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Surrey / Hill families of Pyrford
« on: Monday 19 December 22 13:08 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to sort out two families

John Hill born 1829 Pyrford married Mary Harding 1849
Emily 1851 for whom I can't find a birth reg
Ellen 1855
John 1858
Sophy/Sophie/Sophia 1861
Eliza 1865

Can't find them in 1881  any help appreciated in finding them

William Hill married Eliza Harding 1855 Pyrford

The only trace I can find is Eliza in 1881 when she is a widow with children, born 1826 Woking
John age 29  born 1852 Woking so possibly William's or Eliza's son by a previous marriage
George Hill age   21 born Pyrford
Henry Hill age   17 born Pyrford born 1863 mmn Harding per GRO
Lydia Hill   age 14 born Pyrford
Frederick Hill   age 11 born Pyrford

This leaves me with the following possible children of John and Mary or William and Eliza mmn Harding who I am trying to sort out, I am also trying to find out more about William

GRO Reference: 1857  D Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 25
GRO Reference: 1867  S Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 32
GRO Reference: 1867  S Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 36
GRO Reference: 1865  J Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 33
HILL, MARY       
GRO Reference: 1864  S Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 29
HILL, ANN       
GRO Reference: 1860  M Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 31
HILL, ELIZA       
GRO Reference: 1861  J Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 30
GRO Reference: 1862  J Quarter in CHERTSEY  Volume 02A  Page 28

Any help appreciated.

Surrey / Martin familly of Horsell, Surrey
« on: Sunday 18 December 22 11:05 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the parents of William Martin, who according to various census, was born 1809 Horsell Surrey.  I believe he married Mary Bishop.

Any help would be appreciated as I think he may be the missing link in knocking down a few longstanding brick walls.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I am looking for the parents of Ann Brickston who married James Skilling in 1785 in Windlesham.

DNA matches indicate links to several people who appear to link back to Sarah Brickstone daughter of John and Ann bp 1776 Dogmersfield.

Can anyone give me any further details of the Brickston family of Dogmersfield.  Any help very gratefully received; I have been looking for Ann's parents for many years.

The Lighter Side / Find my Past
« on: Thursday 27 October 22 10:54 BST (UK)  »
Anyone else having trouble logging in to FindMyPast?  It tells me the details are incorrect, I'm sure they aren't but when I ask it to send me an email to reset the password that doesn't arrive either.

Canada / Thomas Holloway born 1876 London, England emigrated to Toronto
« on: Friday 23 September 22 15:24 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for descendants of Thomas Holloway and Alice Florence Stacey.  I have found the family in 1921 in Etobicoke, York West, Ontario - children Ivy Miriam, Alice Mary, Robert Thomas, Henry Arthur Benjamin, Lillian R, and Violet Anne.

I have some further information for Ivy Miriam (married name Moffat), Violet Anne (married name Hewins) and Robert Thomas who married Winifred Marjorie Key.

However, I have nothing for the other siblings.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Somerset Lookup Requests / George Head baptised c 1744 Bath and Betty Bayley
« on: Saturday 20 August 22 18:37 BST (UK)  »
I have a marriage of George Head batchelor and Betty Boyles/Bayley 14 Feb 1763 Bathampton.  Bride minor.  Witnesses Charles FARR. Daniel GANE. With consent of father.

I believe George Head was buried 21 Feb 1808 at Bathampton age 64 Residence Bathwick Near Bath and Betty in 1805 age 62, although I am not sure this ties in with her being a minor in 1763.

I have been unable to find a baptism for George, in fact I can find no baptisms for any member of the Head family about this time in Bath, and whilst I can find a number of possibilities for Betty none of them are in Bath.

Any help would be gratefully received.

The Common Room / Ancestry messages and notifications
« on: Tuesday 24 May 22 14:19 BST (UK)  »
I have just received the following from Ancestry, which may be of interest.

'Thank you for reaching out to us. We're sorry for any disappointment this matter has caused you. Please be advised that with the new and updated message center, if you're logged in to your Ancestry account when a new message is received, no email notification will be sent out. Rather, if you have not logged in to your account within 30 minutes of a new message being received, a notification email would be sent at that point. If you use Ancestry daily, or perhaps do not sign out too often, then this could explain the lack of notification emails. We hope this helps explain why you did not receive an email notifying you of the message.'

I am trying to find these two brothers, sons of Henry Moss Skilling and Jane Gover after the deaths of their father and mother in 1875/6. 

I think I have found Samuel, boarding with his Aunt Mary Anstead in Walton in 1881 but after that he vanishes. 

In 1885 their brother Walter Moss Skilling is killed in Egypt and William is named as his next of kin, William is stated as being in the Royal West Surrey Regmt, but I cannot find him in 1881 or after 1885.

Two sisters Charlotte Ann and Ada Lydia went to Canada in about 1882.  (Both were married at different times to James William Goring).  It is therefore possible that Samuel and William also went to Canada but I have been unable to find any record for them.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Berkshire / Hannah Lee born c 1787 East Garston - on of my long time brick walls!
« on: Monday 14 February 22 15:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hannah Lee married George Tucker in Iffley, Oxon in 1821 and went on to have 3 daughters with him, Eliza 1821-1821, Esther and my ancestor Eliza 1825.

I believe her husband George was a widower and considerably older than her, having previously been married to Sarah Day and had 3 children with her.

I have found Hannah in the census 1841-1871 and she appears to have been born c1787 in either Newbury of East Garston but I have been unable to find her baptism, of course it is possible that she was a widow when she married George and therefore I am looking for the wrong name.

Any help with this long standing brick wall would be much appreciated.

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