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Children of John August: 
(Nebraska USA)
John August 1833-1879
Henry August 1835-1900
Rachel August 1837-1907
Frederick August 1839-1928
Stephen August 1841-1842
Charles August 1843-1879
Mary August 1846-1848
Thomas Jeremiah August 1848-1852
Sarah Ann August 1851-1921

Rachel married Chauncy Richardson in Nebraska in 1859.  They later lived in Lanesboro, Fillmore County, Minnesota.

I would like to find the descendants of the above, any help would be greatly appreciated.  The August's originated in Ringwood, Hampshire in England and moved out to the USA in the mid 1850's.

The August's of the New Forest, Ringwood, Hampshire emigrated to the USA around the mid 1800's.  There is no trace of any of them and I am looking to see if any survived and if there are decendants.

One person in particular was in the Winona Daily, Republic on 11th April 1868, page 3.  There was a big fire at Farrington's Group Building and John August (one of the ancesters) had fatal injuries and died.

There was also a Frederick August who wrote from 2797(?) W.St, Lincoln, Nebraska to England looking for his relatives.  He sent the letter to Ringwood 12th August 1918

I do hope someone can help me to find ancestral information and of any possible descendants.

Kent / Amy August WRAF 1918-1919. No:11785
« on: Tuesday 03 August 10 15:59 BST (UK)  »
any information on the above subject would be wonderful please (born in kent 1887)

World War Two / POW WW2 - cannot find details of grandfather can anyone help?
« on: Tuesday 03 August 10 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi, my grandfather was a pow in WW2, I am not 100% sure if it was the Italians, Japanese of Germans.  But two facts that may help, he was in the buffs and was recognised for saving the life of New Zealand's double VC hero Capt Charles Uppham and was mentioned in dispatches (which I missed unfortunately).

My grandfather's full name is Percy Leslie Louvaine August, born 21 August 1916 in Old Dover Rd, Canterbury and died 2 November 1997.

I hope you can help, I am new to this so hopefully I am doing this right.

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