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Nottingham Completed Lookup Requests / stella wealthall COMPLETE (THANK YOU ALL)
« on: Wednesday 29 July 09 09:50 BST (UK)  »

trying to get info on a Stella Wealthall  born c. 1884 nottingham ?

we can find her marriage to James foster  in nottingham 1911  and a child born before the marriage in 1909.  but it all draws a blank .

on  if you put in Stella it comes up with Metta Wollthrall ?????   but even that name doesn't go any where .

any help  with this puzzle would be most welcome .

thanking you in anticipation


Dumfriesshire / beattie or other surname
« on: Tuesday 04 December 07 03:28 GMT (UK)  »
following from a fantastic start that gadget gave me  i am now at a puzzle.  :D

i am trying to find the children of Margaret beattie of canonbie . I was given the children as follows (not by gadget)
Francis Henderson  24/1/1863 canonbie
Robert jackson 26/2/1866 canonbie
thomas hornsby 1871 england ?
Elizabeth beattie 19/7/1861

i have been on family search  and on their IGI list batch c118141
have all the children  plus two more but all surnames  beattie ........................
Francis beattie 24/1/1863
Robert beattie 26/2/1866
Elizabeth beattie 3/3/1874
john beattie 19/7/1861
Robert beattie 25/1/1864
thomas hornsby can't find any where

i assume that there aren't two Margaret beattie's in canonbie having children on the same day with the same names ?!  i would assume that the only way i can sort this is by birth record on Scotland's people !?     

big question is entering them on ones family tree which surname would you use    the birth one  (assume beattie)  or  know by ?????????????

i just keep coming up with the most common names in canonbie  with littles hoggs a few Armstrong's  and now beatties !!!!!!!!!!!!

any comments  most welcome

Dumfriesshire / farish poss canonbie
« on: Monday 26 November 07 06:16 GMT (UK)  »
am looking for the parents of George farish   born 1835?? canonbie??

i can find a George farish on the 1851  and 1861 census 

1851 farm hand

1861 living with cousin (head of house) William little and family .

am trying to find if his mother is Charlotte ???   & father ???? farish

and how he is related to  William little hence request .  i think his mothers surname is my link .

any help or advise welcome . thanks

Dumfriesshire / little's of canonbie deaths 1878 >> 1956
« on: Thursday 12 July 07 04:49 BST (UK)  »
agnes little 1897 aged 56 (other names telfer)
agnes beattie little 1930 aged 69 (other names bell leishman)
alexander little 1879 aged 29
alexander little 1893 aged 58
alexander little  1893 aged 28
andrew little 1927 aged 48
ann little 1885 aged 68 (other name scott)
ann little 1933 aged 67 (other names beattie)
ann thomson little 1895 aged 2
catherine little 1891 aged 36 (other names mcglasson)
christopher little 1912 aged 85
christopher dun little 1950 aged 66
david little 1878 aged 81
david little 1881 aged 78
david little 1893 aged 79
david little 1935 aged 75
elizabeth little 1889 aged 70
elizabeth little 1898 aged 60 (other names armstrong)
elizabeth little 1899 aged 86 (other names whitefield)
elizabeth little 1901 aged 77 (other names jackson)
elizabeth little 1909 aged 60
elizabeth little 1915 aged 61 (other names wood)
elizabeth little  1930 aged 73 (other names armstrong)
ellen little 1886 aged 80 (other names elliot)
euphemia little 1915 aged 28
francis little  (male) 1945 aged 85
haliburton little (female) 1891 aged 56
hannah little 1947 aged 83 (other names whittaker ) { my line }
henry thomson little 1907  aged 0

Dumfriesshire / mary wilson (canonbie) look up Death
« on: Thursday 12 July 07 04:28 BST (UK)  »
i am looking for the following lady .  i can't find a record of her death  nor can i see her on the 1841 census .( or have i just over looked her )

Mary Wilson   ( i think born 01/11/1792 canonbie??)

poss parents  William Wilson  & Margaret Murray

1851 census   has her as head of house 

1851 unmarried    sick nurse  birnie/canonbie  aged 58    ref 4/26

also living with her  there is her son William little .

would love to find her earlier to see if any other  "natural" children  !!!!!!!

any help  or suggestion's  welcome

Dumfriesshire / canonbie marriages little family (search left overs )
« on: Wednesday 04 July 07 02:51 BST (UK)  »
these are the marriages i have collected  while doing my research on my little family  of canonbie.   PLEASE NOTE THESE  RECORDS ARE ONLY OF CANONBIE .

Agnes Little  & William Elliot 1876
Catherine Little & john McGlasson 1889
Elizabeth Little & John Armstrong 1888
Elizabeth LIttle & Andrew Hogg 1856
Elizabeth Little & John Lamont 1893
Elizabeth Little & Gordon Boden Paterson 1883
Elizabeth LIttle & Alexander Scott 1887
Elizabeth Jane Little & Walter Irving 1907
Hannah Little & ?? Wightman 1867
Helen Little & John Hope 1861
Jamesina Little & Richard Murray  1861
Jane Little & Tomas Grieve 1873
Jane Ann Little & JOhn Calvert Graham 1896
Jane ellen Little & william Little  1914    ( my line )
Jane Ellen LIttle & William Whittaker 1914 (MY LINE )
Janet Little & William Gourlay 1889
Janet Little & william Wilson 1882
Janet Lilis Little & George Tedcastle 1903
Jemima Little & william Wright 1904
Joan Little & Andrew Waugh 1867
Margaret alittle & George Birrell Little 1889
Margaret Little & Thomas Beattie 1860
Margaret Little & James Lindsay 1879
Margaret Little & John Bell 1869
Margaret Little  & George Bell 1869
Mary Little @ John Beck 1896 (MY LINE)
Mary Little & Andrew Dalgliesh 1877
Mary Little  & William Waldie 1860
Mary Ferguson Little  & Walter Scott Douglas 1918
Phoebe Little & Lewis Bell 1901
Phoebe Scott Little & Thomas Pearson 1930

