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England / Frederick Pearson of Kent, Battersea & Bromborough, Cheshire?
« on: Monday 06 August 12 01:30 BST (UK)  »
Hello. I have recently been researching my 2nd Great Grandfather, Frederick Pearson b. abt. 1835, in Lamberhurst, Kent.

I know very little about his early years, although I did find a Christening record for a Frederick Pearson who was Christened on the 5th April 1835 in Lamberhurst, his parents being Anne and James.

There is a free marriage record in late 1874, where the 39 year old Frederick marries 24 year old Sarah Jane Ada Rigby (my 2nd Great Grandmother, whom I too know little about). The marriage takes place in Cheshire.

By the 1881 census, Frederick and Sarah are living at 27 Manor Place, Bromborough Pool in Bebington, just across the water from Liverpool. The address formed part of a model village created for workers of Price's Patent Candle Company. The factory had moved to the area from Battersea in 1854, with the Manor Place address being built in 1956. Workers from the Battersea factory moved with the company. The village became inspiration for the more well known Port Sunlight. The last time I can trace him is in 1891, when he still seems to work for the company but lives elsewhere. By 1901, Sarah is a widow.

I have had no luck tracing Frederick before 1881 on the census. Any help is much appreciated.


England / Connection to Sir John Bramston and Alice Abdy?
« on: Friday 29 October 10 21:07 BST (UK)  »
First of all, I hope I've posted this in the right place! I've not put it in a certain section as the birth places etc. are all a bit different.

Basically, my 3rd Great Grandfather was an Abdy Bramston Smith Ramsey. His name was made up of 4 surnames and he was born 27 Oct 1796 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. He later moved to London. Before Abdy was born, his mother and father Elizabeth Smith and Samuel Ramsey had another son called Abdy Bramston Ramsey who died shortly after his birth. The fact Abdy Bramston Smith Ramsey had the same name with Smith added shows how desperate they were to carry on the name. Abdy was named after his grandfather Abdy Bramston Smith born 30 Apr 1733 in St. Giles, Great Hallingbury, Essex, England. Problem is, all is know from then is his fathers name - a Richard Smith born 1710 in Essex.

Richard was a huntsman for Jacob Houblon Esq at the Manor House in Hallingbury.

Because the mother of Abdy Bramston Smith is not known, I've been looking up the Abdy and Bramston names. I realise that Sir John Bramston senior at the very least was from Essex county and his son of the same name married Alice Abdy in 1635, although he may have been born in London? I have a strong feeling that this must be where the names were joined and where the Abdy Bramston name came from. Its possible the connection was known for a long time as the name continued at least until my great grandfather's brother had it (well, just Abdy, so maybe not.)

There was also a marriage I have come across from a female relative of John Bramston who married an Abdy, but I have found little about it so that is also a possiblity.

So now all I have to do is try and fill in the gap of about 100 years. Problem is, I've been looking around but I'm finding it hard to find some information on the Bramston/ Abdy children/ Grandchildren. Has anyone got any ideas? Anyone seen a book which could help fill me in?

I have to add I'm quite new to family research and got most of this information from a cousin!

More information on the Bramstons and Abdy's if you need it:,_the_younger,_the_elder


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Deloche family 1891 - missing?!
« on: Wednesday 27 October 10 23:22 BST (UK)  »
First of all, I'm new! So sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area!

Have been looking up my great grandmother Isabella Deloche and her family and have struggled to find them in the 1891 census.

First of all, you've probably thought that Deloche is a very uncommon name - and you're right to think so. These Deloche's seem to be the only family in England at the time with the surname after My 3rd Great Granfather Constantine Deloche an his wife moved here from Faucigny, Savoy, France. You would think that would make things easier. However, so far I've found them under De loche, Delocke, De Loch, Delache and all sorts. The likeliness is this specific census record is not missing but simply misspelt so badly it wont turn up! So, its a challenge for you all to help me with, please!

Records already found:

1881 England Census
Frederick De Loche 26 Married Stationers Assistant Soho
39 Castle St. Southwark St George Martyr
Johanna De Loche    28
William J. De Loche    4
Mary Ann De Loche    3
Frederick P. De Loche    

1901 England Census St Saviour Southwark
Frederick Delache [Frederick Deloche] 45 Westminster, Ireland (ireland is a mistake)
Rose Delache    37
John Delache    18
Isabelle R Delache    13
Thomas F Delache    12
Charles H Lowe    12

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amended due to copyright issues
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Inbetween these two dates, Johanna Deloche (nee Sheely) unfortunately died and Frederick remarried, which is why I really want to see the other record as it was just before her death. Also because it will be Isabella's first census record.

Any help much appreciated! Tell me if you need any other information.

Sasha  :)

P.S, I found Frederick's brother Peter very easily along with his wife and child, so I don't need them!

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