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School Reunion taking place in next couple of weeks.  Cannot trace one particular student - one reliable classmate suggests that the individual has passed away, possibly in late 1980's to mid 1990's, in West of Ireland, but not really sure.  Anyone able to do a search of newspapers for West of Ireland (its probably the best starting point) and focus on death notices in national papers and obituaries (if required) in regional papers.

The surname in question isnt very common, so it shouldn't take too long.

Please pm me if you can help.

Thanks very much.


Reunion of 1981 class in Ireland: Need help from someone in Reading, Berkshire

I'm a classmate of a gentleman whose widowed mother lives in Reading, Berkshire.  We're having a 40th anniversary reunion of our class group that finished secondary school in a west of Ireland boarding school in 1981.  The reunion is scheduled for Sept 25th.  Until this week, we had no idea what happened to our classmate Ė his parents were English, so we thought for a while that they and he had moved back to England.   

We learned on Friday that his mother (a widow) now lives on Shinfield Road, Reading, Berkshire (I have the full address).   Unfortunately, we don't have a phone number for the lady. We're running out of time, so we want to reach her asap - if anyone can help we'd be thrilled. The reunion will bring at least two thirds of the class together for the first time in 40 years, so we donít want to leave any stone unturned in trying to trace our classmate.   

Is there anyone on the forum based in Reading, Berkshire or who has close connections.  Are you likely to be passing that neighbourhood in the next few days and have time to deliver a message to the lady.  Please pm me if you think you can help and I'll provide the full name and address.  Hopefully, she'll be able to provide us with contact details for her son.

Thanks very much.


Trying to track a classmate for a school reunion - leaving cert class 1981 - English born classmate whose family lived in Tuam area during 1976 to 1982 (and possibly a bit earlier/later).  My classmate (and perhaps the rest of the family) probably moved back to UK in the early/mid 1980s. 

If I was able to find the first names of one/both of the parents of my classmate, it might help me figure out  where the family lived in the UK, get birth records etc - perhaps someone on this site has a telephone directory for the west of Ireland covering any year in the 1976 to 1982 period (or a couple of years earlier/later) who might be able to look up the family name (an uncommon name in the West of Ireland).  From our school yearbook, I know the precise address the family lived at in Tuam.

Any help or suggestions of other avenues that might be explored greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Apologies if this post is inappropriate (I dont want to be banned from this site!) or in the wrong place on the site.  We've got a 40th anniversary of our Leaving Cert Class to celebrate in late September 2021 - West of Ireland boarding school that drew pupils from neighbouring counties and further afield.   

We've had a lot of success tracing the majority of the group, but a handful are eluding us.  One of the elusive students was born in the UK (England most likely) and his parents probably came to Ireland to work (dont think he had local family connections etc.) and its possible that the gentleman in question returned to the UK after leaving school - it's highly likely that he attended university as he was consistently in the top two or three students in his class. 

So far, I've tried google searches, LinkedIn, Facebook with no success - lots of people in our age bracket (56-58 years) wouldn't be active on social media. 

As indicated above, the UK (England) is the most likely place to search.  I've no idea if there are mechanisms to find a living person in the UK - electoral lists, professional directories, lists of graduates from universities etc that can be accessed online. 

We're starting to run out of time, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.


US Lookup Requests / Martin Tierney - St Louis, Missouri - arrived late 1800's
« on: Thursday 12 August 10 00:35 BST (UK)  »
My grand-uncle, Martin Tierney  settled in St Louis, Missouri, in the late 1800's (his brothers Thomas and Michael settled in Newport, Kentucky, and Cincinnatti, Ohio around the same time).  A sister, Mary and her husband John Joyce, also settled in Newport, Kentucky.  Before heading to the USA, all three brothers went to England - sometime between the early 1860s and late 1870's.  They were born in Co Galway, Ireland - townland Belmont (located in Addergoole parish as it was known then - the modern parish of Milltown).  I've been able to get a lot of information on Thomas, Michael, and Mary on and related site - census data, and marriage, death records etc

At this stage, the information I'm searching for relates to Martin in particular.  He married an english girl called Mary ?? and they went to the USA.  Again, my guess is that the marriage took place sometime in the 1860s to late 1870's period.... the information I have is that the marriage took place before they went to the USA - I'm assuming they got married in England (rather than Ireland).

