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The Common Room / Once upon a time....
« on: Tuesday 28 September 21 05:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I am wondering... Once upon a time:    I was able to get copies of parish registers when searching pre 1837 records.   

 I have been retracing some of my research and I am looking for more of these and I am not finding them. All I get is a type of transcript.  eg:  England Select ... whatever  or the useless index lists.  there are just a few that have the banns etc type of result... unfortunately not the ones I need.     

Even these are hard to find.   So to get an image of a parish register record  now, is it now essential to contact the relevant parish for this and have it sent etc. 

I am looking for a birth in 1796 and a marriage in 1816  as an example.   

I am getting old and stupid or has something changed???


The Common Room / What does this imply on a Death Cert.
« on: Monday 20 September 21 02:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I have just been on FreeBMD and GRO looking for a possible death. 
So I have this record :

Joe Bloggs,   June Quarter   age xx yrs, year xxxx, vol no and page,    then     "Occasional Copy A"

What does this "Occasional Copy A" imply on the GRO search.

 I have not come across this before has anyone else? I was about to order this particular cert but I would like to know the implications of this additional info before doing so. 

The Common Room / GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 01:49 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

Right now I am not happy.. more likely confused. 

In the last three days I have received from GRO two death records via PDF. Both arrived on time as expected and that is fine.

However neither contain what I expected to be on them namely  "parents of the deceased". 

One is totally useless for the purpose of identifying who the deceased related to.  Nothing on it not even a brother or sister nor the person's marital status.  The informant also is not a relative.

The second is at least somewhat better.   Still no parents mentioned, not even a column for that info.  I am just lucky with this one as the informant was the persons spouse and only that that information was already known, it also would be useless for identification. In this instance the informant name only has an initial and the last name.   A. or R.....could be loads of names.

Now is what we are paying for here a shortened form of a Full Certified Posted Certificate or  is it still what the Register shows  or what.      When did GRO change the format to leave out parents..
The PDF's are from 1940's and 1950's. 
Incidentally both have been typed on a typewriter. 
I  need to know the status at GRO as there are more things to get.

Essnell :)

Tipperary / School Houses
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 01:22 BST (UK)  »
HI  Everyone,

I have been looking on IrelandXO at various Irish buildings and in particular the School Houses. 

I was looking for any at Burncourt or Clogheen but was unsuccessful. However I did find another, Castlegrace School.

Query:  Was there a school in either Burncourt or Clogheen around 1850 era?  If so would they have kept records of pupils attending them? 

Similar for Castlecrace.  Incidentally it is a lovely building and still in great condition.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Regards Essnell

Scotland / Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Sunday 25 April 21 11:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone.  I have a problem which needs the above information to solve.

Couple from Scotland immigrate to Australia 1862 with two young children:

Alexander McFadyen  [born 1837 Ayrshire, Scotland Died 1909 Australia] and wife Christina, about whom I know little that is accurate or otherwise.

Married  18th February 1859.

Children:  James Clelland McFadyen 1859 -1921 Born Scotland, Died Australia
                Anthony McFadyen   1861 - 1863   Born Scotland, Died Australia

 I have no birth information for either child

They also had a daughter, un-named in 1860 in Scotland.  The search gives her mother as Christina Brown. 
The lady I need to know about is Christina Brown.  I have got a copy of her death certificate here in Queensland, Australia giving the DOD as 24th January 1916 age 74. Using that her DoB would be C 1842. The Death Cert also has her parents as James Brown and Isabell.

I have seen where these names are conflicting as to James and Isabel as her parents.  I have also seen Broun  and Brune used as Christina's last name.

Once in Australia I have traced their other children. 

I have tried Scotlands People but couldn't find anything that helped. and usual search engines.  Trees are also conflicting with information that I also cannot verify. 

Any help with her birth parents would be greatly appreciated. 

Regards, Essnell

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Group Shared Segments
« on: Monday 29 March 21 13:25 BST (UK)  »
H Rootschatters,
I am using the MH Browser with my match list.  I am finding that I am getting a the normal coloured lines for the match persons and the triangulation also shows up if there.  but:

 I am also getting a bright purple segment/segments showing up in the one-to-many browser. It can be with three or more matches being compared. Sometimes all shown segments are purple others some are coloured  as normal and then some are purple.

If I click on a purple segment it has a box come up the says its a "Group Shared Segment"

It looks like there is a set of segments that are common to the group but are not triangulated. Would this be the correct interpretation.
I have looked online for an explanation but only get triangulated segments info.  help!


Europe / Place of birth Mexico or Poland
« on: Monday 22 March 21 00:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rootschaters,

 My paternal Grandmother's family apparently originate from Poland.

i have no real information about them other than names as conflicting information off a number of Family trees...

so what i know is  Gt Grandma: Adeline Emilie Ottilie Schadowesky  {Schadowski}

 DoB 1845.

Birth place 1.   Pom, Chalehihuitán, Chiapas, Mexico.

or Place 2.  laurenburg, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
or place 3. Laurneburg, Herzogtum, Laurenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

parents: Father: Schovski Shadowski(y)   Mother:  Pilnie Wischovofske.

I know #1 is a real place in Mexico.  Today's population 214 persons.  So a very small place.

Question. Could this child have been actually born there but the birth recorded in some German /Polish record kept there at the time. 

Which or the other two would be the better or correct record.

Then how do I find out about her parents. 

Any Ideas would be very helpful and thanks for reading.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / DNAKits
« on: Tuesday 23 February 21 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,       has anyone else run into this.......Hope I am not offending or causing issues here....

I recently purchased a DNA Kit from FH.  There was no statement that a certain level of membership was required in order to access ALL of the resultant information. 

 I have been a member on this search unit for many years and paid annually, and I paid that right in the middle of the kit being processed, for 2021.

Now the results are through but there are parts that I am not permitted to access unless I upgrade my account.  This entails paying another amount almost as big as my usual premium.     

Not happy at all.


The Common Room / Ireland Help with Eggins family
« on: Wednesday 09 December 20 07:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rootschatters,

I am posting this here because I have no idea where this famuly comes from in Ireland.  If the Mods whish to move it to somewhere specific thankyou. 

I have a family that looks very much like they come from Ireland.  the head at this point is Joseph Eggins and i think this person died in England in 1887. 
The Joseph Eggins I am looking for married Ann Eggins and I believe that this was in Ireland. The 1841 census has them born in Ireland.   
they have a daughter Ann Eggins who married when she was 16ys old this was to Patrick Murphy. That marriage was in England in 1845. They had several children and then Patrick died in 1861 and Ann Murphy married Richard Peel.

I am hoping to find the elder Joseph Eggins and His wife Ann  ?? from Ireland.

Ann immigrated to Australia  and died here in 1902. Unfortunately the care place has not got a full record of her parents.  Just Joseph Higgins and Ann   with a word very hard to read.  The image is not good.  My first thought was Foget or Fogit but it could be "Forgot".  She had senile dementia.

I have tried church records but drew blanks.
Any thought would be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

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