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I know nothing about this man in the attached photo, only that he is my great grandad. My Grandad was orphaned at an early age all he had was this photo and one of his mother and sister and the clothes he stood up in.  He told me that his father was rarely at home when he was a boy he remembers little about him except his name was Thomas Jones.  Not an easy name to find.  My Grandfather didn't know his own date of birth until he finally got his birth certificate in the 1970s for his pension and bus pass.  My Grandad was born somewhere between 1903 and 1905 he refused to show anyone his birth certificate and burned it soon after he got it.  When he died in 1989 we registered him as born Crewe 1905 but subsequent serches have drawn a blank.  He insisted that this man in the photo is his father and I have to admit I do see a family resemblence but I can't be sure.  Can it be restored a little or is it too far gone and is anyone able to identify the regiment.  My Grandad thinks it was the Cheshire regiment as his sister being about 4 years older than him remembered that being mentioned but other than that we have no idea.  Grandad thinks his father served in India too but it is all hear say.  Trying to find a Jones when you don't even have a place or proper date of birth is like seaching for a needle in a hay stack. Any help would be brilliant.

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