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The Common Room / MODIFIED_Italian baptism translation help needed please.
« on: Monday 28 December 20 00:57 GMT (UK)  »
Could some very kind RC member please help me translate the two attached images for the baptism of Antonio Tonta?

Thank you  :) :) :)


The Common Room / What is R.S.A.D.P. London?
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 12:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I have been looking at a couple of criminal records in Wales in 1894 where in one of the last columns it lists where there prisoner intended to reside upon release and a couple of entries had to R.S.A.D.P. London.

Does anyone know what this may have meant?

Jo  :)

Monmouthshire / Saunders - very confused - Help Needed.
« on: Tuesday 23 April 19 07:01 BST (UK)  »
Ok, I'm sure someone here can make sense of this for me.....?

William Saunders born 1877 Bedwelty
1881 (RG11/5244/13/23) with parents in Bedwelty .....all good
1891 (RG12/4357/3/8) still with parents in Bedwelty......still all good
1901 (RG13/4938/14/20) as a 23 year old widower and boarder.....

1911 at 19 Brynhyfrd Street Blackwood Mon
William is 33, a coal hewer (as in above census records) living with wife Annie, 34, son Robert James (Saunders appears to be written in as surname later) 15, daughters Mary Jane 8 & Idris 4.
Next is British Army WWI Pension Records showing a William Saunders, 34 of 24 Brynhyfrd Street attesting as a member of the Royal Engineers, he is now a carpenter, his wife is Martha White and they married in 1902 in Tredegar, with children Mary Jane born Feb 1904 Tredegar (matches 1911) and Idris born 9 Mar 1906 in Ynisddu (again matches 1911).

1939 - 24 Brynhyfrd Street Blackwood
William & Annie Saunders
at same address is Mary Jane, her husband and Robert W J James???

So there is a marriage in 1899 for a William Saunders & Martha White and a matching death for Martha in 1900 - this would match him being a widower in 1901.

No marriage found to Annie but Mary Jane and Edrys show MMN as Waters?

Edrys - Idris is a son born 18 Nov 1906 (not 9 March) this date is shown on school records nad 1939 register - why would Idris/Edrys be a daughter in 1911?

Who is Robert James (Saunders) - no other record found beyond the 1911 & 1939 records????

Who is Annie Waters? Did they never marry? Can someone be so wrong at the time of attesting that they would forget which wife they married and when? Who are the three living children listed in 1911 - Robert is not on the pension records but is still alive in 1939????

Any suggestions and ideas, thoughts and theories are greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Jo  :)

Hi all you brilliant people,

I'm hoping that one of you can help track down my missing gggrandfather in 1861?

What I have so far.....
John Saunders married Jane Hughes at Tredegar in 1876 (both single, neither signed), his father was given as William Saunders, a collier.
I have all relevant records for John & Jane from this point forward and John gives his POB as variously Trevethin, Pontypool & Abersychan.

All of which lead me to the b.c. for John Saunders b1854 Garndiffaith, s/o William Saunders , a labourer & Ann Pugh.

So we move to William & Ann....

William Pugh, full age, bachelor, collier and Ann Pugh, full age, spinster, both of Garndiffaith, married 1840 in Trevethin. (Neither signed).

1841 Garndiffaith
William Saunders 35 Haulier BIC
Anne Saunders 25  NBIC
Thomas Saunders 4 BIC
William Saunders 4mths  (Reg. MMN Pugh)

1851 Garndiffaith
William Saunders 46 Haulier b. Monmouthshire
Ann Saunders 35 wife  b. Montgomeryshire
Thomas Saunders 13 miner b. Mon
William Saunders 10 Scholar b. Mon
John Saunders 2 at home b. Trevethin Mon (Reg. MMN Pugh)

1861 - Cant find any of them!!!!

Births registered in Pontypool with MMN Pugh:
William 1840
Mary 1843 (No death record found)
John 1848 (died 1853)
Mary 1851 (died 1853)
John 1854 - my missing gggrandfather.

In 1871 John is with older brother William - no sign of parents or elder brother Thomas???

Speaking of Thomas... the marriage of William & Ann has them as bachelor & spinster....Thomas appears to have been born 3 years prior to their marriage....I am unable to find a birth record for him (either under Saunders or Pugh)....he is the only problem with me being 100% certain that this is GGGrandfathers parents/siblings......finding John in 1861 with a parent...or grandparent....or brother....or anyone would be a fabulous help.

Fingers crossed that you geniuses will be able to track down this elusive family, i really appreciate any suggestions given.

Cheers Jo  :)

Montgomeryshire / Notes on baptism record???
« on: Thursday 28 March 19 08:00 GMT (UK)  »
Iím sorry that I canít post a snippet on my iPad, but am hoping someone can tell me what the strange notations in a column on baptism records could mean?

On FindMyPast, there are Montgomeryshire baptism records for the 1770ís in Richard Hugh, baptised 14 Jan 1775.....down the left hand side of each page is a column with one of the following notations next to each name, Taf, Dd, Tir, Dol, Rhi, Com, Trof, Pom....

Are these abbreviations of native villages? Occupations?

I would be grateful if anyone could shed any light.


Jo  :)

The Common Room / 1851 census - not on Ancestry???
« on: Thursday 21 March 19 09:33 GMT (UK)  »

The following census can be found on family search and find my past.....but I canít locate it anywhere on ancestry???

Could someone please help me find it....

Joseph Johns b 1842
Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales
Registration District   Pentypool
HO107/2449/489 p 49
Birthplace   N K, Monmouthshire

I really appreciate any assistance given, this is driving me crazy!

Jo  :)

Australia / Tasmanian brick wall - HELP!!!
« on: Sunday 16 December 18 07:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hello fellow RCers,

Hoping for a Christmas miracle,

Robert Leach, a widower born 1819 Hampshire, transported to Tasmania aboard the Isabella 2 in 1842 on a 14 year term for stealing, pardoned in 1851, married convict Anne Mallon in Fingal 1852, children Robert Steven Leach born 1858 and Leah Ann Leach born other record found. I am looking for Tasmanian records if available?

A TROVE reference to a Robert Steven Leech impounding livestock in a public pound in St Maryís in 1871 ( my RSL would only be 13?).

I would love some help in finding any details of what may have happened to them, when they died, if the children married? Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.

Jo  ;)

Sussex / Mystery man - Herbert Parker
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 04:03 BST (UK)  »
On the 1881 census RG11/1077/82/2 at 4 Montague Street Brighton, in the household of John Rogers, is the following....
Herbert Parker, boarder, single, 22, Groom Domestic Servant, born Brighton Sussex.

Can anyone find any other record that would be Herbert?

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.

Jo  :)

Australia / South Australia death - James Joseph Devine
« on: Monday 12 February 18 11:54 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping for some details on the death of James Joseph Devine who died in Adelaide in 1924?

Jo  :)

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