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The Stay Safe Board / Diary Summary - week ending 14th November 2021
« on: Monday 08 November 21 10:28 GMT (UK)  »
Looks like I am first......
On Friday I strolled, in beautiful balmy sunshine, to deliver the shoebox I packed up for a homeless woman as a Christmas gift.  I really enjoyed working out how best to fill the box while remaining within a budget, and I was really chuffed that some purchases were made where my money should go directly to other charities, e.g. a new stock ďthinsulateĒ beanie, bought from the Age Concern shop.   
I also posted off the tree decorations I hand stitched for my Australian grandchildren, which is an immense relief, as any further delay could result in them not arriving before Christmas becomes a distant memory to the children.
Made lateral flow tests yesterday before breakfast, and were fit to visit elderly relative in Somerset. We set off early in case of delay due to the road works along the Exeter Road, but sailed straight through with no difficulty, though sadly, we read there was a multi pile up at the Honiton exit behind us, and then we witnessed many emergency vehicles on the North bound while we were on the way home.
I have a slightly hectic time due this week, starting with Morris practise later; always a highlight of my week.
Tomorrow I have about 4 places I should be, which, with the best will in the world I can only achieve 3 at best, then later in the week my car is booked for MOT, we have to get our Covid booster shots, and I should attend a meeting about the Grief and Loss project being run in the library.  However, it is good to keep busy.
We have a very grey day here today, but I trust the sun is shining on the righteous, and I hope you all have a pleasing week.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary> summary - week ending 10th October
« on: Monday 04 October 21 08:23 BST (UK)  »
The post I lost earlier in the week asked, (among other things,) if everyone has been ok with their flu jabs? I have heard of a few rough reactions, and am a bit worried about having mine next w/e, especially as I will possibly have the shingles one at the same time.
We had a very pleasant few nights away in North Devon, and we were lucky to have dry, if overcast weather, and a smooth enough crossing to Lundy Island.  That trip was booked before I researched to find that puffins are only in residence between May and August, which was a bit of a disappointment, though we did see lots of seals and pups.  Also the island seems to be a stop over place for swallows before taking on the long haul across the Channel, and it was marvellous to see so many swooping and skimming overhead.
Through the week I had a busy time, helping the library staff select an artist for a grief project, and with a science event for children.
I have also fallen foul of the Staff in Specsavers because I went in to select some new frames, but didnít realise they have a procedure in place where everything touched must be put on a tray for cleaning, before it is replaced on display.  Iím sure there werenít any notices to that effect anywhere.  It is a Good Thing, obviously, and Iím not surprised they were cross with me!
On Friday I met up with 3 friends for a birthday lunch, which was fun, although I had to trust the air conditioning was effective!
The coming week ending 10th October looks like it will be rather quieter. Tonight there is the first Morris practise indoors for 18 months, (though I doubt I will be dancing as my foot is still rather painful,) and I am committed to a session for the National Trust on Thursday.
Hope everyone has a good week. 😊

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Summary- Week ending 12th September 2021
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 12:10 BST (UK)  »
While I am here perhaps I will start the next one......
This morning it is very Autumnal here in Torbay, with very low mist hanging and obliterating the view, though there is an event take place in the park, with a good gathering of perhaps 50 people.
My plans include a meet up group at an outside seating area, so I hope the weather is dry.
Also an outdoor Morris practise and a day volunteering for the National Trust, dressed in Tudor working dress, which always makes the visitors blink, and does seem to promote conversation.
Next Sunday morning the Morris group will be dancing at Ugbrooke House (TQ13 0AD) all being well, to raise money for the Lifeboats.
Hope everyone has a good week, despite personal sorrows and Covid restrictions.
Best wishes.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Summary - Week ending 11th July 2021
« on: Monday 05 July 21 07:48 BST (UK)  »
I will start for this week because.....
GREAT NEWS.... H and I have just done lateral flow tests, as we are off up to the Home Counties to meet 5 month old grandson for the first time.
Haven't seen proud parents in almost a whole year.
Both tests negative, so we feel able to go.
What a relief.
Shall have to continue testing whenever we feel we have been at risk, we don't want to be guilty of passing anything around!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Tuesday 22nd June 2021
« on: Wednesday 23 June 21 08:32 BST (UK)  »
Went for a special high tea with 5 friends at a fairly posh local hotel.  We all wore dresses, but it was too windy to sit outside which was the preferred plan, however, lovely tea and good service in congenial company. Then after eating way too much already, a birthday cake with candles, and hilarity while shocking photos taken!
We all enjoyed it tremendously, and there was talk of doing it fairly regularly... but..... then it wouldn't be a treat any more, so perhaps not.  Besides which, I have worked hard to lose some excess weight, and it would all pile back on if I make a habit of eating scone with jam and cream! :D

