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Offaly (Kings) / Kings county residents-Manchester 1861
« on: Friday 22 April 11 23:24 BST (UK)  »
Bolton Margaret; 45, wife.
Bolton Thomas; 19, son, Turner in Iron
Bolton Honoria; 22, boarder, cotton weaver

Bolton Thomas; 50, head, labourer

Bolton Maria; 21, dtr., card-tosser
Bolton Elizabeth; 16, card-tosser.
Bolton Thomas; 23, relative, labourer

Bottons Michael; 30, boarder, labourer

Brine Edward; 4, son.
Brine Mary; 15, dtr, Throstle spinner
Brine Ann; 6, dtr.
Brine Mary; 36, wife.
Brine John; 41, head, Bricklayer

Bryan Eliza; 50, boarder, works in factory.

Carey William; 42, head, widower, lab in Chemical works

Condron Ned; 16, son, factory worker
Condron Mary; 11, dtr, factory worker
Condron Kegan; 48, head, married, factory worker
Condron Bridget; 40, wife, housekeeper
Condron Kegan; 24, son, factory worker

Conway Mary; 25, wife, housekeeper duties

Cordell Elizabeth; 54, wife, seamtress.

Day Thomas; 35, boarder, widower, labourer

Dooner Joseph; 47, head, married, Musician

Dunn Michael; 40, head, married, lab in factory
Dunn Mina; 36, wife, at home.

Fitzpatrick John; 21, son, shoemaker
Fitzpatrick John; 66, head, labourer

Fitzpatrick John; 66, head, past labourer
Fitzpatrick Mary Ann; 50, wife, housekeeper
Fitzpatrick Patrick; 19, son, shoemaker

Fitzpatrick Andrew; 27, head, shoemaker
Fitzpatrick Mary; 25, wife, boot binder
Fitzpatrick Mary; 70, mother, housekeeper

Fitzpatrick Ann; 40, head, married, cotton doubler

Kildare / Clane cemetery-Mainham
« on: Thursday 10 March 11 21:45 GMT (UK)  »
Headstone names;

Brilly-Downey-Lee-Sweeney(nee Reilly)



Cribbin-O Malley-Walsh-Dunne



Grealy-Malone-Kinsella-O Rourke

Healy-Noonan-Mc Cormack-Mc Loughlin



Noone-O Connor-O Neill-Ennis



Kildare / Castledermot St James COI
« on: Thursday 10 March 11 18:23 GMT (UK)  »
Names on some headstones;


Byrne-O Neill-Bryan





Carlow / Grange Cemetery
« on: Tuesday 22 February 11 10:19 GMT (UK)  »
In my efforts to track the Harpole family of Laois, I have been informed that some of them might buried in Grange Cemetery, near Tullow, Carlow.

I wonder if some local person could give me directions to the cemetery, as I would like to visit today.
I would be travelling from Portlaoise, so I can approach from either Carlow  or Castledermot into Tullow.

