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London and Middlesex / John Herbert Palmer
« on: Thursday 02 December 21 11:54 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping someone could help.  I am trying to trace a John Herbert Palmer B: 1891 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  The family story is that he left Newcastle-upon-Tyne following the death of his wife, Florence Edith (nee Daglish B: 1893/4 ) in 1922, leaving most of his children with relatives, but taking the younger daughter, Dorothy B: 1920 with him.  It is also said that he may have gone off with a lady friend neighbour and was not heard of again.

I have been trying to find him and I have come across a 1939 Census record of a John H Palmer B: 1891 living at Strode Road, Fulham.  He is living with a Florence E Palmer B: 1891 and Dorothy B: 1920.  Unfortunately, it does not say where they were born.  I was very drawn to this record because of the names, obviously; but Florence E was a problem.  Who is she?  Didn't she die!?!? Is it just a huge coincidence?

Again, unfortunately, it just says John H Palmer, so is it Herbert; and Florence E Palmer is it Edith?

There is other information written on re a further marriage for Florence E and a marriage for Dorothy (who seems to have married her neighbour, Stanley J Hutchings.

Very convoluted explanation, I know, but could anyone throw any light on these people?   Florence seems to have married a Mr Day and Dorothy a Mr Hutchings, but what happened to the John H Palmer living in Fulham and is it John Herbert?

Here's hoping.

Durham / Bishopwearmouth cemetery
« on: Friday 14 August 20 12:45 BST (UK)  »
I hope someone can clarify something for me.  I have a photo of my gg grandparents headstone in the Bishopwearmouth Cemetery which a relative took many years ago.  Elizabeth Holburn D: 1883 and her husband Christopher in 1891.  They both appear on the same headstone. (Which has always appeared to me to be very grand considering he was a Shipwright in Pallion).

I recently discovered the FS lists of Burial Registers and started mapping out all my relatives last resting places on the Ward Map in case I ever come up North.  However, It seems that Elizabeth is the only one in Ward 3 Section A/E Plot 1795 as I discover that Christopher (her husband) is in Ward 11 Section A Plot 1172.

My question is, is there another gravestone for Christopher?  He also appears to be in unconcecrated ground whereas she is in concecrated ground.  He was baptised in a C of E Church (but probably became Methodist), however, he was illigitimate.  Would that make a difference?


Durham / Methodist Chapel, Silksworth graves
« on: Wednesday 22 January 20 18:42 GMT (UK)  »

Could anyone tell me where people who were members of the Methodist Chapels in Silksworth buried. 
I'm looking for a Mary Jane Parker who died 15 January 1922.


Durham / West Cornforth, Durham
« on: Wednesday 08 August 18 11:06 BST (UK)  »

I'm trying to find "Main Street" and "Old Row" on old West Cornforth maps.  My relative had a Grocers Shop in Main Street.  On the 1871 Census it is shown as being next door to The Kings Head and a couple of doors down from the Queens Head, but I can't place them on any maps or old photos of West Cornforth.

Also, where was Old Row.

Hope someone can help.


Durham / Dove Street, Pallion
« on: Wednesday 18 July 18 15:10 BST (UK)  »

Could anyone tell me where Dove Street in Pallion was.  I have looked on the 1939 and 1888 map of Pallion, but they don't mention it.  The 1888 map seems clearer and I believe it was somewhere near Woodbine Terrace (which is mentioned on the map), and somewhere in the group of streets you see on the map, but I really don't know.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Technical Help / Motive Smartbridge Autoupdate
« on: Tuesday 12 June 18 18:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi.  I need some advice.

When I turn on my computer I get the following: -

Motive Smartbridge Autoupdate
"The system cannot find the path specified".

At this point I have just been cancelling it by pressing X.
Then I get : -

"An error has occurred!  Click OK to restore configuration"

Again, at this point I just cancel it by pressing X as I am uncertain if I should press OK.

Then I get : -

"Motive smartbridge autoupdate has encountered a problem and needs to close,  We are sorry for the inconvenience."
Send error report     Dont Send.

At this point I press don't send and can use my computer as normal.

What is it and do I dare press OK?


The Common Room / Sluggards Delight and Bath Crawlers
« on: Wednesday 07 March 18 15:54 GMT (UK)  »
I know!!! what on earth!!!!

The above are two items on a wedding present list that I discovered for an ancestor in a newspaper.  The wedding was described in detail and hundreds of wedding presents were listed.  There were the usual - fans, silver salvers, ink wells, canteens of cutlery, muffineers - but these two have totally bamboozled me.  Googled them, but can't find anything.

Any ideas?

Thanks.  Mo

Norfolk / Rocklands 1805 - record query - Robert Faux Bullen
« on: Monday 16 October 17 12:54 BST (UK)  »

I hope someone can help.  I found a record for a Robert Faux Bullen on FreeReg Rocklands All Saints christened 1805 - father Simon mother Mary.  It fitted with my research perfectly as Simon Bullen's wife was Mary Faux.  However, when I looked at the original record on Family Search in the Norfolk Bishops Transcripts it said his father's name was Robert.

So, I wondered where FreeReg got the 'Simon' from.  Decided to browse through the Norfolk Archdeacons Transcripts on Family Search for, Rocklands All Saints (no 1805) So, tried Rocklands St Mary's (no 1805).  So, tried Rocklands St Peters (no 1805).  Why no 1805!!!!? and where did FreeReg get Simon from?


World War One / Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment
« on: Friday 06 October 17 19:30 BST (UK)  »

I have come across an entry on Ancestry for a Daniel Bullen in the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment.  The document is badly damaged, but  according to the transcription he was Born Stow Maries, Norfolk.  However, it is difficult to read and I can only see "Stow" and Norfolk.  As Stow Maries is in Essex I am assuming this is a transcription error and it may be "Stow Bedon".  The transcription also says he was born 1862, although again it is difficult to read.  The only thing that is certain is his name, regiment and regiment number which is 2305. 

Does anyone know of any other record for that regiment and regiment number in the name of Bullen.

Thanks Mo

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