Martin Tierney and his wife Mary had two children (Martin Joseph and James Thomas) but I have no idea if either of them were born in England or in the USA.

Martin Joseph was married twice (but I dont have the name of either wife), and it appears that they didn't have any children.  James Thomas married Edith Skirving and had 2 children - W Granville Tierney and Jessie Beatrice Tierney (who died aged 13).  Note that I was able to find details of the Thomas Tierney + Edith Skirving marriage on nothing else of note.

W Granville Tierney married Mildred Cobb - 2 Children - Thomas Cobb Tierney (who married Patrica Morphew - 3 children - Matthew, Andrew, and Paige Tierney).

The second son of W Granville Tierney and Mildred Cobb is James G Tierney (married Shirley Andrish - 3 children - Theodore, Michael, Mary).

The above information is contained in a family tree that was compiled in the early 1980's.

I'd love to find out the name of the lady Martin Tierney married, where she was from etc.  I'd imagine that the UK is the most likely source of this information.  But, if I had census, death, immigration and other records for Martin and Mary during their lives in the USA, then I'd have something concrete to work with if I ever get a chance to pursue her English origins.

Hope someone out there can help.

Kind regards,

England / Tierney (Galway) married english girl in England in late 1800's
« on: Monday 02 August 10 00:00 BST (UK)  »
My grand-uncle, Martin Tierney went to England in his early teens (his brothers Thomas and Michael did likewise - not sure if all 3 travelled together etc).† I can only guess that they went to England sometime between the early 1860s and late 1870's.† They came from Co Galway - Belmont (Addergoole parish as it was known then - the modern parish of Milltown)

The information I'm searching for relates to Martin in particular.† He married an english girl called Mary ?? and they went to the USA.† Again, my guess is that the marriage took place sometime in the 1860s to late 1870's period.†

His two brothers also went to the USA.  The information I have suggests that the 3 brothers stayed in England for at most 4 or 5 years.

Martin Tierney and his wife Mary had two children (Martin Joseph and James Thomas) but I have no idea if either of them were born in England or in the USA.

I have no other Tierney relations that spent any time in England so therefore I have no experience searching UK records that might reveal something fairly specific.†

Given that Ireland was part of the UK at that time, I realise that I wont be able to find when/how they arrived in England, but I'd love to know when Martin and Mary got married, and getting her surname alone would be super.† I'm based in Ireland, so anyone (especially in the UK) who might be able to offer me some advice re same would not be forgotten....perhaps I could return the favour.

Mayo / Ballinlough, Co Mayo - Tierney
« on: Sunday 01 August 10 22:35 BST (UK)  »
I have a family tree compiled in 1983 that has an entry for William Tierney who married Bridget Connelly. Children - Martin, Thomas, Delia, Patrick, Mary, John.

I reckon that William Tierney married Bridget Connelly between 1860 and 1900....if I had to confine it to a narrower period, I'd say between 1880 and 1895.  But I'm also suspicious that there might be an error in the tree and perhaps this marriage took place 40 or 50 years earlier.....this is just a hunch that I have, so even mentioning it here could mislead someone trying to help.

The entry mentions that they lived in Ballinlough, Co Mayo.  I see from the national archives for the 1901 and 1911 census records that there are two townlands called Ballinlough listed for Mayo one in the KILMEENA DED and a second in the KILCOLMAN DED.

Most of the Tierneys for this family are based on the Galway-Mayo border around Milltown, so I'm curious about Ballinlough.  I also notice that there is another townland in Co Galway called Ballinlough and this is located in the Ballynagar DED, whereever Ballynagar might be.

Any ideas re Ballinlough Tierneys would be very much appreciated,

Galway / Maps of Parishes / District Electoral Divisions for late 1800's
« on: Sunday 11 July 10 20:28 BST (UK)  »

Has anyone found any maps (online) that show counties Galway/Mayo broken down by either parish or District Electoral Division.....I vaguely recall finding one that showed (at least some of) the parishes of the Tuam Diocese but I cant recall where I came accross it.  Likewise maps giving an outline of DEDs would be very helpful..... as would maps indicating the location of Catholic churches and graveyards.

A general outline just showing the parish boundaries is what I found. 

Thanks very much,


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