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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Inquest verdict
« on: Friday 31 May 19 00:32 BST (UK)  »
Please can you help in deciphering this verdict of an inquest.

We can make out
 Injuries accidentally ?  ?  ?  falling from a scaffolding at a building on church? of erection?


Is it possible to enhance this newspaper image of my Great Uncle Albert who died in WW1?   It is the only photo that we have of him.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


adding : Albert HERRINGTON from Australia

Technical Help / Help uploading a folder of photos to google+ album
« on: Friday 02 September 16 09:56 BST (UK)  »
I go to the NSW records office to photograph probates and divorces for rootschatters.  After each visit I  have about 18 folders each with  about 30-40 photos  (one folder for each probate/divorce/intestate etc).

On my old (now deceased  :( ) windows8 laptop, I used picasa to upload each folder into a google photo album and could then share and send a link to the person requesting the record.

My new laptop has windows10 and apparently picasa has now been discontinued and I should use google+ instead.  When I log into google+ I can see all my previous albums and I'm greeted with "what's new with you" and a camera icon.  If I click on the camera icon it gives me a selection of a few photos (pages from various probates or divorces etc) which I can upload.   BUT I need to keep the photos within their "folder" structure.

I hope this makes sense ....  help please !


Australia / Broken Links in Australian Resources and Offers
« on: Friday 26 February 16 10:39 GMT (UK)  »
Although Kris did a brilliant job in displaying the links to Australian resources and offers in various states, so many are now out-of-date and broken.  It is really embarrassing! :-[  And must be so frustrating for new researchers in Oz!

I notice that jkgla and Mary from Italy tried to alert us to this a while ago and suggest corrected links.

Also when others wanted to add new Offers or Links (as Kris was unavailable) they were added higgledy-piggledy to the end of main list (rather than within a state). 

I think it is time for a review, update  and revamp.  Perhaps a couple of us could take responsibility for a state and download and fix the links for that state (as well as grabbing the later higgledy-piggledy Offers and Links for that state) and then present Sarah with some new pages (with current links).

I'm happy to help with NSW and W.A. or wherever it's needed.   :)


I try to get to NSW State Records Office about once a month to photograph records for rootschatters.

Just PM me any requests.


Australia / Richardson WILD died Vic 1875 COMPLETED
« on: Tuesday 01 October 13 11:19 BST (UK)  »
 Hi everyone,

I can see on ancestry the death of a Richardson WILD who died in Victoria in 1875  aged 80 with parents Joshua and Elizabeth reg 11700.  Can anyone see more about this death please?

My friend in UK has a Richardson WILD who married an Eliza TODMAN in London in 1821 and has several children up to 1837.  He is noted as a master mariner on some of the baptisms.  In 1851 census Eliza and 2 children are living by themselves.

I'm trying to help him determine if this is same man.  So far I have found:
   Possible baptism in Lincolnshire 1796 for man who died in Vic  with parents Joshua and Elizabeth
   Possible merchant sea records for the same man (?)
   Some ads in trove that a Captain Richardson WILD in Sydney was ready to sail to Mauritius if he could get enough freight in 1839 (a few like this)  on his fast sailing brigantine "Samuel Baker".
   Nothing after that until the death in victoria .... :(

Any help much appreciated  :)



Australia / Jessie HENDERSON and Thomas William WHITE family (victoria)
« on: Friday 30 August 13 11:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
  Just reviewing some bare branches in my tree.  Grateful for any help.  A perplexing bunch as can't find any obvious certs to download which would help.  I think it is needs new eyes  :)  [and wits  ;D]

Jessie HENDERSON (1866-1898) married Thomas William WHITE ( 1862 - ?) in 1889 Victoria (have marriage cert) Her parents James Scott Henderson and Jessie SMITH and his parents Thomas WHITE and Catherine HILLSDEN]

  Children :

     William James WHITE b 1862 Sale, Vic  died  1952 (death notice  Did he marry Edith in Qld in 1925 - a small possibility?

     Tamina Smith WHITE b 1891 Vic , died 1968 (buried Springvale Cemetery 12 sep 1968)
 I don't think she married as appeared on electoral rolls as Tamina Smith WHITE and was buried as such (but there is an intruiging death of Tamena Anne JACKSON in 1965 with parents Tamina Jessie White and Will Herbert but probably a red herring)

    Jessie Hilsdon WHITE b 1896 Vic, died ?)  Married William James KEENAN in 1917 Vic.  She appears on electoral rolls by herself as Jessie Hilsdon KEENAN from 1936-1963 in Albert Park.  Can't find death of either.




Australia / children of John THOMAS and Annie Cecelia GREGAN, Victoria
« on: Thursday 15 August 13 06:06 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to sort out the children of John THOMAS and Annie Cecilia GREGAN married in 1884.  And I'm getting very confused  :(

   Sorted children (I think :) )
      Helena May Thomas 1885 -1965
      Florence Gertrude Thomas 1888 - 1981
      John Stuart Thomas 1889 - 1941
      Rupert William Thomas 1890-1890
      Ivy Frances Theresa Thomas 1892-1969
      Francis William Thomas 1900-1900
      Monica Agnes Thomas 1901-1951

  Confusion   :)
      I can see a death for an Ernest James THOMAS in 1956 aged 76 with these parents so born about 1880 before marriage so possibly as a Gregan ?  An online tree says he was born 29 Aug 1886 ??
      I can see a birth for Francis Basil Joseph THOMAS  in 1905 with these parents but cannot find a death.
      I can see a death for Basil Damian THOMAS in 1948 aged 41 with these parents but cannot find a birth.  From his death notice he was a Brother at St Augustine's Orphanage.
     Is Francis Basil Joseph THOMAS == Basil Damian THOMAS - perhaps becoming a Brother he changed his names?

     Any help appreciated  (no I don't have any certs yet - trying to be frugal  :))


Australia / COMPLETED thanks NSW Birth after 1912
« on: Tuesday 11 June 13 10:46 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for the birth of Mabel PICKETT with parents Henry David PICKETT and Mabel Minnie PICKETT (nee Clucas).

She is said to be deceased in her mother's death notice (1981).

There are a few possibilities for a marriage, divorce but nothing definitive so hoping for a middle name or initial.

The other 2 children were Alfred Clyde Pickett (abt 1914 - 1983) and Iris Annie Pickett (1916-1918).  I would like the births for these as well if possible.


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