Dumfriesshire / little of canonbie dumfries births 1855>1906
« on: Thursday 28 June 07 05:44 BST (UK)  »
please find below a list of the little's of canonbie births i have come across while doing my search. hopefull of use someone else. (canonbie ONLY)

agnes little 1864  (mother margaret little)
agnes bell little 1881
alexander little 1875
alexander little 1882
alexander little 1895
andrew little 1858 father christopher little mother sibella walker)
andrew graham little 1861 (father thomas little mother isabella richardson)
ann thomson little 1893
barbara little 1857(father thomas little mother margaret mccorquindale)
catherine little 1855 (father david little  mother agnes bell)
catherine little 1883
christina little 1896
christopher little 1856
christopher duncan little1867(father thomas little mother margaret mccorquindale)
christopher little 1883
david little 1858(father george little mother minie hogg)
david little 1860 (father william little  mother elizabeth hogg)
david little 1862 (father george little mother wilhemina hogg)
david little 1866 (mother besty little)
david little 1874 (father james little mother barbara jackson)
david little 1883
david little 1889
david little 1890 (mother mary little )
eleanor church little 1857(mother elizabeth little)
eleanor church little 1873 (father willam little mother jane margaret church  cochrane)
elizabeth little 1865(father christopher little mother sibella walker )
elisabeth little 1864 (father william little mother elizabeth hogg)
elizabeth little 1855 (father william little mother agnes murray)
elizabeth armstrong little 1884 (mother mary little )
elizabeth isabella little 1874
ellen little 1862 (father david little mother agnes bell )
ellen little 1891
ellen bell little 1875
george little 1867 (mother alison little )
george little 1871 (father john little mother mary johnston
george little 1876
george malcom little 1864  (mother hannah little)
grace little 1868 (father alexander little mother isabella bell )
hannah armstrong little 1888(mother mary little)
helen little 1856 (father james little elizabeth jackson )
helen little 1859 (father thomas little mother isabella richardson)
helen hannah little 1879
isabella little 1863 (father thomas little mother isabella richardson)
isabella little 1863
isabella little1871 (father james little mother barbara jackson )
james little 1881
james little 1884
james little 1891
jane little 1859 (father thomas little mother margaret mccorquindale)
jane little 1862 (father alexander little mother isabella bell)
jane little 1878
janet little 1858 (mother margaret little )
janet little 1858 (father david little mother agnes bell)
janet little 1861 (father john little mother mary johnston)
janet little 1861(father james little mother jane hogg)
janet little 1868 (father george little mother minie hogg)
janet little 1869 (father thomas little mother margaret mccorquindale )
janet little 1873 (father james little mother barbara jackson)
janet little 1876
janet little 1895
jeanie hogg little 1891
jessie little 1863(father alexander little mother isabella bell)
joan little 1888 (father james little mother barbara jackson)
john little 1856 (father thomas little mother isabella richardson)
john little 1860 (father john little mother sarah wilkin)
john little 1860 (father christopher little mother sibella walker)
john little 1867 (father johnlittle mother mary johnston)
john little 1885
john little 1888
john little 1892
john elliot little 1878
john thomson little 1891
john weir little 1856 (father alexander little mother jemima tait)
joseph little 1864 (father george little mother minie hogg)
lewis little 1858 ( father alexander little mother jamima tait)

Dumfriesshire / how do i find who's in there??? canonbie grave
« on: Sunday 03 June 07 03:58 BST (UK)  »
have just had my first visit to canonbie and was pleased to find on walking in the graveyard gate  the first stone i read was was my g.g.grandparents  Elizabeth Hogg and her husband William Little, with a ref to my g.grandmother dieing in Orton Westmorland England married to a John Beck. ( everything on the stone was correct )   but we wondered  why such a huge stone  and now wonder who else could be down there but not mentioned on the stone. also 3/4 of the way along the path we found their eldest sons grave (David little and wife Hannah)  again with space left on the stone .   the fantastic grave yard men were quick to point out hat these graves could hold up to 6 or 8 burials. now on the drive home  (a round trip in one day of 800 miles) we got to talking and now wonder who else could be in there !!!????    and how do we go about finding out ?  we have no grave ref  other than been very lucky and finding them on first look ...... any help would be fantastic.  does any rootsearcher live in Canonbie or Rowanburn ????     

many thanks Adrian

Dumfriesshire / little/whittaker & whitfield canonbie marriage (search completed)
« on: Wednesday 16 May 07 06:53 BST (UK)  »
could any one help me with the following marriage .

William ( whittaker or little)  born 1885  marrying a Janet Ellen Whitfield at burnside canonbie  25/03/1914.

Janet Ellen Whitfield  c.1890 mother possibly Isabella little.

parents of William  (born england).................... David little 1860 canonbie
                                                                   Hannah Whittaker  c.1864 england .

does any one have them in their tree or give any more info.

many thanks.

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