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Norfolk Resources & Offers / BASE of Pockthorpe, Norwich
« on: Thursday 25 November 21 03:11 GMT (UK)  »
For many years I have had a 'brick wall', Samuel BASE who married Jane WINTER in St Edmund's 1778. They had many children in various Norwich parishes 1780-1803.

Over the years I collected other BASE people who had events in Norwich without being able to tie them together.

Recently I solved the issue.  The people who were using the name BASE in Pockthorpe Norwich changed their name from BEAST.  I can tie this down quite well, as a child Elizabeth was Chr as BEAST in 1770 and was buried as BASE in 1771.  This is NOT my only evidence but is the bit that informs me of the date.

Prior to 1770 there were very few people named BASE in Pockthorpe, but many named BEAST (sometimes transcribed in error as BOAST).  After 1770, BEAST disappears from the records, and BASE becomes common.  I have tied 4 BASE men who 'appeared from nowhere' at marriage, to BEAST Chr in the given name and age at death.

I have been unable to understand why this happened, but as the events are almost all in Pockthorpe, and the change is sudden, the parson must have (1) been aware of and (2) agreed with the change.  I have paged through the PR, just to confirm there are no notes by the parson, and to see if maybe a new parson arrived.  No notes, and the parson remained the same throughout.  Or I should say the hand writing remained the same, it could be that of the parish Clerk.

If anyone wants I can post specific details, just ask. People with mystery BASE people in Norwich, born before (say) 1775, please post names.....

Suffolk Lookup Requests / Dennington Suffolk PR look up request for BANTHORPE please
« on: Sunday 24 October 21 01:16 BST (UK)  »
James BANTHORPE married Sarah CALVER - possibly 12th Oct 1804 in Huntingfield. Probably living in Dennington 1817. Not found in Dennington in any census.

Any details of entries for BANTHORPE in Dennington PR will be most appreciated.

Children include:

James 1807, census birthplace is Yoxford. Married to Pheobe, had children in Dennington. died 1871 Dennington (from NBI)

William 1813, Chr Yoxford 17th March 1813 (Family Search). Married Mary Ann BROWN in Dennington. 14 children born in Saxlingham. Married 2nd Hepzibah Elizabeth LINCOLN 1879, 1 daughter Rosa born 1880 in Saxlingham Nethergate.  I have most of the details of this family. Hepzibah and I are cousins.

Maria 1817, born Dennington according to 1851 census. Married THOMPSON, lived in Baddington.

A possible child of James, born before he married Sarah, is John. John's birthplace from census is Peasenhall. Approx date is 1791.  John married Mary Ann, and had at least 4 children in Dennington 1826-1839. Died 1876 Dennington (from NBI)

I have not found the Dennington PR on any of my usual places. If it exists on line, could you point me to it.

ADDED LATER--------------- (sorry for the length of this. It seemed appropriate to add and not make a new posting. If an admin thinks it better to split, I will do so)

I am ALSO specifically interested in a marriage record for Elizabeth FISK and James BANTHORPE in 1841.

Transcription from FindMyPast (no original available)

Record ID   R_851166252/2
First name(s)   Elizabeth
Last name   Fisk
Spouse's father's first name(s)   William
Spouse's father's last name   Eighteen
Marriage year    1841
Residence   Dennington, Suffolk, England
Marriage date    24 September 1841
County   Suffolk
Marriage place   Dennington
Country   England
Father's first name(s)   Robert
Record set   England Marriages 1538-1973
Father's last name   Burroughs
Category   Life Events (BDMs)
Spouse's first name(s)   James Banthorpe
Subcategory   Parish Marriages
Spouse's last name   Eighteen
Collections from   England, Great Britain
England Marriages 1538-1973   EnglandMarriages1538-1973ElizabethFiskUSE full record

James who was married to Sarah CALVER was widowed in 1840, so a reasonable candidate for the groom.  You will notice mention of the family name EIGHTEEN, which is obviously incorrect.  This could be the age of the bride and/or groom.  Counter to this, Elizabeth FISK's father's name is BURROUGHS, making her likely to have been a widow, and eighteen is rather young.

James and Elizabeth not found in Dennington 1851 (so far, still looking).

