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The Common Room / What Makes You Feel Connected?
« on: Friday 01 October 21 13:36 BST (UK)  »
This question has been nagging at me for a while now, 'what makes us feel connected'? The answer will be different for all of us, is it a sense of finding out who you are by connecting with your ancestors? Is it about joining a wider community and sharing experiences and stories, what makes us strive for these connections, do we want to be part of something bigger?

Love to hear your thoughts.


The Common Room / The Census Enumerator
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 05:22 BST (UK)  »
Love him or hate him, you just can't live without him! Let's learn a little bit more about our friend the Census Enumerator.


London & Middlesex Resources / Old Palace School Bombing WW2
« on: Friday 30 July 21 10:06 BST (UK)  »
For those that followed my research into the Old Palace School Bombing you will know that I have been researching this incident a long time. Itís still today the largest ever loss of life for the Fire Brigade. 34 Firemen and Women lost their life here.

I have created a website to commemorate the lives of all 34 firefighters and over the coming months will be posting biographies on all the firefighters m.

The website is in its infancy but any support you can give will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

The Common Room / Are you a Genealogist or Family Historian?
« on: Saturday 17 July 21 13:29 BST (UK)  »
Are you a Genealogist or Family Historian or something completely different and does it really matter? Maybe yes if you are a professional researcher. Love to know your thoughts.

The Common Room / Every Voice Matters
« on: Sunday 04 July 21 08:18 BST (UK)  »
As family historians and family story tellers, itís our job to make sure that every voice matters, even the smallest of voices


London and Middlesex / Volunteer Project - Old Palace School Bombing
« on: Wednesday 16 June 21 21:19 BST (UK)  »
I have been investigating the Old palace School Bombing that took place in WW2 that saw 34 Firefighters lose their life. This is still today, the largest loss of life for the Fire Brigade at a single incident.

My aim is to try and trace the living descendants of all the firefighters.

If anybody would like to help with this project please send me a dm thanks.

Further info about the story can be found here:

The Common Room / Family Heirlooms
« on: Tuesday 25 May 21 07:31 BST (UK)  »
As the story teller and family history researcher in my family, over the years I have been gifted many precious family items, some with a story to tell and others I think people were clearing out their lofts and decided I was a worthy cause!

One item however stands out from all the rest and thatís Great Uncle Johnís Military ĎButton Stickí.

I wonder if anyone else has some precious items in their collections?

World War One / WW1 Casualty Clearing Stations
« on: Sunday 09 May 21 07:56 BST (UK)  »
A little bit of information on WW1 Casualty Clearing stations

The Common Room / Ancestry Subscription Discount
« on: Sunday 02 May 21 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi, my ancestry membership is up for renewal shortly has anybody renewed recently and are they still offering 50% discounts? Thanks

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