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Hi if anyone could give me a rough date of this half picture i have I'm believing it to be of my grandfathers school picture (but there is no writing on it), he was born 1917 and lived in Govan Glasgow the school could be St Saviours or St Anthony's in Govan it is on a cardboard type paper and was in his belongings after he died in 2005 so it must be a family member the dating of it would help to narrow it down possibly thank you all in advance. H

This picture of my great grandfather John Crawford one of his daughters and grand children and daughter in law has just been forward to me I believe it is around 1938 as he died in 1939 and going off the youngest child's age, my mother was born 1939 the same year her grandfather died and this will be her first picture she has ever seen of him so after 78/79 years it would be a great pleasure to show her this and can I thank everyone in advance for any help.....yours Harry

Armed Forces / Help to find death certificate.
« on: Monday 05 September 16 12:08 BST (UK)  »
After the great help of my last post regards Edward Crawford WW1 I have been passed army papers regards his brother Charles Crawford (b 1882) the family thought he died during the 1st WW but it seems he died prior to 1914 in fact according to the papers in 1908 but I cant seems to locate a death certificate or cause of death I wonder if anyone could share some light the papers are out of focus and some details seem wrong ( birth date on one page seems to young) but the main details of enlisting fathers address are all correct though it seems as though he may have enlisted two or more times any help as always is very much a god send thank you in advance.

World War One / WW1 regiment name
« on: Friday 20 May 16 21:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi I wonder if I could ask anyone to inform me which regiment my ggreat uncle was in and what campaign he may have been sent to and would he have been conscripted as it looks to be late in the war and is there any more information I might ascertain from these scant documents thanks in advance for looking. H

I wonder if someone could kindly restore this picture and poss add colour I am hoping to present it as a 90th birthday present if possible regards H.

Lanarkshire / Help or assistance over or through brick wall please.
« on: Tuesday 16 September 14 20:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am so frustrated at the moment in trying to trace 2 relatives I have spent time and money and the brick wall has thudded into me, I really could do with some helpful intervention so here`s hoping.
          Catherine Henderson born circa 1841 I have her in the 41 and 51 census but not in the 1861 she is a witness to her brother John`s wedding in 1859 in Hamilton she is not on her brother Johns or her parents Census for 1861.Then I have her marriage cert to a Patrick Woods in feb 1867 in Hamilton then nothing my 1st brick wall.
          Margaret Brien marries Stephen Lambert in Ireland Wexford circa 1864 has 3 children
          Ellen Lambert born 1865 Ireland marries Henry Henderson 1888 in Hamilton
          Bridget Lambert born 1868 Ireland
          Stephen Lambert born 1870 Ireland who dies in 1873 in Lanark
I lose Margaret but her husband remarries in 1878 to Jane Innes at St Mungos Glasgow both are stated as widowed brick wall no2 what happened to Margaret Brien I have tried (what I think is every spelling) and can not find a death I am asking only for pointers to help me over this wall please don't spend any of your hard earned or waste any valued time but I would appreciate any assistance. ???

Lanarkshire / help reading cause of death
« on: Friday 28 September 12 19:51 BST (UK)  »
Appreciate some help to decipher cause of death of a relative from 1880 certificate he was aged 11yrs if it is of help thanks to all who reply.

Lanarkshire / help to trace missing margaret 1873 ?
« on: Tuesday 13 September 11 19:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi to all i am stuck trying to trace a relative the name is
Margaret Lambert  ms Brien she had 3 children Ellen b1865  Bridget b1867 and Stephen b1869. Margaret married a Stephen Lambert somewhere in Ireland poss Wexford area where her children where registered in fethard Wexford they came over to Scotland some time after young stephen`s birth where unfortunatly the child died.1873 where i have his death certificate unable to determine maybe someone could help with address.Next the family appears in the 1881 census for Lanark but no Margaret have the husband in all the census`s till his death in 1912 he remarried in 1878 to a Jane Innes where it states that he was a widower but unable to find death of 1st wife Margaret her daughter Ellen marries in 1888 and no mention of her mothers death on marriage line.Have tried diff var of her name o`brien brian breen brown to no avail hope there is someone more clever in this detective work.Gracias and thanks

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / help read address please Complete thanx
« on: Thursday 08 September 11 16:03 BST (UK)  »
If i could call upon RCs for help to identify the two address`s on this death certificate please i would be most grateful,i am able to work out from the left 1944 march twentysixth then unable to make out time of death then it reads 133 balornock rd usual add 6 ????? street glasgow.
On the right is her son`s usual address and once again all i can make out is street glasgow if some one could push me on further i would appreiciate cheers in advance.

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