A very good chance the bride is the woman who was 45 in 1841, in the same house in Dennington as William BANTHORPE who was 25.  William is the son of James, the widower of Sarah

Norfolk / Bramerton Parish Registers
« on: Monday 22 June 20 14:13 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone shed some light on the whereabouts of these records. I am particularly interested in dates around 1780. +-20

Family Search wiki says Family search has them - FS PRs   Undefined   1561-1759, 1770-1901. On the wiki page this is an actual link, which takes me to the list / access point into all the films of Norfolk parishes Family Search have on line, but Bramerton is not in the list.  Find my Past does not seem to have them either.

A note I made years ago tells me they were available, but this could be well over 10 years ago.

Is there a nom de plume for Bramerton?  Am I looking in the wrong place?

Lanarkshire / Combusnethan Wishaw releif
« on: Saturday 04 November 17 06:11 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening all from Australia.

I have just uncovered a number of Chr from the above church 1837-c1850.  I have confirmed the parents as Thomas SMITH AND e?????? ROBERTSON.  The mother's name is always a little different Eles, Elizabeth, etc.

I can't find a marriage anywhere, and I notice that the marriage register for Wishaw relief is not mentioned as being transcribed.

Could someone with inside knowledge please tell me the circumstances surrounding the recording of marriages in this church around 1835-1838. Were there any?  If yes, what happened to the register. If there were not, where would I be likely to find a marriage of a couple who were obviously Presbyterian (an assumption on my part, as the children were Chr in this and another Presbyterian church in Lanarkshire)

Thanks - SHIRLEY

Suffolk / James BAXTER Hoxne
« on: Thursday 21 September 17 05:08 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon from Australia.

Up until lunchtime, I had a disappearing 4GGF.

I now know, or have inferred, the following

James BAXTER married Phoebe BROCK n Stradbroke 1814. He was from Wingfield. No age for James, but later records show that Phoebe's YOB was 1785

He and Phoebe produced 3 daughters 1815-1826. These daughters were not Chr as infants.

He is NOT with Phoebe in 1841 and he is NOT buried in Hoxne with her.

Today I lucked on to a mention in the papers of a James BAXTER who was convicted of breaking into the counting house of Edward KERRISON, his employer.  He (and others) were given 14 years transportation.  One paper mentions he was from Hoxne - which for me is the clincher. My James was living there, and he disappeared from the records around this time.

James was born 1790 according to his very scant convict data, and if he is the James who died in 1842, he was born 1786

I have found a James BAXTER or PHILPOT Chr in 1792 in Cratfield. Mother Ann BAXTER, father Samuel PHILPOT. They married 7 years later.

I am comfortable that the James who was married to Phoebe is the one transported, but all is circumstantial.  I have no idea if the illegitimate child of Ann and Samuel is the same man.

Does anyone have any further insight?


Mayo / Connaught Rebellion 1798
« on: Monday 11 September 17 01:44 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon from AU.

I have an ancestor who was born in Co Mayo in 1782 - John PURCELL.

He was in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, by 1799 when he, at the age of 17 married a 29 year old woman.

I am very familiar with the Great Yarmouth records, and I have not found any mention of people who are likely to have been related to John, so I believe he was alone when he arrived in Norfolk.

He joined the army, traveled to AU with the 48th Regiment,  then to India, then back to Yarmouth, where he died in 1833.

I have recently discovered the Connaught Rebellion in 1798, which could be the reason John left Co Mayo.  Wiki says 500 local men were killed, and 1,000 escaped.  Does anyone within this group know anything more?  Or can come up with any other likely local circumstance that would send a Co Mayo boy to Norfolk?  Note I do NOT know when he arrived in Yarmouth, only that by 1799 he had been there long enough to meet and marry a spinster 10 years older than him.

Thanks - Shirley

PS - Just found this site which covers off most of my queries -

Norfolk Lookup Requests / BRACKENBURY North Walsham
« on: Sunday 14 May 17 01:24 BST (UK)  »
Morning all - Happy Mothers Day.

I am attempting to find where Charles BRACKENBURY (differing spellings) and Mary PEARSON came from and went to.  There are many BRACKENBURY families in North Walsham and surrounds, but no sign of these 2 people except for 5 Christenings between 1779 and 1791 in St Nicholas, North Walsham (see below, all in North Walsham unless noted).

