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The Stay Safe Board / Diary- Tuesday 26 January 2021
« on: Tuesday 26 January 21 21:48 GMT (UK)  »
Good news - Iím having my first COVID vaccination on Saturday.

Bad news - itís poured with rain all day.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Friday 15 January
« on: Friday 15 January 21 17:07 GMT (UK)  »
My new boiler was fitted today and is slowly getting the flat up to temperature. Two very nice young men all masked up the whole time, they arrived at 9 and left at 4.30. I was here all the time in my study doing family history until the lap top had a hissy fit and froze! I had a little kettle coffee milk and biscuits with me. They were very tidy and cleaned up everything. Another hour and the flat will be warm. I might sleep tonight as I wonít be worried that I might not have heat tomorrow!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary 25 December Christmas Day
« on: Friday 25 December 20 20:24 GMT (UK)  »
Definitely a Christmas Day like no other. I went to my church for the Christmas morning service at 10.30. The preacher announced the first hymn ( not for us to sing) and the organ made an extremely loud fart like noise and stopped and the lights went off. Alarms could be heard from nearby and yes youíve guessed it a large area had a power cut! The organist moved to the piano and the preacher fortunately has a carrying voice as the microphones no longer worked.

Arriving home no heating, lights or cooker. About 12.20 the power came back but my heating didnít. Out came an old convector heater so the lounge is warm the rest of the flat is freezing. A friend delivered my Christmas dinner which was absolutely delicious and she tried the heating but we think the pump has gone wrong.

In some respects I wasnít surprised at todayís disasters thereís been enough of them the last 9 months. Soon I shall get a hot water bottle into my bed, Iíve already got out a big fleece blanket for my bed.

Family History Beginners Board / Lost the address search on FindMyPast
« on: Monday 06 January 20 09:24 GMT (UK)  »
Having just continued my FindMyPast membership I went to do an address search on FindMyPast.

First I discovered no separate 1939 Register appeared at the top of the page, then I eventually found the 1939 within the census records but no address search which is very annoying.

Anyone know how to find the address search in the ďnewĒ site? The colours are horrible and so wish washy!

The Common Room / Anyone know the cost of credits on
« on: Thursday 02 January 20 19:47 GMT (UK)  »
Iím trying to get the address of a relation who I suspect has moved from the address I have. I have been asked by another relation to inform the person Iím looking for of a death in the family. I only need 2 credits but as far as I can see I have to register before I can find out the cost of credits. My question is does anyone know how much the credits cost? Many thanks.

The Common Room / BT Phone Books on Ancestry
« on: Wednesday 10 January 18 16:37 GMT (UK)  »
Anyone else having trouble with these? It doesn't matter which name I put in it always tells me noone of that name. I've tried with my own name where I know I was in the phone book but nothing!

Family History Beginners Board / Family Search links from posts on RootsChat
« on: Friday 05 January 18 11:07 GMT (UK)  »
Many posters put links to family search however when I click on them and open them despite being logged into family search there is nothing there. What am I doing wrong?

Family History Beginners Board / Alexander Bond born about 1816
« on: Monday 27 November 17 15:10 GMT (UK)  »
For at least 12 years I've been trying to find a family friend's great grandfather. As the friend nears her century I think time could be running out.

What I've found out

1841 census Alexander Bond in Middlesborough as a lodger born in the county and age given as 25

18 October 1841 Parish Church Manchester
Alexander Bond joiner father Alexander Bond Innkeeper married Jane Skelton

1843 a son Richard was born in Salford
1845 a son James was born in Carlisle (Jane's home town) father Alexander Bond joiner

1851 census George Alexander Bond joiner bachelor born Durham a lodger in Preston

18 April 1853 St Augustine RC church Preston George Alexander Bond joiner bachelor married Amy Alice Smith he states his father Alexander Bond a publican and that he is deceased. The actual RC register gives no mother's name

1857 Jane Skelton remarries using her sister's name and her own maiden name stating she is a spinster

1861 census George Alexander Bond in Ardwick Manchester as a joiner born in Durham

1878 dies as George Alexander Bond in Prestwich

We, the family friend and I feel that Alexander and George Alexander are the same person as there are 2 many similarities. They thought bigamy in the family was great!

I'd dearly love to be able to find (George) Alexander's birth and his father Alexander Bond so would be grateful for any help. I did think I'd found a family in Durham but their Alexander Bond was too young.

Many thanks

The Lighter Side / Find My Past Renewals
« on: Wednesday 28 December 16 09:52 GMT (UK)  »
Yesterday I received an email from FindMyPast to say that their request for payment for my subscription renewal had been refused possibly because of a card change. Yes my card had been renewed this year so that was the probable reason however I had not received a notice of renewal ( I have checked all emails received in the last month) which would have prompted me to change the card number on my account.

Today I rang Find My Past customer support it's closed says the answerphone message but we're open Monday to Friday 9 - 5.30! Try Live Chat says the message no that's closed!!

So until they reopen and I can renew I've had it! Grrrrrrr! Anyone know when they reopen?

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