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Derbyshire / Herbert Johnson b.abt.1852
« on: Monday 07 October 19 14:45 BST (UK)  »
Herbert says he was born in Sheepsbridge Derbyshire.  He married Sarah Austin 21 Dec 1868 St.John Newbold & Dunster Derbyshire. Does anyone know his whereabouts in 1861 or who his parents were?
I have information that his father was George b.abt.1809 North Wingfield but I can't prove this.

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Boston Baptist?
« on: Tuesday 20 February 18 20:36 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for the children of Baptist?James Scott in Boston - Elizabeth about 1814, William about 1819 and Mary about 1832, there may be more children.  Thomas wife maybe Mary from a marriage in 1810 at the parish church in Boston.

United States of America / US arrival - Knight/Duggan 1905
« on: Saturday 04 February 17 08:56 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for the arrival of Emily Sylvia Knight b.1875 Herefordshire.  On the 1920 census she claims to be born 1877 and her arrival in the US was 1905.  I know who she married in the US and where she lived and died, but I cannot find her passage.  At the time of her passage she was Mrs Emily Sylvia Duggan, (married to Samuel Joseph Duggan) but she used her maiden name in the US.  I cannot find her with either name, can anyone help?

Worcestershire / Charles Wilson b.Overbury 1845
« on: Monday 03 October 16 14:26 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me what happened to Charles, the son of Stephen and Ann, after the 1861 census - eg 1871 census.  Thank you.

Radnorshire / Charles Wilson Rhayader 1881
« on: Friday 30 September 16 14:31 BST (UK)  »

Charles Wilson, of full age and a bricklayer, married Mary Pritchard in Rhayader, 11 November 1876.  His father was Stephen Wilson a mason.

1881 - No Charles - but, Mary Wilson, wife, 29, and children (of Charles and Mary) David C 2 and John P 5 months.
1891 - Mary Wilson, Wid. 39 and children Charles 12, and John P 10.

On the marriage cert. of son David Charles, his father is named as David Charles Wilson, bricklayer, deceased.

I cannot find ANY record of Charles Wilson or David Charles Wilson or any combination of these names.  I cannot find a death, or a father, Stephen, who is a mason with a son David and/or Charles in ANY census, whether it be Wales, England, Scotland or Ireland.  In fact if it wasn't for the marriage certificate I would think that he didn't exist.  According to the 'full age' on the marriage certificate he must have been born before 1856 but WHERE and where is he!!!

Canada Lookup Request / Naphtali Edward Jack
« on: Wednesday 15 April 15 16:26 BST (UK)  »
Naphtali Edward Jack b. 2 Nov 1904 Liverpool England  married Hilda Freeman 1933 West Derby England and their son David A Jack was born 1933 Liverpool.  There does not appear to be any trace of them in England but I have found -

Edward Jack, 47, British Army, and David, his son, 18, Medical student, arrived in Southampton on the Cunard Ship Georgic 29 Aug 1952 from New York - address 37 Rocky Lane Liverpool 16.

Also -Hilda Jack  b.10 Feb 1908 of 33 Greenleigh Road Liverpool 18, housewife, departed from Liverpool on the Franconia for Quebec 29 Apr 1955.

I am clutching at straws, would anyone know if this family lived in Canada?

Ireland / Naphtali Jack b.abt.1851
« on: Tuesday 14 April 15 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Naphtali Jack, born abt.1851, married Sarah Jones 1878 Liverpool - father John.   Can anyone help me trace his birth?  Or anything about the family in Ireland.

Thank you.

Devon / William Layman b.1813
« on: Saturday 14 February 15 09:34 GMT (UK)  »
William Layman b.1813 - at sea - Devon.  According to various census.  Any ideas?  Was there a hospital ship moored off shore at this time?

Radnorshire / Presteigne death 1960/70 ish
« on: Wednesday 12 November 14 09:21 GMT (UK)  »
Larry (Lawrence, Laurence) Davies (Davis) lived and died in Presteigne.  To find his approx. date of birth I am trying to find his death. After days of trawling the various site I have come up with nothing and lets face it, he has got to be there somewhere. This was, according to the family between 1960 and 1970 ish.  I have just sent for one of his children's birth cert. (from 1917)  but this won't tell me how old he was.  The death could have been registered in Kington Herefordshire or Ludlow Shropshire but he definitely died in Presteigne.

Thank you for looking.

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