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Armed Forces / Digital : Master Records 71st Regiment of Foot
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 01:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Long shot, has anyone here taken digital photos of the Master Records of the 1st Battalion 71st Regiment of Highland Foot 1806 (WO12/7856)?  Since the digitalise services at the National Archive Kew is not operating at the moment.

I specifically need the Quarterly Pay List from the 25thJune to the 24th of September 1806 for each company (Captain) of the 1st Battalion 71st Regiment of Highland Foot.

Thank you.


Armed Forces / Reading Names 71st Regiment of Foot army muster 1806
« on: Monday 11 December 17 02:26 GMT (UK)  »
Following is a list of names found in records from the National Achieve in Kew of the 71st Regiment of foot who participated in the British Invasion of 1806 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am having trouble reading the names of soldiers who “Remain in South America” and wonder if someone could help me.

No.   Surname           Name   Comment
13   Cormick            ?           Not sure of surname and can’t read name
32   Howard           Archibald   Surname ok but not sure name
34   Ink                   Samuel   Not sure surname, name ok
41   Ma………….ham?   Dough   Can’t read surname, name ok
48   Mc?                   John           Can’t read surname, name ok
52   McCo…….ken?   Daniel?   Can’t read surname and not sure name
64   Rooney           Daniel?   Surname Ok, not sure name
66   Rofs                   ??           Surname Ok, can’t read name

I have attached two copies of the records with this post.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Wexford / Alice Codd born abt 1863 Wexford, Ireland
« on: Wednesday 18 January 17 10:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I am helping out a friend who is looking for his ancestor Alice Codd born about 1863 Wexford, Ireland.  Daughter of Thomas or James Codd and Joan Murphy, and Siblings were Thomas and Mary.

This family went to South America before 1879.

I am currently searching through the online Catholic Parish Registers at NLI for County Wexford which has about 135 parish so far have looked at about 5 parishes.

So while I continue searching online, I was wondering if anyone has these names in their family tree or any other information that might help.'

Thank you in advance.

Derry (Londonderry) / Cornelius and Theophlius Bonner
« on: Monday 25 May 15 02:45 BST (UK)  »

I am looking for any information on these two people both from Ireland and most likely Catholic. Both are either brothers or cousins and they both joined the British Army and fought in the British Invasion of the River Plate in 1806-1807. That’s all the information I have to go by.

Cornelius Bonner born around 1781 to 1786 Ireland, died in 1861 and

Theophlius Bonner born 1787 Derry, Ireland and died in 1809.

Thank you and any help is appreciated.

Ireland / Cornelius Bonner
« on: Thursday 20 October 11 23:06 BST (UK)  »
Looking for information on Cornelius Bonner who was a private in Captain John Paley’s Company of the 1/71st Regiment of foot, which took part in the British Invasion of the River Plate in 1806-1807.  The Master Rolls records states that he remained in South America. Also on the Master Rolls was a Theophilus Bonner a private in Captain Falconer’s Company of the 1/71st Regiment of foot and I assume, might be his brother or cousin.  Cornelius Bonner would probably have been born around 1781-1786.  I would like to find out his place of birth and life before joining the 1/71st Regiment of Foot and hear from anyone who may have him in their family tree.

Any information is appreciated.

Armed Forces / British Invasion of the River Plate 1806-1807
« on: Sunday 26 September 10 11:52 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor was involved in the British Invasion of the River Plate arriving in 1807.  His name was Jose Cornelio Boné (Joseph Cornelius Bone) born about 1786 in England and he never returned to his homeland.  He settle in Colonia, Uruguay married a Uruguayan and had numerous children and died there.

How can I find out in which regiment he was with? 

The only clue is that I have been told his estate bears the name of Beresford and Whitelocke. The estate is no longer in the family.

Any information is appreciated.

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