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The Common Room / Newspaper look up
« on: Monday 25 October 21 02:27 BST (UK)  »
There are several items in The Manchester Evening News in the 1940s and 1950s for A J Shipsides. His name was Albert James, but was always known as Jimmy.
They are to do with him as a  producer of plays at the Carver Theatre, I'm suppposing in Marple, Cheshire, about 10 miles from Manchester, and often included in the Manchester Evening News.
I have managed to find these mentions:
28th Sept 1949 for a play called “Roller Skating”.
14th Feb 1955 “Priness Ida”
28th Sept 1955 ‘Waiting for Gillian”
19th Feb 1958 “Babes in the Wood”

As we have been back in strict lockdown for nearly 3 months now, the libraries, where I would normally access The British Newspaper Archive, have been closed, and goodness knows when they will open again.
Is there any kind person who can access the actual items and give me a bit more information than just the little bit you get in the ‘hits’?

He died in 1967, and I would have thought they would have been an obituary for him somewhere, but I can’t find one. I think the  Manchester Evening News doesn’t go up to 1967, and I see The Stockport Advertiser, another local paper, has all of one year, 1842,  on the BNA!

Thanks for any help

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Hartington Manor Court Rolls Latin translation
« on: Thursday 09 September 21 12:38 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful for a translation of this piece from the Hartington Manor Court rolls at Chatsworth House concerning Thomas Bramwell.

Thank you

The Common Room / Archives at Library of Birmingham
« on: Tuesday 07 September 21 23:11 BST (UK)  »
Is there any kind Rootschatter who may be going to the Archives at Birmingham Library?
I'm given to understand this is the library in Centenary Square, Broad Street in Birmingham.

They hold a lot of archives for the Adderley family of Hams Hall Warwickshire, who also held lands in Staffordshire.

There is one document there I would like to see.
I have contacted them, but they do not provide any sort of copying service. As I am on the other side of the world from England, it makes it very difficult to access documents held in depositories there if they will not copy or photograph things.

I would be happy to pay the daily photography fee if anybody is going that way.

The reference for the document is
8 May 1614.
Deed. William Bowyer;Rauffe Sneyde;Walter Rowley. Land in Norton in the Moors.

Thank you very much

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Photography studio name
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 06:13 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody see the name of this photography studio in Cleveleys please?
Starts with an 'R'?
Taken about 1922.
Sorry, I don't have the original to get a clearer photo.

London and Middlesex / Who was Charlotte Couchman?
« on: Sunday 18 July 21 00:47 BST (UK)  »
On the 1861 Census of Charlotte Street Islington, Charlotte Couchman lived in the household of Joseph Couchman. She is given as 12 years old, and is the niece of Joseph.
Also living in the household, besides Joseph’s wife, mother in law, and 7 of his own children, are Emma and Mary A(nn) Couchman, also nieces of Joseph. Mary Ann is 9. and Emma is 14 (I think. Her age is transcribed as 19, but it doesn’t look like a 9 to me, besides which she is not given as having an occupation, which at 19 she surely must have had).

Joseph’s brother was Henry Couchman. He and his wife both died in 1855, so this would make sense that the young children are with their uncle Joseph. Henry's wife was Elizabeth Carver.
Henry and Elizabeth had 7 children from 1835 onwards. Carver is given as mmn on the GRO. Emma and Mary Ann were the youngest two. Mary Ann Charlotte (transcribed as Coachman on GRO), born August 1851, and Emma Sept 1848.
I can find no trace of Charlotte Coachman on the GRO or other sites. At 12 years old she should have been born about 1849, but they’re a bit hazy with ages.
In 1851, Henry and Elizabeth only have Frederick aged 14, Henry aged 8, and Emma aged 2 at home.
I have found the death registrations for the remaining children between 1842 and 1848.
Can’t find  a marriage or death for Charlotte though.
There is a possibiity of another brother to Henry and Joseph - a Thomas Couchman was born 1811. Different church and different occupation to the father of Henry and Joseph though, so not convinced it’s the same family. And I can’t find him after that anyway, so I think he must have died.
Any ideas?
Many thanks

London and Middlesex / Help finding birth of James Stutchbury 1810
« on: Tuesday 22 June 21 23:22 BST (UK)  »
In the 1841 Census of Seething Lane, All Hallows, Barking by the Tower. London,
a swathe of Stutchburys live.

In one household:
Jas is 65, a ‘lighterman’.
Ann is 60
Ann 25
Frederick 20 Lighterman
Thomas 21 Lighterman
Ann Rumsell 15 Ind
Ann Rawlinson 80 Ind (this is wife Ann’s mother)
Eliza Wolfe FS

Previous household on Seething Lane
Jas Stutchbury 31 Lighterman
Eliza 32
Jas 1

Previous household on Seething Lane
G T Stutchbury 32 Lighterman (this is George Thomas)
Maria 24
George 5
Thomas 4
William 2
Anne 6 months

One would think Frederick, Thomas, Ann, GT and James were all  the children of James senior.

