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Moray (Elginshire) / Hay Family from Cummingston
« on: Sunday 12 June 11 02:51 BST (UK)  »
 :)My grandmother was Jane McPherson Hay although she went by the name Jean. She was born in 1891 in either Nairn or Cummingston. Her parents were James Hay born 1863 and Jane McPherson Hay born 1864. I believe that Jane McPherson Hay's parents were William and Isabella from Hopeman. My grandmother had an uncle George Steven born 1853, a brother Robert, born in 1888 that died Sept 4th 1918 in WW1,{ I believe that my great uncles name is on a WW1 war monument in Cummingston},  she had sisters Isabella born 1889, Elizabeth born approx 1890 and Willimina born approx. 1900. My grandmother had a niece Jessie that moved to Canada as well. I believe they lived in a long cobblestone house that still stands in Cummingston. {thank you google street view} as I have many pictures of my grandmother and her family at that house.

My grandmother had many aunts and uncles in the area as well as other siblings that I am trying to confirm.... although I have been told that 4 died at birth. I have been searching for so long. I cant believe that they all just up and moved away. My grandmother travelled back to the area on a few occasions, I have many pictures to document family there.

Any help with information would be very much appreciated.  :) I have been searching a long time and Im getting discouraged.
Thank You, Amberglass :)

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