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The Common Room / Michael Thornycroft Sassoon
« on: Wednesday 24 February 21 16:27 GMT (UK)  »
I am really on the hunt for any further information to fill in the gaps about the elder brother of Siegfried Sassoon, Michael Thornycroft Sassoon (14/10/1884-1/12/1969). I know he attended the New Beacon, then Malvern and Clare.
Now there is a fair amount out there, which I have seen on Ancestry and I have confirmed, but I am just curious where he was post-Clare and during the Great War, his occupation etc.
It seems he didn't join up with Hamo and Siegfried. He has children (1909, 1910 and 1920) but I don't know where he was based. Abroad? He does not show on electoral rolls for several years and so there's a bit of a gap between 1911 and 1939. He was a farmer and a pilot, but I'm curious for anything else between 1911 and 1939, including the 1911 census.
Hopefully some of you wonderful people have some alternative places to look him up.
Thanks in advance.

I've finally cracked into the Chilean side. I always knew my Grandmother was born in Mejillones, and her mother Annie Gray (nee Ballantyne) married John Reid Nicolson, the Harbour Master there, but it was only fairly recently where it was mentioned that there were some Chilean relatives. I have finally pieced it together and worked out that it was Annie Gray's brother, William Gray, who settled in Chile and died there.
This is what I have so far but I would love some more.

William Gray b. 19 Mar 1876 Hawick, Scotland. d. Santiago 13 Apr 1965
married Manuela Buzeta Caceres (I have also seen it written Buceta) 2 Feb 1899, Quillota, Valparaiso
children: Maria Elcira Gray Buceta 10 Nov 1899, Maria Teresa Gray b and d. 1903
and Juan Oscar Gray Buzeta (although transcribed Garay) b. 13 Mar 1901.

If anyone has anything more, I would love to track down my Chilean side.
William Gray was my GG Uncle.

The Common Room / The 1939 Register
« on: Sunday 26 April 20 11:42 BST (UK)  »
The 1939 register was, I thought, to be taken on National Registration day, 29th September 1939, and yet looking up boarders in a school, I have discovered that their 1939 register to be dated 16th September 1939. It seems they weren't too rigid about the date, or was it different for schools? Anyone know the reason why this was earlier?

The Common Room / Timothy Turner
« on: Sunday 05 January 20 13:32 GMT (UK)  »
I’m researching all the old boys from the New Beacon in Sevenoaks who died in WW2, trying to find some more information about them, including the senior school that they went on to after the New Beacon. 78 old boys were killed in WW2, and we’ve managed to find out a lot of information of 75 of them. However, Timothy Turner is proving a little elusive… he left New Beacon (preparatory) School in 1924.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, we have checked some senior public schools where their records are available, but we cannot find him. Just thought I would put it out there to Rootschat as there may some other sources.
Here is what we have:

Timothy Turner 1911-1943
b. 02/04/1911
d. 07/06/1943

Father was Colonel John Eamer Turner, based at Sandhurst a lot of the time. I think he may have been an Assistant Commandant.
Mother Una Nickalls, daughter of Tom Nickalls (stockbroker) who founded London Rowing Club.
Timothy Turner won the gold medal at the Empire Games in 1938, in the 8s rowing.
Died whilst a Japanese PoW.

I contacted the London Rowing Club and they were able to provide some rowing information on him.

Turner joined the London Rowing Club in 1929 at the age of 18. His maternal grandfather, Tom Nickalls, was one of the founding members.
In the early to mid-1930s, he seems to have rowed at stroke in the crews he rowed in, and to have been successful.  He was stroke of the Club's winning crew in the Thames Challenge Cup at Henley in 1931, and also of our winning Grand Challenge Cup crew in 1933, a very tight race against Berliner Ruder Club won by 1/4 of a length. He again stroked the VIII which was assembled for Melbourne in 1934 (the LRC have a photograph with signatures, and a rudder with his name on).
There is quite a story about him joining England's 1938 Empire Games crew, as he was living in Australia at that time.

Had a brother Richard and two sisters, Dorothy and Angela.

Family History Beginners Board / Major Thomas Gilliat Meautys
« on: Tuesday 19 November 19 05:53 GMT (UK)  »
Any help please would be greatly appreciated. I am researching the old boys from The New Beacon School, in Sevenoaks, who died in WWI and WWII (T G Meautys died shortly after but is on the roll of honour board).
Thomas Gilliat Meautys attended The New Beacon along with his two half brothers (R B Spread and G P Spread), who later attended Wellington. They too were killed.
I would love to know what school he went on to. He was an acting Major, sometimes listed as Captain.
I think he went to a different senior school to his half brothers but cannot find him... hopefully you may have some suggestions or would be able to help. I thought I had discovered him at St. Alban's but this T G Meautys was listed for 1937, which would not fit with his DoB.
His details are:
b. 29/04/1915
d. 21/09/1947 Italy
14th/20th Kings Hussars
Mother was a Nell Hotblack.
Father died in WWI before he was born.
He had two half brothers, surname Spread, who attended Wellington.

