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The Common Room / john william whittaker -what are the chances?
« on: Monday 18 March 24 06:29 GMT (UK)  »

In 2013 I spoke to the Warder of Holy Trinity Church in Tunstead, Rossendale, Lancashire whilst on holiday. I know my Whittaker ancestors worshipped  at HT (possibly because of work connections). They were definitely there between 1844-1848 as 2 sons are baptised there in those years - John Munn and James.

I have long been interested in John's middle name. The warder told me the Munns were a very prominent family in the area and well respected. He then went on to tell me that the Munn's raised one of the Whittaker's sons. He felt that with the Munns being respected Mill owners John's middle name was a nod to that or maybe they were somehow closer connected.

John William Whittaker had been born to Edmund and Margaret Whittaker (whilst Edmund was stationed with the army) on 14 October 1836 in Templemore, Co Tipperary, and baptised Church of Ireland on the 6 November 1836.

By 1841 the family returned to England and settled in Stacksteads and Bacup. I have not found a death for John and there is no mention of him in the 1841 England Census or any later documents pertaining to the family. Could it be that John was taken in or adopted by the Munns and that is why I can't trace him?

Thoughts please.
Tilly Ann

Armagh / James McCoo and Elizabeth Marlay (Marley) research help please
« on: Friday 16 February 24 04:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,
I have been researching my paternal ancestors and have managed to get as far back as my 3x great grandparents. I would really appreciate any assistance in tracing the McCoos back further. I intend visiting Ireland/Northern Ireland next year and would really like to know what area they came from. Were they from Armagh or did they just marry and settle there? 

James McCoo b. 1824/25 marries Elizabeth Marlay (sic) in the record/ Marley. They marry 16 January 1851 in the Catholic Parish Church, Drumcree, Armagh. They have James, Elizabeth, Francis, Mary, Ann, Bridget, John and Felix -all born in Armagh. The eldest child James is my ancestor, born Oct 1849 and is baptised a Catholic in Armagh on 18 Oct 1849 where it states in the record margin that he is illegitimate.
His father James dies 25 Jan 1900 in Belfast aged 75.
Elizabeth Marley b. 1830 dies 18 August 1878 at Annagora, Armagh, Northern Ireland aged 50. A Sarah Ann Marley is present at her death.

Son James marries Isabella Reilly in Belfast on 20 Sept 1871 - (my 2xGG) and their daughter Mary A McCoo is my great grandmother. Mother of my grandmother Catherine Jane (Kathleen) Lowe who emigrates to Australia and marries in Melbourne.

Thanks again in advance for any help.
Tilly Ann.

If you are researching burials in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland feel free to contact me. Happy to send photos of graves requested.
Best Wishes
Tilly Ann

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to research Edmund Whittaker Corporal, No 72. in the 25th Regiment of Foot, Kings Own Borderers from 1813-1839 through the Militia Muster Books and Pay Lists WO 13 and WO68. Some of the records  are online. It doesn't matter what search terms I use it keeps giving me 0 results. I'm hoping someone far more au fait with the Archives can assist me in accessing them or just check and see if any of the information I have provided brings any record up.
I already have his service and Chelsea Pension records. The only other things I can think to search are the Muster Books which might state where he was located at various times and failing that Chaplain Records.
I'm in Australia so I am really relying on any help I can get.
Thanks and Best Wishes
Tilly Ann 

Westmeath / Athlone Newspaper in 1873
« on: Saturday 22 April 23 09:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,
My ancestor Edmund (aka) Edward Whittaker lived in Athlone for about 10 years, dying in Lanesboro on 25th November 1873 and the coroner was called in. I was unable to find an inquest report and I don't know what he was doing in Lanesboro. He was a retired soldier but also a Tailor. I'm wondering if deaths of locals were reported on and what newspaper would likely have covered it if any.
Thanks for any help,
Tilly Ann

Lancashire / Do I have the right Joseph Murphy?
« on: Sunday 16 April 23 07:59 BST (UK)  »
I have traced my ancestor, Catharine Whitaker nee Murphy but I am wondering if I have the right Joseph Murphy, a stonemason as her father. He is recorded on Catharine's marriage to Edmund Whitaker on 20 December 1860 at the Parish Church, Oldham as being from Bottom of Moor, and a Stonemason.
I can't find Catharine on any census with him but I have found a family on the 1841 Census - Joseph Murphy, Stonemason and his wife Catherine nee Burn living in London Road with Children Margaret, Joseph and Ann. There is no Catharine with them (although I did find a Cathe Murphy who was 16 and working as a servant on another record). Joseph and his family are at 35 Brighton St, Manchester on the 1851 and by 1861 he is a widower boarding at 14 Hancock St, Manchester.
I can't find another Joseph Murphy who was a Stonemason.
Where was Bottom of the Moor?
Any help is much appreciated.
Tilly Ann

Try as I might I have not been able to find any record of the apprenticeship of Edmund Whitaker baptised 4 October 1795 in Newchurch, and living in Four Lane Ends, Newchurch, Rossendale. By the time he joins the army in 1813 he is already described by occupation as a Tailor - not an apprentice.
Where would I search for his apprenticeship records. I have tried the usual family history sites to no avail.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Tilly Ann

Lancashire / Where is Catharine Whitaker nee Murphy?
« on: Tuesday 28 June 22 08:36 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for the death/burial of Catharine Whitaker nee Murphy with no success so far.
Catharine is the daughter of Joseph Murphy, a stonemason and (I believe) Catherine nee Burn and they marry in Manchester Cathedral on 14 February 1925. Joseph was born in abt 1807 in Highfield near Liverpool and Catherine in Manchester. They have children Margaret, Joseph, Ann and Susannah. There is no mention of Catharine on the 1841 or 1851 UK and Wales Census with this family. Is it possible that the Margaret in the Census is Catharine and goes by a middle name within the family?
I can find only one Joseph Murphy who was a stonemason in Liverpool or Manchester.
Catherine dies in 1861 and Joseph in 1868. Both in Market Street, Manchester.

Edmund Whitaker marries Catharine Murphy on 20 Dec 1860 at the (Catholic) Parish Church at Oldham. She is 23 and Edmund 25. He is born abt 1835 and Catharine around 1837.
Edmund is a Tailor and by 1862 they are living in Liverpool. They have children James, John, Edmund John, another James, Margaret Ann and Joseph. All are born in Liverpool. Joseph is baptised 18 August 1873.
I believe Catharine dies between then and the 1881 Census. Edmund is a widower by 1881.

I have 2 problems with this information. 1. Catharine is not on any census pre her marriage where I thought she should be. 2. Most of our Whitaker ancestors are buried in Dukinfield Cemetery including Edmund husband of Catharine.
I thought she died in Warrington in 1879 - it is not her, I ordered the certificate so I know this is definitely not her.
I found a possibility in a Workhouse in Liverpool but I hope that's not her.
One last thing is that on the 1861 and 1871 Census both Catharine and Edmund state they were born in Ireland. I know he definitely was but no evidence of Catharine being born there has come to light.
I would appreciate any assistance with this puzzle, you might just have the idea I need to solve this.

Can anyone tell me where the 25th Regiment of Foot, Kings Own Borders barracks were in Ireland for:
1819-1826  - Clones (County Monaghan) Dublin (was that the Richmond Barracks?) 
1832-1834 - Drogheda (County Louth) Fermoy (County Cork)  and Cork (City?)
Tilly Ann

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