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Angus (Forfarshire) / Headstone lookup Dundee Eastern Cemetery
« on: Thursday 09 April 20 11:25 BST (UK)  »

does anyone know if there are headstone inscription records for the Dundee Eastern Cemetery

I am trying to find the headstone of Christina Fernie MS Laidlaw died 4th December 1896

From Dundee City Council records Christina Laidlaw was buried in the Eastern Cemetery Section AA lair no 126

I have visited the cemetery but have been unable to find a headstone in the correct area, several have fallen over or seem to be missing completely, and of course perhaps she never had a headstone in the first place.

Is there a map showing position of actual Lair numbers, and / or any record of headstone inscriptions

this has been a long term brickwall for further background see the following post

thanks in advance for any help

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / can you decipher this place name
« on: Monday 17 October 16 16:05 BST (UK)  »
something like Chapeltown ???? Castle Douglas

New Zealand Completed Requests / Immigrants to New Zealand 1850s from Scotland
« on: Saturday 15 October 16 12:48 BST (UK)  »

I intend to have a holiday in New Zealand in 2018 and have some ancestors who emigrated to the country from Scotland in the 1850s. What would be the best resources to look for any descendants they may have had.

thanks in advance


does anyone have access to this book written by George Pattinson around 1973, and if so could they look up details for me.

Looking on Amazon the book seems to be out of print, but sounds very interesting



Caithness / Elspit Kennedy born about 1756 Stroma
« on: Sunday 10 March 13 09:36 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help find a record of the birth of Elspit / Elizabeth Kennedy probably born on Stroma in the parish of Canisbay about 1756

She marries David Rosie 06/07/1774 the entry reads "both of this parish" I have OPR

They have at least the following children

Isabella  26/06/1775  I have this OPR my line is descended from Isabella
Murdoch 17/03/1782  [surname given as Rosy]
Mary  24/06/1784
John 14/07/1786
Bessy 02/10/1787
Elizabeth 29/08/1791

I suspect there are possibly at least 1 or 2 others between Isabella and Murdoch

David Rosie her husband is the son of Murdoch Rosie and Margaret Jack and was baptised 08/03/1749 I have the OPR

and his father is possibly Murdoch Rosie born 05/07/1713 (recorded as Mordow Rosie) I have OPR

please also note there is almost certainly another couple called Murdoch Rosie and Margaret Jack who have children in Stroma in the 1770s, this couple cannot be Davids Father as they would be about 6 years of age when David was Born.

In the 1841 census an Elizabeth Rosie aged 80 is living alone on Stroma and is listed as a pauper

at the moment I do not when or where either Elizabeth or David died

Any information on the Kennedy or Rosies which seems relevant will be gratefully accepted



Orkney / James Rusland - Marion Williamson Shapinsay when did they die ?
« on: Saturday 16 February 13 01:15 GMT (UK)  »

perhaps someone can help track down the death records for James Rusland and Marion Williamson

James the son of Elspit Boag and William Rusland was born 07 Aug 1770 in Shapinsay

Marion is probably the daughter of James Williamson and Jean Allan born 09 Oct 1774 in Shapinsay

James and Marion marry on 24 Dec 1800 in Shapinsay

I know the couple has at least 3 children

Elizabeth Russell born 19 May 1802 Shapinsay
William Russell born 22 Jun 1804 Shapinsay
Margaret Russell born 26 Sep 1806 Shapinsay

But I cannot find any trace of either James or Marion dying, although it would seems possible she died after the birth of Margaret as she would only be 22 and there doesnt appear to be any more children

A James Rusland married a Barbara Thomson on 26 Mar 1820   in South Ronaldsay,Orkney,Scotland and has another 4 children but I dont think it is the same James Rusland

A more likely candidate is James Russell living at Shoreside Shapinsay in 1841 with a William Russell

they give years of birth of 1771 and 1811 respectivly both of which are in the right area

James is still there in 1851 but disappears before 1861

any help gratefully received


Scotland / Steamship Edinburgh lost near shetland October 1860
« on: Saturday 29 September 12 10:04 BST (UK)  »
I'm not sure if I should post this here or on the midlothian board.

I am trying to find details of the loss of the Steamship Edinburgh which was sailing from Leith to St Petersburgh in October 1860.

the basic details are as follows [from]

The Edinburgh, an iron hulled steamship, 66 L x 9 B metres, 778/529 tons or 529 NRT, built 1838 or 1858 (the available records are in dispute), registered in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

This vessel departed Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland on a voyage to Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Russia on October 3rd 1860 and was presumed to have been lost with all hands at an unknown location generally to the east of Shetland, before mid-December of the same year. The loss is generally accepted to have probably occured sometime during October.

A nameboard identified as belonging to the vessel was recovered on or near Whalsay on December 16th, and a lifebuoy, painted black and marked "EDINBURGH, of Leith" was recovered, also on or near Whalsay, the east side of the isle on this occasion, on December 24th. It is not made clear in the record whether these dates are the actual dates or recovery, or the dates on which the finds were officially reported.

The engineer Henry Ferrier would have been my wifes great great great uncle.

I have a couple newspaper clippings reporting the loss and an inventory will of Henry Ferrier which is dated 15 April 1862 [SC70/1/112 Edinburgh Sherriff Count Inventories] where his sister Helen Ferrier is declared executor as she is next of kin.

apparently a memorial fund was set up in Leith and St Petersburg for the dependents of the 28 crew members, but I can't find any details about it.

I can't find a death certificate for Henry on Scotlands People would one exist ?

Would there have been an inquest into the loss, if so where would I find this ?

Where would I find a crew list for the ship

Any help and information anyone can provide would be gratefully received


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Haltwhistle MI lookup please
« on: Saturday 07 April 12 00:52 BST (UK)  »

could someone please check for a MI in Haltwhistle Holy Cross

for the following couple John Errington died St Marys Carlisle but according to NBI was buried at Haltwhistle on 21st March 1843 aged 44 and his wife Elizabeth Errington [MS] Whitfield who died in Lowther street Carlisle and again according to NBI is buried at Haltwhistle on 2nd Feb 1849 aged 51.

I'd be keen to find out if there is a headstone for them and if there are any other details on it.

But to be honest I'd like to hear of any headstone for the Erringtons in Haltwhistle

Thanks in advance


Lanarkshire / Mitchell Library Family history and Genealogy Centre
« on: Monday 05 March 12 22:49 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if someone could explain the differences between the Mitchell Library Family history Centre, and the Genealogy Centre both seem to be on the 3rd floor of the Mitchell library, are they the same place ?

their websites give out different opening hours but I'm confused as they seem to be very similar from the descriptions that are provided

If I visit the family history centre which appears to be open on a saturday will I be able to view  microfilms of OPRs from across Scotland or is it only the Glasgow area, do I need to book a reader in advance, are there any charges, can I take a laptop etc

best wishes


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