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London and Middlesex / Brueton's - Gun Makers/Metal Workers- Shoreditch/Stepney
« on: Monday 06 August 18 23:11 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the connection between a group of brothers or cousins who worked in both Birmingham and London at gun making and metal refining/reclaiming. Some born in Birmingham and some in London. It's also complicated by their unusual surname because it is often mistranscribed.

Previous topic
Edward & Joseph Brueton - Gun Makers

Edward (born about 1787 in Shoreditch but lives Birmingham) and Joseph Brueton (born about 1789 in Darlaston but also moves to Birmingham)

An Edward and Joseph are both in business together in Birmingham in 1858 at 22 Sheep Street - gun finisher/gun breech maker (trade directory, more in link to other topic). I have all the census info for Joseph and wife Phoebe

Edward is on the 1851 census
202 Heneage Street
Edward Bructon (Brueton) b 1787 Shoreditch , London - gun finisher
Elizabeth (nee Cooper) b 1795 Birmingham
Rubin 1831 Birmingham - gun finisher
Hariet 1833 Birmingham
John 1835 Birmingham
Sampson Tims (Sims) 1824 Warwickshire - refiner in gold  (Edwards son in law) 
Elizabeth 1831 (nee Brueton)
William 1846
Thomas 1 month

Nearby on the same census at Moland Street is
Thomas Brueton b 1791 London, Middlesex (coincidence?) - gold watch hand maker
Ann wife
Moland Street is close to the area where both Edward, Joseph and their family lived or had businesses. I have a lot of info on Joseph but not Edward, or how they are related

I did think this below was Edward (b 1787) but am confused about his date of birth and it looks like he was born before the marriage
St leonards, Shoreditch
Edward Brueton son of
Edward Brueton and Margaret
Bapt 12th June 1791
Born 6th Nov 1791  :o

St Dunstan, Stepney
26th May 1795
Edward Brueton to Margaret Tuslin (possibly Tustin?)

Also there are two Edwards in London on the 1841 census, I think both addresses could be a workhouse or some kind of institution?
Ironmonger Row, St Luke, Middlesex,
Edward Brueton age 65/69
Margaret Brueton age 55/59

Gough Street, St Pancras
Edward Brueton 60/64
Ann Brueton (nee hackett?)

There is also a Brueton 'broach maker' on the early census, I think with a Margaret, but sorry I don't have that info at the moment, it's just from memory
There was a Thomas Brueton who was a senior gun maker in the mid 1700's, his name is stamped on some pistols, but we haven't worked out the connection yet or whether he was based in Birmingham or London or both.

Any info or help unravelling them is appreciated


Durham Lookup Requests / Baptism at Spennymoor/Tudhoe 1886? Lena Davies
« on: Sunday 03 June 18 16:48 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for a possible baptism for a Lena Davies, birth registered Durham Sept 1886 (sub district St Oswalds), please

There is no father named on the birth certificate. Place of birth is Tudhoe Colliery

Mothers name Sarah Davies, who had been a coal miners widow for two years at the time of the birth.

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Thank you

World War One / Tom Butterfield West Yorks.
« on: Monday 13 November 17 21:21 GMT (UK)  »
re your post about 'records being a mess'

My Great Grandad served in 3 regiments , we have loads of photos of him in uniform (the family was photo bonkers) , even a tiny photo taken of him and his platoon in France/Flanders with a message written on the back to his wife back home. In the photos he has two different cap badges. One is the West Yorks reg and another we think is Yorks and Lancs reg?. The other regiment we don't know . Relatives saw his medals and we have his WW1 brass chocolate box and a brass ciggy/matches box. We have a crumpled photo he carried with him all the time. We know he was at Ypres and at Passchendaele too.
But...there is no surviving official record of him at all. We have a photo of him with his whole company, taken at a guess about 1915? (I posted it on here some time ago)  and I do wonder sometimes how many men in that same (West Yorks) company also have no surviving records.