James and Ann Rawlinson had some dozen children between 1795 and 1821.
I have found most of their baptisms, but cannot find this James aged 31, nor Frederick aged 20.
This James (junior) was married 1834 to Eliza Harrison, (no info ages etc), and his son James was born 1840 per the census.They then had a daughter Eliza born 1842.
In 1851, James’s wife and two small children, live with her father Charles Harrison on the Royal Mint. She still says she is married. (can’t find James the father).
By the 1861 Census she says she is a widow and lives still with her two children in Islington. No occupation given for her.
There was a James born in 1795 to James and Ann, but this is way out for somebody to say they were 31 in 1841 (1810 birth). Given his wife is a year older than anyway, I don’t think he’d be dropping 15 years off his age.
Perhaps the first James 1795 died, but there are few burials to be found on the search sites.

James senior died 1851 - will at PCC . Doesn’t mention James’s children, but then only mentions a handful of his 12 children anyway,
Another James Stutchbury died 1850, will at PCC, but his wife was Mary.and no mention of any children,

Although it’s an unusual name, the opportunities for different spellings and transcriptions are many! Often is it ‘Stuchbury’, and I’ve see Hutchbury, Stuchburg, Slutchbury, Stuchberry, Stickbury etc etc.

Can anybody find this birth of James around 1810, or that of Frederick, and possibly find James in the 1851 Census?

Many thanks

This genealogy is from the Visitations of Cornwall published 1887.
I’ve been trying to make sense of it.

About across the middle, there is a marriage of a Peter Pender, Mayor of Falmouth  to  Mary, daughter of Daniel Speed of Shepton Mallet.
Also on that line is Oliver Pender, who married twice.

It looks as if Peter and Oliver are brothers, children of another Oliver, who also married twice and had children from both marriages. That is how I first read it.
BUT, I can find no evidence to say that Oliver and Peter were brothers, or even related.

  As it says, Peter Pender was mayor of Falmouth (twice), and of Penryn, just down the road, (twice). His son Benjaimin was also mayor of Falmouth, as was another Benjamin Pender prior to Peter, (for several years in the late 1600s). And there is a baptism for a Peter Pender to father Benjamin Pender 1679 in Falmouth. No matching baptism for an Oliver.
This Benjamin’s wife was an Ann Hallomte, and her father was Peter Hallamote.

The Oliver Pender family lived at St Buryan near Penzance, about 35 miles away from Falmouth. There is a baptism for him in 1673 at St Buryan, father Oliver, mother Susan, but no matching baptism for a Peter.

So I looked at this genealogy again.
Two generations further down, Benjamin Pender, Peter’s grandson, married Grace Pender, Oliver’s grand daughter in 1770. I’m not sure whether this would have been an allowable marriage, but I would have thought grand children of brothers was ok.
It does look though, that the descendents of this Benjamin, indeed given on here as ‘of Budock Vean’ (which is now a VERY nice hotel in Cornwall!), were showing their descent from two different Pender families. That of Grace going back many generations in St Buyan.
I’ve come to the conclusion Peter was not his brother, and I can’t find any relationship between these two Pender families prior to the marriage of Benjamin and Grace, although they were both merchants and undoubtedly knew each other.
Peter’s name appears as the same generational line as Oliver, but there is actually no line that joins him to the previous generation of Oliver and Susan.
He just appears out of nowhere!
Written in 1887, it is of course showing events that happened about 200 years previoulsy, so I’ve found all these so-called genealogies need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Any second opinions would be gratefully received!

The Common Room / Help to find a case in Chancery on TNA Discovery
« on: Sunday 16 May 21 11:48 BST (UK)  »
In the Visitations of Cornwall published 1887, there is a genealogy for the Pender family of Budock Vean, Cornwall.
There are several references on it to proceedings in the Court of Chancery, most of which I have found on TNA Discovery.
However there is one I cannot find.
This is the reference given for it on the genealogy:
1714-58, vol xxxix pt 95 No 1783.
Peter Pender of Penryn, Merchant, and others v Oliver Pender of Newlyn, Merchant and others. The parties were Partners Merchants, suit to compel settlement of accounts”

There are several records for Peter Pender verses other people on TNA, but I can’t see this one.
It may be headed under the name of one of the’ others’ I suppose, but there is no date given for the suit in the information on the genealogy to try and narrow it down.

Does anybody know how to relate the information given above into what date between 1714 and 1758 it might have been, and have any other ideas on how I can find it?

I have looked on WAALT, but can’t see any reference to it on there.

Many thanks

I'd be grateful if someone could help out with a couple of words here.
Thomas is leaving a large amount of plate and glassware to, probably, his mistress.
At the end of lines 2 & 3-
...............................................also my two ??
decanters and one dozen of my best wine glasses six of my best ??
or tumblers one dozen jelley? glasses ...................

Many thanks

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