We can link Charles and Mary to North Walsham until 1796 (death of a 12 year old daughter). This assumes the family stayed together. Possibly even as late as 1801 when an illegitimate grandson was born.

Occupations of later generations - a son (Charles James) was a mason and bricklayer, then grandchildren were fisherfolk.

I have not found a marriage, nor deaths, for Charles and Mary |||| except a Charles BRACKENBURY died in Great Yarmouth 4th October 1808, a married man aged 72. Charles and Mary nee PEARSON had grandchildren who were born in Great Yarmouth 1814 and later.

Children of Charles and Mary nee PEARSON were --

Mary Chr 27th Nov 1779. Had an illegitimate son Benjamin 1801 in North Walsham.

Charles Chr 9th Dec 1781, died aged 9 Dec 1790

Ann Chr 27th July 1784, died Sept 1796

William Chr 29th Sep 1786

Sarah Chr 12th July 1789

Charles James Chr 20th June 1791 (6 months after brother Charles died). Married Margaret GEDGE in Norwich 1813, Children born in Great Yarmouth 1814-1821. Death not found, but the widowed Margaret married again (groom Samuel BURRAGE) 1822 in Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Lookup Requests / ALDIS Woodton and Stoke Holy Cross
« on: Monday 03 April 17 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Good morning. I have 2 lines of ALDIS connected to Stoke Holy Cross c 1750. I am hoping to join these together, or find evidence they are NOT linked.

(1) My ancestors.  First event on record in SHC is the marriage between Sarah ALDIS and Anthony EVERETT. Free reg has

County   Norfolk
Place (link for place information)   Stoke Holy Cross
Church name   Holy Cross
Register type   Transcript
Marriage date   1758
Groom forename   Anthony
Groom surname   EVERETT
Groom condition   Single Man
Groom parish   Otp
Bride forename   Sarah
Bride surname   ALDES
Bride condition   Single Woman
Bride parish   Otp

I have looked for, and failed to find, this entry in the AT's. The Parish records are not on the browsable Parish records on Family Search and the registers do not appear in Find My Past original registers for Norfolk. Therefore this event is ONLY from 1 transcript, and has never been proved by me - no original record sighted so far.

Sarah nee ALDIS was born in Woodton 1734. d of William and Elizabeth nee CURTIS.

(2) A couple named James ALDIS and Sarah SUTTON married in Woodton 15th October 1781.  All their children were Chr in Stoke Holy Cross 1782 through to 1792.  Sarah nee SUTTON is buried there, as are many of her offspring, but no sign of husband James' burial.

James birth and death not yet found. Sarah nee SUTTON (I think) is the d of Martin and Elizabeth SUTTON Chr in Woodton

Stoke Holy Cross churchyard is NOT among the many which had headstones transcribed by the Women's Institute.

Thanks for reading - SHIRLEY

Somerset Lookup Requests / AYRES James, Frome, died August 1817
« on: Saturday 25 March 17 08:36 GMT (UK)  »
I am seeking advice on finding a Will from Somerset in 1817.  The testator was James AYRES of Frome, who left 70,000.  20,000 to be shared between his 1st cousins and their descendants, and the balance to be shared between 4 others. One of the others was a journeyman carpenter and the other a journeyman tailor.

I believe this person is James AYRES, born 1736 Frome. He was married to Diana, who had at least 4 children. James and Mary who died as infants, another Mary b 1762 and Nancy b 1764.  Nancy was never again sighted in parish records, but there are many Marys in the area, so I am not certain of her fate. His wife Diana died in 1782.

The contents of the Will is well covered in a story, much copied, in the papers in England in 1817, and there are adverts for the cousins to contact the executors a few years later.  Mention is made of the existence of the other 4 legatees, but I have not found any names.  I executor was Rev John BAILEY

I am keen to see if the Will mentions James' status (ie a widower or unmarried), or if any of the 4 legatees were in any way related to him.  If not, I am hoping it includes some sort of rationale.

The newspapers say that he made his wealth by parsimony and (reading between the lines) the love of money. Certainly there does not seem to be any inordinate wealth in any of the other branches of the Suffolk AYRES, so he must be a self made man.  I just wonder what opportunities there were in Somerset c 1800

I believe this James is the son of James and Jane BISS, and the grandson of John and Grace COWARD, but the Parish Records are sparse in detail this far back.  I will of course take notice if anyone has differing opinions.


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