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Armagh / help dont know where to look? missing grt uncle leahey ireland
« on: Friday 23 December 11 01:04 GMT (UK)  »
looking for grt uncle william henry leahey born in co cavan @ 1894  found him living at 4 killyfaddy , tassagh, armagh  in 1911 census.
 with father william leahey age 50 in armagh
mum : elizabeth age 45
sister's: mary jane (my g nan) age 19
christian age 15
ellen age 12
charlotte (nee leahey) age 22 / john cornett  age 28

but william henry leahey is 17 yrs and labelled as  partly dumb and idiotic ?
he just disappears after that  ...... where's he gone ?   do i look in lunatic hospitals/poor houses ? the family think he was put some where , i can't find a date of death or grave?
iv'e tried loads of search engines, and looked at obituary's  what shall i do next? :-\    please help  :D

The Common Room / mclean/leahey tree ?? help
« on: Friday 02 July 10 01:03 BST (UK)  »
I'm having a nightmare finding my maternal roots all I've got to go on are bits of information and my nans memory and shes 80 this year :o ;D,
looking for her dad William MCLEAN 1895 and mum Mary LEAHEY  1891 there my great grandparents the last know address was denmark st possilpark glasgow, and springburn has been mention before  they had 12 children my nan being one of them anna mclean born XXXX she is now the last living member out of her siblings,
who where named
Mary Mclean b 1910
Henry Mclean b 1912
 Tommy Mclean b 1914
Annie Mclean b 1916       these siblings died before my nan was born and one other but i dont know there names could be buried in lambhill cemetry glasgow?
Christina Mclean b XXXX
William Mclean b XXXX
Samuel Mclean b XXXX
Jean Mclean b XXXX
Barbara Mclean b XXXX
Anna Mclean b nan
Rita Mclean b XXXX
i know they moved to glasgow as mary LEAHEY dad was called william leahey b 1876? and mum was eliza FLANNAGAN and nan has mention killyfaddy rd tassah co armagh she remembers going to visit her grandparents she called him grandad leakey?
i know nothing of my grt grandads parents all i have on William mclean is that he had a sister called annie who married a Cambell and a brother named Samuel Mclean i'd imagine there were more siblings? nan mention something about him having a brother who was put in a ayslum!! for being what she recalls a Wildchild and that he shouldn't have been placed there could this be the reason my nan never met her fathers parent family feud ?? ???  :-\ it just looks abit strange to me  i hope this isn't too confusing and that someone know's what im talking about i'd be made up if anyone could help thanks xxx pammi

Moderator Comment:  Names of possibly living people removed.   Please do not give details of anybody born after 1920 unless you know they are deceased.

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