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The Common Room / UK CURRENT Electoral Roll
« on: Wednesday 19 February 20 20:52 GMT (UK)  »
Well, time for me to ask a question.     

If I wish to view my local ER, where can I view, and what are my legal rights to view,       
the (unabridged) electoral roll in my local area?     

My local library?


London and Middlesex / Giovanata & Wembley Stones Football Teams ( 1960 onwards )
« on: Saturday 21 December 19 21:05 GMT (UK)  »
My Dad "always" said that he was a founder father of "E17"[ Pop group . . . . .  as a joke ]

"West Am" as Alf Garnett famously commented.

As a school year-end July1959 "scholar" [ me + the other young footballers of Kenton/Wembley ] set up a football team named Wembley Stones.
[ Well we were all also avid supporters of WealdSTONE FC ]
Team colours? Claret and blue!

We also had a pal or 2 who set up / named their team "Giovanata" [ Juve? Blue&White ]

LIFETIME of "rivalry" followed :-D
The founding Capt of "Giovanata" moved ( 1990 ) to Devon followed by ( 35 years later ) the founding capt of "The Stones" [Me] .

Yup, we chat ( "do you remember when M. Tyler scored his only ever hat-trick past your defence?" Bearing in mind Stones beat Giovanats 13-2 previous week  )    .
Do you think that current teens will do that ( set up footballclubs ) , going forward?

Any Wembley Stones / Giovanata team football members still around?

Ray  ( & Lee )





The Common Room / Mind The Gap! [ Embankment Station - London ]
« on: Sunday 15 December 19 22:33 GMT (UK)  »

Love this little story . . . . .

Does anyone remember other "London Underground" messages ?
Does anyone know if "Tannoy" still exists?
[  This is not answering any specific query, just for interest ]
Merry Xmas !

Kerry / Patrick Jerome O'Connor ( ?1915? - ?1988? ) - ?Killarney?
« on: Thursday 30 August 18 11:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi ,

Patrick Jerome O’Connor

Family story has birth in Killarney, born 23/August/1914 (from death reg), ("probable" death reg 1987 Gateshead)     

Marriage (FIRST) to =name/suname unknown= =date unknown= =place unknown=, see below.     
Union produced 2* children. Carole(e) & Sean/Shaun, =dates unknown=, =surnames unknown=, places unknown.      ( * As verbally told by him, mid-1960's, to 1946-born son )     

Possible Killarney marriage entry 1938 Q4 Killarney 5 158
Names on page are Dora Looney, Catherine Cullity, Nellie Hartnett, Bridgett Burke.

Nothing obvious found on UK 1939     

Marriage (SECOND) Ref 1945 Mar St Albans 3a 2624     
17/March/1945 St Albans (SS Alban & Stephen Church, St Albans)     
Ruby Ellen CLARKE, 29, Spinster, Fitter at Aircraft Factory, Father Samuel Clarke (Farm Labourer).     
Patrick Jerome O’Connor, 30, Widower, General Labourer, Father John O’Connor (Chef).     
Both of 5 Lower Paxton Road, St Albans. (AL1 1PG)     
Witnesses William G Clarke (brother) and J Allen     

Ruby, born 22/May/1915 Suffolk, ( mother Ethel Gertrude Mayston ), (died QMar 1987 Suffolk)     
Note. Children (1946, 1947, 1950) from this marriage are still alive, so info not required     
Ruby & Patrick split around 1950.     

Patrick made contact mid-1960’s to discuss a possible divorce.     
Proof of Divorce not found yet.     

Marriage (THIRD) 1976 Dec Gateshead 2 111     
Edna Barnes, born 19/August/1920 Gateshead (died 1987 Gateshead)     
(Edna had originally been Patrick’s landlady)     
No known children.     

There are many Patrick J O'Connor entries, in UK and Eire,
either with no other identifying detail, or no source image to go with the detail.

Reason for posting?     
In case someone spots anything or future person researching same.     

Can anyone spot his birth and or parents?     


Family History Beginners Board / Ellen Tomlinson b1872 ( to be amended )
« on: Tuesday 09 January 18 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
This is for notes, posted away from main thread ( to keep other thread a little tidier )

 Ellen Tomlinson (17) 10 Church Street, No father listed,
married 5 Nov 1888 Warrington
William Hopwood Jones(19) 6 Platt Street, Father George Jones, shoemaker

Ellen Tomlinson 1872 QM Warrington 8c 195 ( mmn - not registered)
 would appear to be the daughter of 
Frances Tomlinson (who married Peter Leicester 1877 QD 8c 231)
but not dau of Peter Leicester
1881 they are staying 10 Church Street Warrington
RG11 3795 Warrington Dist21 F84 P17
Charles Rigby 43
Elizabeth Rigby 43
Thomas 21
George Ed 13
Frances Leicester 25 (Widow)
Ellen Tomlinson 9
Frances Leicester and Elizabeth Rigby are noted on census as sisters.
Marriage 1859 QM Warrington 8c 121 Charles Rigby / Elizabeth Tomlinson



South Africa / Telephone numbers within South Africa
« on: Friday 09 June 17 10:20 BST (UK)  »

I have been given a 'phone number of someone.

How do I call it from the UK  ?

073 436 xxxx



For those who may be interested . . . . .

"Watford's Quiet Heroes: Resisting The Great War"
(30 minutes)

Technical Help / Windows GODMODE
« on: Friday 30 May 14 10:04 BST (UK)  »

I have made reference to Windows GodMode in a post/pm or two.
GodMode provides a neater way of accessing a number of Windows options "in one place"

GodMode "is part of Windows (Vista, 7, 8.x)", is WYSIWYG, and is definitely not supported by me.

Here is (one way) of creating it . . . . .

Create a new / empty folder (Anywhere? My Documents?) and name it . . . . .

RightClick the folder and create a shortcut.

Drag the shoirtcut to your Desktop (if that is where you want to keep it)

[ On the Desktop, I would then rightclick+rename the shortcut
shortening the visible name to just "GodMode" ]

Suffice it to say, do not rename the folder.
Although I actually created mine as              [Ray].{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} 


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