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Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Can anything be done with this ......
« on: Wednesday 20 January 10 02:46 GMT (UK)  »

....... please ?? this is what it should say ...

William Cooper and Elizabeth Rowe were married 15th July 1833 Old Church St Pancras London

The background "noise" is awful isn't it ??

Would appreciate somebody giving it a go !!

Annie  :)

The Common Room / Coopers from and to .... all over the place !
« on: Sunday 10 January 10 03:13 GMT (UK)  »
I'm not sure where to post this ... my family are all over the place and I have a hard time keeping up with them ... but these Coopers are the bane of my life and I think I need some help please !!  ::)

My prolific Great Great Grandparents William Cooper and Elizabeth Rowe were married 15th July 1833 Old Church St Pancras London - he was a Breeches Maker !

I have 1841 1851 1861 1871 ... though William died between 61 - 71 ... I'm trying to track down some of the children I have Alfred aged 5 in 1851 and I've just started on Edmund ( who both ended up in Lancashire !! ) ... but if anybody can see any of the others ... I'd be very grateful !

Thanking you in advance !

Slaters Yard Knutsford  Inferior Cheshire
William Cooper head M 43 Leather Breeches Maker Middlesex London
Elizabeth wife 40 Rickmansworth Herts
Edmund son 16 Gardener Middlesex
Charles son 13 Mddsx
Elizabeth daughter 10Mddsx
Maria daughter 9 Mddsx
Louisa daughter 8 Mddsx
Alfred son 5 Mddsx
Henry son 4 Knutsford Inf Cheshire
Ellen daughter 2 Knutsford Inf
John son 6mths Knutsford Inf
HO107 2163 409 52
1861 for William & Elizabeth - (good grief ! and more children !)
Nether Knutsford Cheshire  Taylors Yard.
William Cooper head m 53 leather breeches maker Midd. St Marylebone
Elizabeth      m 49   wife                Herts Rickmansworth
Louisa           dau u 17 pupil teacher     Midd St George
Henry           son u 14 scholar              Ches. Knutsford
Ellen            dau u 12 scholar             Ches. Knutsford
John              son u 10 scholar            Ches. Knutsford
Daniel W          son u 6    scholar           Ches. Knutsford
Thomas F         son u 3      scholar          Ches. Knutsford
Emma               dau u 1                     Ches. Knutsford
RG9/2593 F 26 P2

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Is there a chance ...... ?
« on: Saturday 09 January 10 18:01 GMT (UK)  »

I am thrilled to get this picture .... and this is the biggest I can get it ... it was tiny !!  ::)

Is there a chance do you think - that something can be done with it ? if you can't ... thats OK ... I'm just tickled to have it !!

Annie  :)

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / This is Margaret ....
« on: Friday 08 January 10 23:05 GMT (UK)  »

It was too big to post so I'm hoping this will be OK !! ( Poll did a lovely sepia one for my webpage )but I wondered if maybe a bit of colour would be good .... as a surprise for her Granddaughter !

Thanking you in advance !

PS It's very large really !

Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / Pickup
« on: Friday 08 January 10 22:13 GMT (UK)  »

Can I please ask a favour and request a look up 1901 census for John and Charlotte Pickup (Born April 10 1871 in Manchester) living in Newton in Makerfield ?

Thanking you in advance

Annie  :)

Cumberland / The Death of Mr. John McCouts .....
« on: Friday 08 January 10 18:10 GMT (UK)  »
I came across this looking for something else ... thought it maybe of interest !!  :D