The Stay Safe Board / Diary> Wednesday 16th June 2021
« on: Thursday 17 June 21 07:47 BST (UK)  »
The sea mist burned off to give another glorious sunny morning, and I strolled along the beach front with a friend, then sat on the wall enjoying the view and a chat. A takeaway cup of lemon and ginger tea most most refreshing.
After lunch walked into town with H for elastic to renew the waist of some summer trousers which have become too loose, only to discover the shop closed 5 minutes before we arrived.  Had we taken the direct route we would have been able to enter, but H always likes to double the distance of any walk if he can, so then I was forced to go into the £ shop which was busy, and buy some narrow width instead, which will require double the sewing.
Hey ho, small tribulations! I shall count myself lucky if that's as bad as it gets.  ;)

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Saturday > 12th June.
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 08:18 BST (UK)  »
Managed to contact my DiL in Oz very briefly. The connection was awful, and I had to call back 3 times before giving up, but they have had no power for a few days, and a threat of imminent flooding after massive rainfall. 
Now I have information which looks dire, and photos show their garden under water, although I am praying that as the house is raised, that may have escaped. 
No reply as yet, if they have had to evacuate and whether power is restored.
We had a lovely balmy sunny Saturday, and visited an NGS garden called Haldon Grange. Very beautiful and restful.
Enjoyed a cup of tea on a wooden swing seat watching the birds on feeders, including robin, nuthatch, chaffinches and a tiny siskin. An opportunist pheasant was cleaning up the scattered grain below, and a blackbird singing away on a nearby branch.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Wednesday 9th June
« on: Thursday 10 June 21 07:21 BST (UK)  »
It's tricky getting together in groups these days, and I feel much safer outside, despite being fully vaccinated and as protected as possible from the virus, so the latest madcap adventure was for several of us to book a session at the velopark and trundle round the track on bikes for an hour, which was actually quite pleasant as it was very quiet and no traffic to worry about of course.
Two of the group chose to use tricycles, but the saddle was as low as it could go on the bike I was allocated, and I found myself in charge of a two wheeler that I could use as a balance bike if I wished.  A novelty as, in all my cycling years I was never able to reach the ground whilst sitting on a bike.
Being a few days off my 70th birthday, I was the youngest in the group, and I was very proud of my chums, especially the one who braved a turn on my bike to test if she could still manage a two wheeler, which she could.
We sat by the beach and had a cuppa afterwards, before dispersing to our homes for lunch.
The rest of the day was as mundane as usual, but I quite enjoyed the semi final of the Sewing Bee, though I wish there was more sewing time and less of the "comic's" idiotic capering around.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Tuesday 25th May.
« on: Wednesday 26 May 21 07:41 BST (UK)  »
Yesterday was fairly similar to Monday here: (Cold, grey and mainly wet, until dancing practice had been cancelled after which we ended with a sunny evening and a clear blue sky.)
Notable additions to the above for Tuesday were, getting out early to do the weekly grocery shop. Not many customers, but lots of staff activity probably due to greater on-line ordering it being month end pay day time I expect.
Went over to Totnes, it was very busy there and the historic main street is narrow, so I didn't find it very restful, however I struck lucky in finding the "Thursday Murder Club" in a charity shop.
After lunch the Postie delivered the monthly Covid anti-body test kits, so we went for a swift walk in the rain to get the blood pumping, then attempted the test and managed sufficient samples, which we took to a post box in continuing rain.
I started my new book, and am enjoying it very much.
More heavy and prolonged rain meant that the evening dance practice moved from the day before was cancelled again.
The evening turned out clear and sunny.
Swifts have arrived, (so it really SHOULD be Summer now,) and they were wheeling around high above the cliff walk feeding, while the full moon rising looked spectacular in a clear sky, as the evening sun disappeared below the horizon, turning the reflection on the water from  pink to silver.

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