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Midlothian / Blair or Lyall, Inveresk 1800-1830
« on: Friday 21 September 18 16:05 BST (UK)  »
I am researching Peter Blair, baptised 20 May 1806 at Musselburgh.  Record shows father to be George Blair and mother Margaret Lyall.  I  can not get further back than this as I can't find George or Margaret's birth or marriage.

They had children up to 1813.  I have found a marriage of George Lyall, Tailor, in Inveresk in 1828.  Spouse Marion Goodall.  Children: Thomas 1829, Rose Hill 1831 and Helen Thomson 1832.  Sponsor for one baptism was Robert Lyall.  George's death is recorded in 1834.

I am wondering if the George who married Margaret Lyall is the same one who married Marion Goodall.  However, I can not find any record of death of Margaret.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

Argyllshire / Christina Littleson - Killean
« on: Thursday 15 February 18 17:13 GMT (UK)  »
I am searching for Christina Littleson and/or her family from around 1820 in Killean.

In 1851, she was a servant with George Lyall in Paisley.  Census said she was aged 30 and place of birth was indistinct, but was Argyll, K......  I am guessing Killean as there are other Littleson records there.  In 1841, she was a servant in Lochwinnoch.

She emigrated to Canada and in 1881 was living with George Lyall, aged 28.  George had married in 1878 in Canada and his parents were shown as George Lyall and Christina Lyall.  She died in 1886 in USA and death record gives her name as Christina Lyall (Littleson) born 1819.  It also gives her parents as Archibald Littleson and Mary.  Archibald said to come from Lebanon, Maine, but I have searched for Littlesons there and no trace of anyone of that name.

There is no baptism record for George Lyall in 1853 but DoB in naturalisation papers is 11 December 1853.  There is no marriage record for Christina Littleson and George Lyall senior and I suspect they never married (George senior died in December 1854).

I can not find Christina or her son George (who would be 7-8 yrs) in the 1861 census, nor any record of their immigration to Canada or USA.  In short - a substantial brick wall.  If anyone has any ideas, or more information, I would be very grateful.

Perthshire / Whittet Kinnaird 1700-1750
« on: Thursday 25 January 18 09:55 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching my Whittet family and have reached a brick wall with my 6xg grandfather Thomas Whittet, who married Margaret Wighton in Kinnaird in 1747.  Just to confuse the matter, he was married as "Whitehead" and all but one of their children were baptised as such.  However, I have not found any Whiteheads that link with this family and I believe Whittet (or variations) to be the correct name.  I have checked this theory with Perthshire archives and they concur.

Looking for possible baptisms of Thomas Whittet or Whitehead between 1700 and 1730, I can only find in Kinnaird: son of John 1705 (seems a bit early unless he married twice), son of James 1716 (no other James's in my Whittet line).  In addition, there is a Charles Thomas, son of Thomas, in Redgorton. 

Thomas and Margaret's children were baptised in Abernyte: John 1749, Patrick 1751, Alexander 1756, twins George and Agnes 1760 (both died), all baptised Whitehead, and George 1765 baptised Whittet.  Looking at conventional naming patterns doesn't seem to help, as his wife's father was called John and there were Alexanders and Patricks in the Wighton side.

There is a burial at Abernyte in 1776 of Thomas Whittet of Balairdy, but no age is given.

My 5x grandfather, Patrick/Peter Whittet, called his children John, Robert, William, Francis and Thomas (in that order).  It may be relevant that, almost concurrently with these baptisms in Abernyte, there were several for children of Francis Whittet: John, Jo, James, Margaret, Peter and William.

If anyone has any information on this family, or ideas on other avenues to search, I would be most grateful.

Angus (Forfarshire) / David Lyall and Catharine Mill/Milne, Montrose 1814-1856
« on: Friday 28 July 17 11:21 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for Catharine Lyall, m/s Mill or Milne, in 1841 and 1851.

David Lyall married Catharine "Mill" on 7 August 1814 in Montrose.  He was a merchant in High Street, Montrose.  I have a grave record:

Stone number 333
1844. David Milne died 22 January 1822 aged 87, grandson William Reid died here 13 August 1844 aged 36. (east side) David Lyall merchant in Montrose died 21 November 1842 aged 71, wife Mrs Catherine Lyall d8ied 24 February 1856 aged 79.
There is a death of Catharine Lyall, widow of David Lyall, Grocer, High Street, on 24 February 1856, aged 80  Her father is given as David Milne.  Informant was Helen Ross, a cousin, of Lochside.

Given that David died 1842 and Catharine 1856, I can find no census record for them in 1841, or for Catharine in 1851.  The only census in Montrose for David Lyall is one for David Lyall, Shoemaker, aged 65, living with Helen Morrow aged 60 who was I think a servant.

Midlothian / John Robertson 1855 - ?
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 17:35 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace John Robertson who was living at 2 Belhaven Terrace, Edinburgh in 1904 with his wife Bessie Duncan.  He was a clerk.  He was born about 1855, son of Thomas Robertson and Jean/Jane Buick Whitton.  I have been unable to trace John or Bessie after 1904, apart from the fact that he had a daughter Susan McNaughton Robertson about 1918.

I would particularly like to find his death certificate, and that of Bessie if possible.

Caithness / Henry Cogill About 1758 -1847
« on: Tuesday 04 July 17 16:46 BST (UK)  »
I am researching the family of this man, who was a gunner in the Royal Navy.  In 1801 he married Anne Nicholson in Woolwich.  The only clue to his scottish ancestry is the 1841 English census that says he was born in Scotland, and I am assuming he probably came from Caithness although I have no proof.  The assumed year of birth comes from his age at death.

Henry seems to be a relatively unusual christian name and I have not found any births on Scotland's People - although there are a few children born to Henry/Harry/Hary Cogill in Wick around the 1750s.

I have also found a marriage of Henry Cogill, sailor, and Margaret Guthrie at Canongate, Edinburgh, in 1799.  As mentioned, it is an unusual first name, so could this be the same man who also married in 1801 in Woolwich?

Can anyone help with more information about the Cogill family around 1750-1770?

Devon Lookup Requests / Lookup request marriage William Cogill Stoke Damerel 1830
« on: Thursday 26 November 15 15:42 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for details of the marriage of William Cogill and Sarah Billing at Stoke Damerel on 5th April 1830.

I am trying to link William to a family I am researching so any additional information would be much appreciated - residence (I assume he was a sailor), father's name or anything else that may be useful.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I am researching the siblings of the above-named, who was baptised 12 August 1798 at Bodmin, the son of John Bray and Elizabeth.

I have found the following baptisms on LDS:
John 1794
Elizabeth 1795
William 1801

I suspect there may be more siblings.  Does anyone have access to baptism records for the parish (I have not found anything on Cornwall OPC)?

Also, does anyone have details of the date of marriage of Richard's  parents and his mother's maiden name.


Argyllshire / McKellar Inveraray 1830s
« on: Tuesday 10 December 13 11:22 GMT (UK)  »
I have searched Scotland's People for any record of the deaths of the following people in Inveraray:

Catherine (or Katherine) McKellar (m/s Ross) died 10 Sept 1830 in Inveraray
Robert McKellar (her husband) innkeeper of the Argyll Hotel, died 1836 or 1837 and reputedly buried at Kilmalieu

I can't find either death on SP, though I have searched on surname variants, wide date ranges and other places than Inveraray.  I have also searched internet sources of Kilmalieu inscriptions etc without success.

Does anyone have any more information or any suggestions on why I can't find these records?

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