Thanking you,

Laois (Queens) / Portlaoise Cemetery extracts.
« on: Friday 04 February 11 18:36 GMT (UK)  »
Inglis Henry; 9mts. (ftr Henry) Abbeyleix Union; 9/5/1898
Finn William; 62, farmer, Ridge rd, 1/1/1899
Creevy Mary; 60, single, Asylum, 23/5/1899
Markham M.A; 50, single, Asylum, 16/8/1899
Finn Thomas; 61, single, Asylum, 24/1/1900
Rhatigan Nora; 7, (Thomas/Nora), gardiner for Dr Jacob, 6/3/1900
Boylon Michael; 3, (grandson of Michael) Lester lane, 1/5/1900
Pilkington Catherine; 60, married, Parnell row, 5/6/1900
Hackett Michael; 65, billposter, widower, Lester lane, 13/8/1900
Jackson Annie L; 40, farmers dtr, single, Asylum, 27/8/1900 (Episcopal church)
White Mary; 73, sister of Millwright, single, Abbeyleix rd, 13/10/1900
Stenson Francis; 43, Journalsit, married, Main st, 4/2/1901
Baldwin John Joe; 19, (John/May) Well rd, 12/3/1901
Brazil Sarah; Asylum, 11/4/1901
Cranny Patrick; 63, Pension 4th Reg. married, Well rd, 16/4/1901
Mercer Rosetta; 48, Methodist, married, Chapel st, 3/5/1901
Bowes James; storekeeper in Asylum, married, Beladd, 7/9/1901
Platt; 45, Stableman, single, Heath Lodge, 9/1/1902 (Episcopal church)
Shankland Agnes; 55, Presbyterian, gamekeeper, Infirmary, 15/1/1902
Lumley Thomas; 35, Westlian methodist, Asylum, 1/7/1902
Baldwin John; 52, Ret. Prison officer, Well rd, 29/12/1902
White William; 82, Wheelwright, widower, Infirmary, 17/3/1903
Stone Richard; 80, lodging hse keeper, married, Main st, 14/5/1903.
Stone Ellen; lodging hse keeper, widow, Main st, 7/7/1903
Clifford Mary; 23, Soldiers wife, married, Rosleighan, 7/1/1904
Hutchinson Thomas; 78, labourer, widower, Knocknagrove, 4/10/1905
Ruth Mary; 65, widow, Ballyroan, 8/11/1905

Westmeath / Cox Westmeath
« on: Wednesday 05 January 11 21:09 GMT (UK)  »
Sydney Morning Herald 1932

Mr Robert Cox of Cundlestown will celebrate his 103rd birthday.
Mr Cox was probably the oldest man in NSW. He was born in County Westmeath
Arriving in NSW  in 1849 by the bargue Mary Banantyne, Mr Cox walked into the Manning and obtained employment at a wage of 17 per year, with Mr Joseph Andrews, Manning River.
Mr Cox bought a farm on Dumaresque Island and lived there for some 35 years.
At Cundle Manning, by special licence, by the Rev. Thomas O Reily, Mr Francis Longworth to Miss Ann Cox, 2nd dtr of Mr Robert Cox of Cundle and formerly Singless County Westmeath Ireland
At Tarree on the Manning River, by Rev Thomas O Reily, Mr Tommy Smalls to Sarah, 3rd dtr of Mr Robert Cox from Shinglass, Ballymore County Westmeath Ireland.
At Palmer st.,  Mr Robert Cox, late Manning River, 72 years, and native of Barnestown County Westmeath Ireland.


Wexford / Gore family
« on: Thursday 28 October 10 16:37 BST (UK)  »
From Houses of Wexford by David Rowe and Eithne Scallan(permission granted)
ISBN; 0-946538-46-8
Laurel Grove, Waddington.
Associated families;; Gore, Handcock.
In  A Parish and it's People (1985) Thomas Butler wrote, " Laurel Grove, erected in 1735 by Gore from the stones of Tullicanna castle, has long been in the possession of the Handcock's."
The Gores are connected to the Gore-Booth family.
The Hancock family. who sold this house in the 1990's, were related through marriage to the Gores.
Saunderscourt, Crossabeg.

In 1730 the estate passed to the Gore's on the marriage of Jane, widow and sole heiress of Richard Saunders, to Arthur Gore, later Sir Arthur Gore who was created Baron Saunders of the Deeps (1758) and then first Earl of Arran of the Aran Islands.
Both he and the second Earl are thought to be buried in a vault in the estate chapel.
Springwood, Ballymitty.

According to Butler, the house was built by Gores," over 300 years ago".Gore being an english name, it is probable that it was introduced to this area in the seventeenth century.

Laois (Queens) / St Lazerians Cemetery Laois
« on: Saturday 30 July 05 23:42 BST (UK)  »
I went out tonight 30th/7/05 to St Lazerians Cemetery which is between Abbeyleix/Ballinakill/Spink area of Laois.

I went thru the net and found no record of the Cemetery ajacent to the church.

I noted all the headstones I could read (some very old and not readable) and have a record of same.
I have it saved on a disc and mabye could sent it to those interested (it's long!!) or if you think you have a relative there e-mail me and I will check my list.
I'm no expert, but mabye it will help someone.

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