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Durham / Married in the church before it was built?
« on: Saturday 23 June 12 14:32 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help solve this puzzle please. 

I have a marriage from Northumberland and Durham Family History Society (reproduced on FindMyPast) between John Burn and Elizabeth Bainbridge for the 26 Feb 1815 at Sunderland Holy Trinity but according to an article from Sunderland Antiquarians there are 2 Holy Trinities, one in Usworth (on idea where this is) and one in Southwick which was built in 1842.  The article says 'formed into an ecclesiastical parish out of Monkwearmouth.  The census records for Elizabeth and her children (I think John must be dead by '41) are all for Monkwearmouth Shore.  So how could they have married before the church was built?

The Burn children were christened at Robinson Lane and St Georges which according to the same article would mean that they were Presbyterians.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A date please
« on: Thursday 07 June 12 20:45 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with this.  I don't know who she is but a date might help me to make a better guess.  The reverse of the image is a postcard which has been cropped and some of the lettering is missing.  In a rainbow shape above the words Post Card it says E Hancock & ------land (I presume Sunderland) & South Shields. Thanks Jen

Technical Help / scanning slides to computer
« on: Sunday 06 May 12 17:23 BST (UK)  »

I have a large number of slides which I would like to be able to convert to digital images on my computer.  They were taken by my father and are a record of the family and extended family over a number of years. I believe there is equipment which can do this and before I buy anything I would welcome advice from experts.  I am not particularly good at complex technology but I really do want to find a way to preserve these records.


Family History Beginners Board / Brickwall
« on: Wednesday 18 January 12 20:37 GMT (UK)  »
I have been doing family history for about 2 years and I have a brick wall.  Can you help me find the parents of John Dugdale or maybe point me in the right direction to look for any other information about him?  John died in 1831 The only records I have been able to find are his marriage to Ester Newby in 1821 at St Peter`s Monkwearmouth (found on GENUK1 – Monkwearmouth marriages 1813 – 1826 and also from Northumberland & Durham Family History Society reproduced on Find My Past). I have a baptism record for his son William at St Michael`s Bishopwearmouth (the baptism record describes John as a labourer) and the record of his name on William`s marriage certificate. On Williams marriage certificate John is recorded as deceased - his occupation is Roper.  I also found the record of his burial, (Bishopwearmouth Church: St. Michael and all Angels Denomination: Anglican 18 Nov 1831 John Dugdale, of Deptford, age: 34).  I have tried to find a baptism record, but no luck.  Does anyone have any ideas as to where I could look?

Durham / Completed Bishopwearmouth Burial
« on: Sunday 05 June 11 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me locate a grave please.  I have the following information from Durham Records on line; Burial Record Burials, Sunderland District - Record Number: 473340.2 Location: Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.  I also have  a map of Bishopwearmouth cemetery which I found at; The problem is that the numbering on the map does not match the record number and as I am quite far from the North East I can't go and look at the cemetery itself.  Am I misunderstanding the numbering system? Is there a vital bit of information I don't have?  I am hoping to go to Sunderland in August but I won't have much time and I am trying to get as much research done as I can before the visit.  That way I hope I can maximise what I see etc.
Hoping someone can help.

Durham / Tearing my hair out
« on: Thursday 10 February 11 20:27 GMT (UK)  »
Tearing my hair out
I would really appreciate any help with this problem as I really think I am about to tear my hair out!  So here goes, Sarah Davison, sometimes described as Sarah Alice, married Robert Alfred Mullaney in 1885 at the church of St Albans, Heworth, Durham (I have the marriage cert and family photos and evidence to prove this). On the marriage cert. she declares her age as 18 and her father as Andrew Davison a quarryman.  I can find Sarah (who always on subsequent census records declares her birth place as Windy Nook) age 2 on the 1871 census as the daughter of Andrew and Frances E Davison. This seems to fit, but would make her 16 at the time of her marriage not 18.  On the 1881 census she is age 12 and living with her mother and step father, in Windy Nook.  The step father is John Pigget but on subsequent census records he and Francis are Bygate so I think the census enumerator made a mistake there.  I am trying to find Frances E’s maiden name and I thought that if I found Sarah’s birth certificate I could identify Francis’s surname. So here is the problem I have searched Ancestry, Find My Past (including Northumberland and Durham Family History Society records), FreeBMD and Durham Records on Line and I get nowhere! The only record I can find is a marriage between a (MY?) Andrew Davison and a Francis Davison on the 10th of July 1865 which was in the Parish Register for Heworth (from IGI parish register transcriptions 1843 - 1879). But no record of Sarah Alice before she was 2.
So how can I find Sarah Alice’s birth certificate? Did Andrew marry someone of the same name? I really need to be able to get a record of Sarah Alice’s birth to move forward with this – please can anyone help?

Family History Beginners Board / Very confused - need help from a clear mind
« on: Monday 06 December 10 21:06 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me understand this please.  I have an Edward Gorringe, born about 1820 Beckley, Rye.  Edward is g g grandfather to my husband, who's family I am searching for. Edward married Mary Ann Millgate on the 8th May 1841 at the Parish Church in Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent.  They had 7 children and I think, but have yet to proved that Mary Ann died during or after giving birth to their eighth child some time during or before 1851 - last live child 1850. The Mid- Kent Marriage Index gives me two marriages for an Edward Gorringe the first, to Mary Ann, I have the certificate for, the second is more difficult.  Mid-Kent lists a marriage for an Edward Gorringe to Hannah Collins in Lydd on the 26th August 1855. Which would, I think, be after Mary Ann's death, however I can't find any other record of this, or for that matter the other Edward marriage on Free BMD.  I can find the first marriage on Ancestry so...... can any one help?  Did my Edward marry again?  Was there another Edward Gorringe in Lydd at this time?  Some of Edwards children from the first marriage are on the 1861c but I can't find Edward anywhere.  Two of the children are in the Workhouse of the Rye Union.  There is a record for the death of an Edward Gorringe (Free BMD) in 1862 but no census record for him in 1861 that I can find.   I would be really grateful for any help solving this. 


Armed Forces / Can't find the regiment
« on: Monday 15 November 10 17:34 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone help me find out which regiment William Patrick belonged to? A few months ago I was at a Family History conference, I was advised by someone on an Irish History stall that tracking my elusive Irish relative would be easy if I got hold of his army record, the trouble is that I can't work out which regiment he was in.  On the 13th of December 1863 Patrick Mullaney married Elizabeth Jane Bluett at the registry office in Stoke Damerel Plymouth Devon. Rank or Profession ; Private in the 2nd Queens Royal Regiment, residence at time of marriage: Raglan Barracks Devonport (Father’s Name and Surname; John Mullaney Father’s Rank or Profession; Harness maker (master) Dublin Ireland).  The only regiment I can find on the net which half fits this description and time period is the Queens Royal West Surrey / 2nd foot.  Now my geography is not brilliant but Surrey is not Devon!  Also, Raglan Barracks no longer exists. Any help or ideas on where I might go next would be very much appreciated.

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Wigan and Upholland Churches
« on: Wednesday 20 October 10 15:58 BST (UK)  »
I have some pictures of Wigan Parish Church and St Thomas the Martyr Upholland and am happy to look up Parish records in Wigan if anyone is interested.


Moderator Comment: thank you for the generous offer  -  if anyone would like a lookup, please post request on the Lancashire Lookup Requests Board and send a PM to the poster

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