMT (UK)  »
John Neate Romans came to Australia with his family in 1878 including his father and mother George Romans and Emma Romans nee FISHER and their children minus Eliza. The passenger index has the surname as ROMANS. Our research has George being born in Collingbourne, Wiltshire.
I have a George ROMAIN married Emma FISHER at Church of Hounslow Middlesex. This has been provided to me as the father of my John Neate Romans (b 1870  d 1942 birth certificate has where born as Collingbourne Kingston and Father noted as residing in the same)
I am trying to confirm the Father of George Romans/Romain as John Neate ROMANS as i have a transcription of a NSW death certificate for George Romans from Wiltshire county Middlesex died 1898 in Adelong where the family resided that clearly notes his father as John Neate ROMANS and his mother as Emma SMITH. It also notes his spouse as Emma Smith (also fits as her mothers maiden name is Fisher and her fathers surname is Smith.) My John Neate is listed as a living son. Other children include Jemima, William, Martha, George, Annie M.
The family story has a surname change but as to the exact reason i am unable to determine so when ROMANS goes back to become ROMAIN it did not seem odd.
But i am starting to think this ROMAIN connection may in fact be an error in the research and that George Romans is a different person all together, however i was provided with the marriage certificate for George ROMAIN and Emma Fisher. My attempts at trying to clear this up have failed. Any chance a guru is willing to take up the challenge and shed some light on this riddle?
I would be very appreciative if some one could assist.

Thanking you very much. Verlie

Cambridgeshire / Look up request for the Manfield family of Ashley, Cambridge.
« on: Monday 05 April 10 10:29 BST (UK)  »
Is there any one able to assist with my research on George and Maria Mansfield and Family thought to be of Ashely Cambridge?
This is what i know thus far.

George and Maria (Nee Hurst) came to Australia on the HINDOSTAN on the 12th of FEB 1857 with there Children Elizabeth, Alfred, Charles, Frederick, William, Ephriam, John, Anne and Emma.
They had an older son George but was not traveling with them to Australia.
On the Assisted Immigrants record they list the Origin Location as Ashley Cambridge.
I can trace them in Australia to Running Stream where the family remained in the area for some time. But with regards dates of life events in England i have not source information.
I am after the Marriage date for George and Maria.
The confirmed birth dates of all their children.
I would also be most appreciative if i could get confirmed parents for both George and Maria.
I live in Australia and searching through my genealogy website whilst helpful, can not narrow the records enough and it is becoming exhausting and frustrating.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Verls

Is anyone able to assist in finding more information on the family of William and John Walton? Below is the information i know and have thus far, but i can only go back as far as arrival to Australia.

William Walton Came to Australia on the 31st of May 1841 with his brother John on board the vessel "MOFFAT." Both were 18 and 19.
On the Assisted Immigrant arrival record, the answer to the "native of "question was Brampton, Huntingdonshire.
William Walton resided in the Rylstone Area in New South Wales, Australia and married Margaret Leighton and went on to have 6 children. (2 died as infants)
William died on the 27th of March 1859 and according to the NSW BDM Index listing reference 4929/1859 his parent where Mark and Mary. William's and John's arrival record also list their parents as Mark and Mary.
William Walton is my Great Great Great Grand father and i can only get as far as to know that his parents where Mark and Mary and that the family may have lived in Brampton, Huntingdonshire.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Verls

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