Lancashire / Confused
« on: Monday 19 March 18 10:10 GMT (UK)  »
I'm coming back to these people to try and see whether I can solve it...
Frederick Janvrin Vincent (b.1851 Leamington) is my GGGreat Uncle and he married Emily Robinson Williams 29 Jan 1872 in Everton, St George.
Frederick Janvrin Vincent then marries again in Trinity Church, Christchurch, New Zealand to Laura Tregeagle, in January 1875.
Emily Robinson Williams' father is Lewis Williams, she was born sometime between 1847 and 1851, there are conflicting records... but not entirely sure of dob, the most logical is the record of baptism in Caernarvon 25 Oct 1848.
The original marriage is 100% because it lists my GGG Grandfather Frederick Augustus Vincent, clerk in orders as well. Having Janvrin (Jersey name) Vincent also narrows things down.
Frederick Janvrin does end up over in the USA, Salt Lake then in the end in San Fran. They were a religious lot so I think the New Zealand trip was probably missionary work.
The problem I have is... what happens to Emily Robinson Williams... there is a widow, Emily Vincent marries again in 1875 in Everton again... to a Gowan
No divorce record I can find, perhaps someone can help on that. I don't have the marriage cert for NZ so I don't know what marital status it was for FJ Vincent on the 1875 marriage.
Just a bit strange.

The Common Room / CONFUSED
« on: Sunday 27 August 17 11:35 BST (UK)  »
This builds on an old thread, but I thought after MANY years of trying to solve this I was finally there. Here is one of the old threads with a lot of detail.

So Herbert Janvrin Vincent and Agnes maiden name Friedberg have proven to be really difficult to track down, or more specifically their deaths. Their children survive but there are no stories in the family about what happened to them. They are my GG Grandparents so not exactly that long ago.
A quick summary of the key facts:
Herbert Janvrin Vincent born 1855, listed as deceased on his son's marriage in 1903, seems to go off record in the 1880s, along with his wife, the boys safely recorded in 1891 in Jersey with grandparents but no parents.
I finally thought I had a record, initially I thought two deaths at sea but I think they are referring to the same person.
There is a death 19 May 1900 but logged in BT334 August 1900. I actually went to see it at the National Archives because the address was fuzzy, they agreed and let me see the original and the address is 109 Louisville Road Balham. They had previously lived near Croydon so it is not that far to Balham. However, this is what is perplexing. I looked up 109 Louisville Road on Land Registry and the freehold is listed as 01.02.1901, does that mean it was built then? Old maps, i.e. 1890s OS have Louisville marked out as a road but with no houses on it. So was their address 109 Louisville? I had hoped I may have seen a name listed on the Land registry but there wasn't. Any ideas how to get more info on that? when it was built etc. Who first owned it?
The info listed on the BT334 Deaths at Sea on Find My Past does fit... JH is corrected H J. He was born in Yorkshire in 1855 not 1856, but one year out isn't that bad. And the extended family were known to travel, often doing the Lord's work... loads of Reverencs in the family at that time.
If you want to look into it, check out the other old threads

Family History Beginners Board / Help with a Divorce
« on: Sunday 23 October 16 07:59 BST (UK)  »
I am helping a friend out with this one and have got a little stuck, and I am hoping there may be someone out there who may have a few ideas:
The husband is Charles E Hignett (b.1902) and the spouse is Eunice Lilian Coulter (b. 1914) married 2 Aug 1937 in Fulham. Eunice remarries in 1945, and the first husband is still alive so we are looking for a divorce between 1937 and 1945. Charles Hignett was married before and it seems his first wife died in 1937 so he quickly remarried. Eunice goes off to Australia with the new husband Frederick TC Smith (they married 3 July 1945) a few years later.

Family History Beginners Board / Stanton
« on: Saturday 26 December 15 12:38 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to track down some Stantons in the 1861 but I am having no luck.

I am trying to get a little more on Richard  Stanton b. circa 1802 Northamptonshire (Woodford) and family

m. Hannah Higham

Sarah Stanton 1827–
Valentine Stanton 1829–
William Stanton 1832–
Emma Stanton 1835–
Jane Stanton 1838–
Annie Maria Stanton 1841–1923 this is my link

Ann Maria Stanton (name as stated on the Birth cert.) born..27 March 1841 - reg. Hornsey and Highgate.   Father- Richard Stanton – Labourer.   Mother – Hannah (formerly Higham) both parents are from Woodford Northamptonshire.
Annie (?) Maria Stanton, minor (she would have been 20) Spinster.. Father Richard Stanton ..Gardener.    Married..George Lloyds, minor ( he would have been 19) Bachelor.. Printing Ink maker... Father William Christopher Lloyds..Printing ink maker.
On the 4th August 1861, at The Parish Church, Islington..Both  residing at Hornsey Road.  Witnesses were Hannah’s brother William  Stanton and her sister Jane Jenkins.
Daniel Higham, AM’s cousin was living with George and Ann Maria in 1871, he later worked in an Ink factory, which I would imagine was with the Lloyds.
I have the Stanton's in the 1841 census, and in 1851 they are living at 5 Hooper st, Parish of St Mary, Islington. Sarah and Emma (married Samuel Hill) are not living with them.

I dont have the ‘61 census but that has proven to be hard to find.

Valentine Stanton, AM’s brother, sadly ended his life in a Workhouse, records show that he was in and out of the Islington workhouse from 1876 to 1896 where he died.

Anyone who can help that would be lovely...

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