Lancashire / List of Names - Peterloo 1819
« on: Tuesday 04 July 17 00:18 BST (UK)  »
A link to a long list of names of the dead, injured and others at Peterloo 1819. Some include address and occupation

Durham Lookup Requests / Tudhoe Colliery - Holy Innocents Church - baptism
« on: Friday 31 March 17 11:54 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know if the PR's for the Holy Innocents Church are anywhere online? The baptism I am looking for is for a family from Tudhoe Colliery.

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Durham / Bastardy/Maintenance Orders 1880's
« on: Saturday 24 December 16 00:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there Durham
I have some information from a birth certificate where the fathers name is blank. The child was born illegitimate in Spennymoor, the mother was a widow. The birth was registered Durham, Sept 1886.
Might there be some record of a maintenance order, or any other record, naming the father. Where would these type of records be held and how would I go about finding them ?

London and Middlesex / Parsons b 1900
« on: Saturday 26 November 16 13:54 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to help someone with a tree but they have very limited information about the family.

We know that these are relatives but we don't know the Middlesex/London area very well and are unsure about the different districts

Marriage Index
Hendon June 1933
Arthur E Priest and Ellen G Parsons

They are on the 1939 register
Arthur Priest b Sept 1880 - General brick labourer
Ellen b Aug 1900 - Domestic duties
Living Haigh Road, Harrow.

We think we have worked out who Arthurs family were and that he married at least twice?, but we do not know anything about Ellen and would like some guidance as to which Ellen Parsons is the most likely on the birth reg index and also on the 1901 census.

Births Sep 1900 
Parsons Ellen - Hampstead    
Parsons Ellen Amelia - Richmond, S. 

Births Dec 1900
Parsons Ellen Jane - Reading        
Parsons Ellen Sarah -  Stepney

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Are "Trace" Results Meaningless?
« on: Saturday 04 June 16 15:27 BST (UK)  »
This is from Ancestry's FAQs page

"4. What does it mean when my ethnicity results identify 'Trace Regions'?
Most people may have a percentage identified with 'Trace Regions' in their genetic ethnicity results. Trace Regions are regions where the estimated range includes zero and does not go above 15%, or where the predicted percentage is less than 4.5%. Since there is only a small amount of evidence that you have genetic ethnicity from these regions, it is possible that you may not have genetic ethnicity from them at all. This is not uncommon, and as more genetic signatures are discovered with a higher confidence level, we may be able to update these Trace Regions over time."

Which begs the question, why do they include these trace results at all?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / What Happened To "Nellie" Ingleson b 1880
« on: Saturday 30 April 16 11:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi there
Nellie Ingleson was discharged from Wakefield Jail on the 31st of March 1900, "born Flaxby". I am having difficulty finding any record of her after that.
I already have the details of her before that date. Including Birth registration, Census, Criminal records, the full Police Gazette records and Newspaper reports. What I am trying to do now is go forward and find her after 1900.

Some details about Nellie.

Nellies mother was
Ada Ann Ingleson (b 1860 daughter of Robert and Harriet Ingleson of the Knaresborough area)
Ada Ann Ingleson marries Thomas Cormack, at Goldsborough Parish Church 8th Dec 1879
Ellen ("Nellie") Cormack birth registered Knaresborough Dec 1880

At some point Thomas dies? or leaves the family?. (The Cormack family I believe were originally from the Knaresborough, and earlier, the York areas).
Ellen Cormack is then known as Ellen/Nellie Ingleson in future records.

In 1884 Nellies mother, as Ada "Ingleson" (spinster) marries (bigamously?) Thomas Betts in Bradford
The Betts are pot hawkers.
Ada has more children as Betts but Nellie is not with them on the census in Bradford, though other extended Ingleson family do move to Bradford and to Leeds also. Some of the extended family are also itinerant ag labs. Nellies half brother, Walter Betts, might also have spent time in Wakefield Jail

1891 Census
Hay A Park, Knaresborough
Robert Ingleson b 1819 Knaresborough, farm labourer
Harriet Ingleson b 1818 Goldsborough
Ellen (Nellie) Ingleson b 1881 Flaxby , grandaughter

In Sept 1901 Nellie's mother Ada Betts dies in Bradford.
Two of Nellies cousins, Violetta Ingleson and Polly Ingleson , emigrated to Canada. Maybe Nellie did too?

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