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Australia / WHERE could Michael METZ have gone??
« on: Friday 20 August 10 06:05 BST (UK)  »
 :D  Hi Everyone...I have a query and it is about a disappearance of one of my relatives

His name was Michael Metz

This is what I know of the family...Father is Robert Metz originally from Germany...Mother Amelia nee Vogt.  Charles was born in 1870 at Berrima died Tasmania,  Michael born 1871 Berrima and William born 19.11.1873 Berrima died 23.5.1958 Taree NSW. 

Charles went to Tasmania and went into Politics at Launceston and was involved in Shale mining etc married down there and had 4 girls 3 survived.  William married Christina May Fitzgerald

And Michael...well I cannot find Marriage or Death details of him...story goes...He had a big fight with his father Robert and took off, family said maybe he changed his surname to either that of aunt AUER or grandparents..VOGT.  Either way I have looked for a michael in both those surnames as well.  Another family tale is he may have gone to Western Australia...
Is there any way of looking up legal name changes like that?

Any info would be gratefully appreciated, thanks
Sapphire 8)

Europe / more german blood then we thought
« on: Monday 16 August 10 13:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi...I was wondering if someone could just point me in the right direction for some help as I have some very hard german searching ahead of me...I have looked at the site previously stated in searching for germans but I have not found anything of use

My great grandfather kind of was on a ship and when it reached australia he kinda FORGOT to get back on we KNOW the german spelling of our surname as I found some letters to him written by HIS FATHER in 1904-1913...once after i had them translated I found names and addresses dotted throughout so I found siblings names and my gg grandfather goes

My g grandfather...Ernst August William Homann/Homan (as now known) in germany..HOHMANN. born approx 1880 (naturalization in 1903 has him at 23 yrs old. Most of the Letters are from addresses at Braunschweig.  Fathers name Carl/Karl Hohmann mother Wihelmine.  Siblings in no order Hermann(9 girls, 1 boy), Karl jnr (2 sons, older son Hugo and entered the Foot Artillery in Morissburg last month, letter written 8.11.1912, younger son Karl jnrjnr volunteered to join the Braunschweiger Husaren) and Hugo with a possiblilty of Augusta.
In one of the letters Carl Snr states he entered his 70th year on the 24 or 29th October 1912 so that makes his birth year 1842.

At one stage Karl snr worked in the cemetery nursery  but was a construction worker type person (was injuried badly in a fall in a construction in 1901 damaged vertibrae and badly injured his leg
addresses are as follows
Nov 1910
Augusta in nov 1910 was in Wolfsberg
Hermann lived in Rheinland in Batrog near Essen ???
Karl Snr..Worker Karl Hohmann in Braunschweig Merudelgh 2 Hinterhaus

January 1912
Karl Hohmann Braunschweig Klosterstrasse 91

March 1913 sees Karl snr move from the Kaiserstrasse and now in Hintere Brudern 24 Braunschweig
Hermann back in Konigslutter and wanted to grow asparagus again

And all this just on one side of family...then I have to search for vinedressers in the southwest surname Vogt and Metz family from similar area...scary bit, I am starting to recognise some german words...LOL
Thanks in advance 8)

Cork / Orphan from ? county Cork with Nuns
« on: Sunday 15 August 10 12:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone...

I don't have much to go by as it is an unspoken family side and both father and all their relatives are no longer living...

Grandmother was from an Orphanage in Yass NSW Australia...from Orphange records her full name is Mary Harris born 16.8.1910

Apparantly she came to australia when she was 5yrs old with some Nuns (sisters of mercy) from County Cork  Both her parents were deceased

No details of which ship or nuns names so can't do a name search for the nuns

Any pointers as to where to start or details would be greatfully appreciated



Australia / ARTHUR Family in Broken Hill
« on: Saturday 14 August 10 13:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I have a query and I guess advice for direction...I am researching the Arthur family that found their way to broken hill from Vic/Sa
my GGrandmother was married in 1906 Broken Hill to Ernest Homann, Grace Elizabeths Parents George Arthur and Elizabeth Mary Wilcock was married 28.5.1848 i think was S.A and moved to B.H Elizabeth died 8.6.1926 aged 71 at Broken Hill.

That is as far back as I have been able to if anyone can look up Grace Elizabeths birth and place and same for her parents that would be great but here is part 2

George and Elizabeth had more sons once they got to BH...George jnr I think was born on way to BH ...but both George jnr and Alfred BOTH died in 1920...can't find a reason but the weirder part is, they are on the list for burials at Broken Hill Cemetry and REMOVED next to each.  All the other Arthurs are still where they were first placed???? anyone able to shed light maybe on this and how do I go about getting photos of headstones for the family?

Any help on this would be living relatives for me to ask and my father only knew of his grandmothers name and at least I have been able to find a little about this very secretive now mostly deceased family


England / australian enigma
« on: Saturday 31 July 10 12:44 BST (UK)  »
 ???  Hi...I have an English Relative that is causing all researchers into his history stop at him..NO ONE has been able to find out WHERE or what his DOB exactly is

His name is Richard Hardy...he married Suvina (Sabina) Hill in 1844 in Dungog NSW.  They had a very large family

No one knows HOW he got to Australia, there is a record of a Convict to Australia but if we go on his headstone and family stories...this man died just 3 days off his 117th Birthday.  He was 116 at time of death 1.9.1913....putting his dob at 4.9.1797
HOW do I go finding this as the FREE BDM uk do not go back that other story was he was actually 112 at time of death and  later on his death certificate his daughter Ada Jane marked it as 102. 

Very confusing.

I hope this is in the right place for posting as I am new to this site and relatively new to family history.  I am basically on my own as all the "keepers"of our history are all now passed on

Thanks in Advance


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