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Australia / Looking for photos
« on: Monday 28 September 15 03:50 BST (UK)  »
hello all you researchers,

My Swedish tree in Australia (I do have the line in Sweden prior) begins with Carl Wilhelm Berg b.10/4/1847-d.30/11/1922. He came to Adelaide, South Australia 18/5/1865 where he jumped ship. I have a lot of information about his life as he was a postmaster in various shops and a hairdresser and tobacconist. But do you think I can locate a photo of him at all??? How do I look for one? I attended a family reunion a few years ago, but no-one had anything for me.
 I do not know where to look for info about him being appointed as an un-official postmaster either.
Frustrated Chris  ???

Somerset / Brick Wall...Cave Family of Somerset
« on: Saturday 24 January 15 22:54 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry, but I cannot find anything else out.  Can anyone help me proceed?

I am trying to find out who the parents are of John Cave as below. The only ones so far have been
William Cave  -1779 and Mary "Butt"??? -1780... married 21/5/1735 and both buried at St Andrew Church.....William and Mary being the names of John's first two legitimate children.

John Cave baptised 18/3/1753 Compton Dundon.
resided Compton Dundon 1783..Land tax...tenant of Mr Bartlett
Married Pitney by Langport 22/10/1783 (licence) to Sarah Hill 1767-1831
resided Compton Dundon...Yoeman Farmer...Bastardy Order brought by Hannah Cary 1763-? who had a girl child born 1784.
Died 30/1/1817 Compton Dundon.
Buried 7/2/1817 St John the Baptist, Pitney...Somerset Heritage Centre.
Probate/Will...mentions wife, children, Charles(son) being executor.

Thanks for anyone's help,
PS. Yes I am a member of the Cave Family History Society and have had no luck there either, hence my new post.

Australia / Ballarat Childrens Home
« on: Thursday 18 December 14 07:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there all,
can anyone tell me if a Children's Home in Ballarat burnt down many years ago?   :-\

My father in law was adopted from this Home, and when he went looking for info was told that the place had burnt down.....meaning the records were gone too.   Would this be correct, or would there have been centralised records elsewhere?

Chris :)

Europe / Neustadt Holstein, Germany
« on: Saturday 01 November 14 04:44 GMT (UK)  »
Help if possible please,

My G.Grandfather was born 26/4/1853 in Neustadt Holstein, Germany.

His father was Joachim Molde who was (I think) a sailor.

Julius was in Australia in 1879 when he married Augusta Wilhelmine Lecher at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Adelaide.

This is the sum of my knowledge of Julius and his father. It seems to be very hard to obtain any historical details of the family on line.
I do not know when he emigrated either.


The Common Room / Mysterious Birth and Adoption
« on: Sunday 21 September 14 06:17 BST (UK)  »
Feeling a bit frustrated..... ??? gentleman on my tree passed away in 2000, but his wife is alive and quite private so I cannot ask her for help.   

He was born in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 13/9/1923 and adopted by my husband's side.

I cannot obtain a birth certificate or any adoption info due to the above.

Does anyone have any suggestions for research?


Friedrich and Auguste were my GGGrandparents. He came from Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany according to emigration records and she "Prussia" taken from National Library of Australia Memorium.   They emigrated to Australia on board the ship "Australia" leaving Hamburg May 2, 1849 and arrived at Port Adelaide 10/9/1849.
Can anyone help me with any details prior to their emigration, that is...marriage, birth dates, originating towns etc? he was a "Maurergeselle".. Mason journeyman, and so must have done an apprenticeship somewhere.
I have been unable to find out anything to date.
Chris Williams

Europe / Julius August Wilhelm MOLDE, Neustadt, Holstein, Germany
« on: Wednesday 05 February 14 07:34 GMT (UK)  »
Julius August Wilhelm Molde was born 26 April 1895, Neustadt, Holstein, Germany. This info came to me via his Australian Naturalization and Cemetery headstone in Adelaide, South Australia.

Can anyone tell me where Neustadt, Holstein is/was in Germany and anywhere I can trace the line further?

His father was Joachim Molde and lived in the burg of Fehmam, Holstein according to the marriage notice of Julius and Augusta Wilhelmina Lecher in Adelaide, South Australia in 1879.
 I have found a couple of ship's records naming a Joachim Molde as an assistant engineer on board the "Chemnitz" and trimmer on board the "Sommerfield". Whether it is the same person is yet to be proven.



Europe / Sweden...without swedish!
« on: Saturday 25 January 14 04:06 GMT (UK)  »
 :-\ Hi there all,
I have recently joined a Swedish Ancestry site..... Arkiv......and I feel that all the info is available but do not seem to be able to search by the person's name.   It has been just luck that I found the household examination for my family. Does anyone have a hint for me?

Europe / Julius August Wilhelm MOLDE from Neustadt Holstein b26/4/1853
« on: Saturday 23 November 13 07:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello to all,
Julius August Wlhelm MOLDE was my G.Grandfather, born 26/4/1853 (taken from Cemetery Headstone)
On his Memorial for Naturalisation (1895) in Australia, it states that he originated from Neustadt, Holstein, Germany and his father was Joachim Molde.
He married in Adelaide, South Australia  to Augusta Wilhelmine LECHER on 16/12/1879 at the age of 26 and she, 19.         So he arrived in Australia prior to 1879. I cannot find his arrival also.
Can anyone guide me in the direction of where to find his parents and arrival and any other info I can find?
Chrissiecruiser :)

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