from The Whitehaven Herald and Cumberland Advertiser, Tuesday 25 Oct 1836 -

An accident of a very dangerous nature occurred at Mr. Ord's amphitheatre, in this town, on Tuesday night last, during the performance of an equestrian feat, entitled, "The Courier of St. Petersburgh." In the course of the act, Mr. McCoutts, who personated a character in the representation, had occasion to discharge a pistol, which he attempted once or twice unsuccessfully; however, the piece had merely "hung fire," and ultimately exploded and burnt, severely mutilating Mr. McCoutts's hand, though, perhaps, not to the extent which might have been expected. He is, we believe, at present doing well. Happy, thrice happy, should we have been had this awkward affair terminated here; but our filial affection induces us to relate what further ensued. A near and dear relative of our's- our revered Grandmother- on the evening in question, the entertainment being for the benefit of Mr. Ord.- ("birds of a feather," you know)- had, unfortunately, attended the amphitheatre, and being seated in the most conspicuous part of the side gallery, one of the detached pieces from the exploded pistol of Mr. McCoutts, passed close by the old lady's head- so near, that considerable alarm was felt for her safety. She was unhurt! Merciful goodness! had she been killed!- what individual in the town, or whatever grade or profession, but would have rejoiced at- tut!- we mean to say, but would have deplored her irreparable loss. But she is yet alive, and well; and what individual in the town, of whatever grade or profession, but may know it- even ere this day's sun shall have set! The old lady, we understand, is more than usually garrulous on the subject, and relates the incident with something of exultation. Truly, she hath escaped many imminent perils- divers kickings and floggings, for instance; but to have been "nearly shot," as she expresses herself!- the very idea has something martial in it; it smacks of the heroic; and our Grandmother, in her doting, now that she has escaped unhurt, really considers herself quite an Amazon. We must repeat that the amusements on the above ebening were for the benefit of Mr. Ord; the house was a good one, and most substantially indicated the sense the Whitehaven people have of Mr. O.'s individual merits as an equestrian, as well as of the spirited manner in which he caters for the public entertainment. The corps, equestrian and dramatic, has lately been largely reinforced, and now forms a strong and really talented muster.

Advert for the performance, from the Herald, 18 Oct -
Is fixed for this Evening, TUESDAY, the 18th Oct.
On which occasion Mr. Ord will appear in Six entirely New Scenes in the Circle.


The Scenes in the Circle will commence with the Eastern Pantomimical Representation of the
CARNIVAL AT VENICE: or, a Masquerade on Horseback,
Will go through their astonishing Performances.
By Mr. Frost.
By the celebrated Storette.
The Entertainments of the Circle to conclude with, for the first time here,
The Emperor Nicholas's Despatches to the Sultan:
Or, Robber's Scene in Petersburgh.

Boxes, 3s; Pit, 2s; Gallery, 1s. Half Price at a Quarter before Nine o'Clock.
Doors to be opened at Half past Six, and the Performance to commence at Seven precisely.
The above is only a selection of the promised attractions. These old circus adverts are so wordy, you could almost use them as song lyrics...

Technical Help / Another one of those questions ......
« on: Friday 08 January 10 05:29 GMT (UK)  »

If I'm sitting reading a website and the font is too small ... how do I make it bigger ?? or can I ?

(Take it slow ... I'm a computer duck !!  ::) ::) )

Annie  :)

Lancashire / Lancashire ..... Newton Rifle Volunteers
« on: Wednesday 06 January 10 02:18 GMT (UK)  »
I have this on the Armed Forces board also !!  :)

Moderator comment: please reply on Armed Forces to avoid duplication of effort - there are replies there already

I have Edmund Curtis Cooper baptised 14th December 1834 born 10th October 1834 of 24 Union Street father tailor - All Souls Langham Place - he marries Ellen Mcgrath in 1862 Warrington  then Edmund Curtis Cooper remarries in 1873 to Jane Garnett.On both marriages his second name is shown as Crtus  In 1881, he was an Innkeeper and Farmer of 26 acres Emp 2 Labourers Poor Law Guardians.Address Swan Inn Winwick

There is an Edmund C Cooper is mentioned here ... I believe this is him ! (fascinating web site by the way !!) and I wondered about the best way to find out for sure if he is really mine !

Annie  :)

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Can't find the Marriage ....
« on: Tuesday 05 January 10 18:14 GMT (UK)  »

I have this John and a few more children born to John and Wilhelmina Avery - but I can't find a marriage for them ! I wonder if somebody else can see it please ?

Baptism - 24th June 1832 at St Nicholas Liverpool - John Robert Avery - Son of John Avery ( mariner) and Williamina (different spellings of course !) living at Eldon Place

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